how to debug prestashop

how to debug prestashop

Sometimes you have to face many problems like 500 error , black screen or website not work properly. if you want to know about error or warnings.

In this case you need to Enable Debugmode.

There are two Methods available for Enable Debugmode

Methode 1 : Enable Debugmode from Admin

Open your Adminpanel and go to the Advanced Parameters >> Performance

Before Enable Debugmode ,In Smarty section

1. In Template compilation select option Force compilation

2. you have to disable cache

In Debugmode section Enable the Debugmode and press the save button for apply changes

Methode 2 : Enable Debugmode from File

Connect your website to the server

Open your prestashop Websites root directory and go to the config >> defines.inc.php file

here given below code available

It is replace with code which is describe below

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