how to edit menu in prestashop

how to edit menu in prestashop

First open the PrestaShop Admin panel and go to Install Module .

Then seach the Menu but for Edit Menu need to Store in Category alredy add.

Go to Admin side Catalog > Categories.You will see list of categories that are already add in store.

Now Configure to WB Megamenu and click add new menu.

Select the PrestaShop link in one by one add multiple Category.

Then click the save button

You can Edit all Menu link

There are below option available in Edit menu

1) Change PrestaShop link

2) You can show sub Category or not

3) Add sub title

4) Add the type of icon FontAwesome and Image icon

5) Change the align of submenu top , bottom or center

6) Edit width of submenu 1 col ,2 col ,3 col, 4 col

7) Add the class

8) Now you can Active or not Menu

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