Let’s learn about Regenerate .htaccess file in PrestaShop 1.7.x.

Prestashop Theme is not work correct if something is wrong in the Prestashop default “.htaccess” file and in most cases it will give your the 404 error.

This “.htaccess” is a configuration file that is used on web server for running the Apache web Server software. In the server, “.htaccess” file locate in root directory. If you use ‘dot’ before file name, it means that hidden file in Unix-based environments.

Some features are not work in your PretaShop Theme like product image is not display in front page. After adding image type setting, after change in SEO & URL setting, editing Multistore then some times theme will be stop. In all case, we need to Regenerate “.htaccess” File.

For Regenerate “.htaccess” file in PrestaShop 1.7.x, read below article. At the end of article, you know how to regenerate .htaccess file in you store.

Remove .htaccess file form server:

Let’s discuss about Remove .htaccess from root directory.

1 : First of all, Go to your website Server using ftp or cpanel.

2 : Then, Go your website root directory.

3: And then find “.htaccess” file in root Directory and download “.htaccess” file for backup.

4: Now Delete “.htaccess” file.


Regenerate .htaccess file:

Now, Follow the below Steps for Regenerate “.htaccess” file.

1 : You need to login in to your admin panel.

2 : Go to Shop Parameters -> Traffic & SEO.


3 : Set ‘Friendly URL’ No and Click on Save button.

Regenerate .htaccess file in PrestaShop 1.7.x.

4 : Now, Set ‘Friendly URL’ yes back and Click on Save Button.

5 : Now “.htaccess” regenerated Successfully on your server.

Regenerate “.htaccess” file in Multistore:

Follow the below steps to Regenerate “.htaccess” in Multistore.

1 : First of all, Go to Shop Parameters -> General.


2 : Turn off  the Multistore in “Enable Multistore” title and then Click on Save Button.

Regenerate .htaccess file in PrestaShop 1.7.x.

3 : Now, Turn on Multistore back and Save it.

4 : Your ‘.htaccess‘ regenerated Successfully in Multistore.

Hopefully, Regenerate .htaccess file in PrestaShop 1.7.x. is helpful for you.

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