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TechShop - The New Shopping Style PrestaShop Theme

Prestashop Electronics, template marketplace prestashop, Computer PrestaShop Templates, Mobile PrestaShop Templates, Laptop PrestaShop Templates 09/01/2019

SeedMart - The Organic Food PrestaShop Theme

Organic Food, Organic Food store, prestashop templates, web prestashop templates, prestashop web templates, organic food prestashop template, seedmart-the-organic-store-template 04/01/2019

RoboTech - Mega Electronics PrestaShop Theme

Electronics, prestashop marketplace,Phone, Computer, electronics PrestaShop theme, robotech-special-electronics-store-template 02/08/2019

Leo BS Fashion - Clothes and Accessories

apparel Themes,prestaShop theme,Fashion theme,Responsive Templates,Fashion Templates,Responsive Themes 10/01/2019

Handi Tool - Free Powertool Shop PrestaShop Theme

prestashop art , prestashop art theme, prestashop art gallery, prestashop art gallery theme 11/01/2019

GridShop - Free Large Ecommerce PrestaShop Theme

electronics, responsive prestashop templates, prestahop 1.7 templates, webibazaar templates, electronics prestashop templates 04/01/2019

GoShop - Free Electronics PrestaShop Theme

Prestashop Electronics, template marketplace prestashop, Computer, Mobile, Laptop template 09/01/2019

Glamwear The Best Fashion PrestaShop Theme

fashion, fashion store, prestashop templates, web templates, prestashop web templates, prestashop template fashion,prestashop template download,clothes 04/01/2019

Flavoro The Best Organic PrestaShop Theme

Organic food PrestaShop template , Organic Food PrestaShop template, prestashop templates, restaurant prestashop templates, prestashop web templates, flavoro-the-best-organic-store-template 10/01/2019

Electrive - Prestashop Electronic Supermarket Theme

electronics prestashop templates, computer prestashop template, hitech prestashop template, TV prestashop template, Mobile prestashop template, Best Electronics PrestaShop Theme 09/01/2019

BIGBUG - Free Fashion PrestaShop Theme

fashion, fashion store, prestashop templates, web templates, prestashop web templates, prestashop template fashion,prestashop template download,clothes 09/01/2019
Autobase - The Sport Base PrestaShop Theme Autobase - The Sport Base PrestaShop Theme Autobase - The Sport Base PrestaShop Theme
30% Off

Autobase - The Sport Base PrestaShop Theme

Sports Shoes & Footwear Prestashop,Responsive Prestashop Templates, Retina Ready PrestaShop Templates, Activities & Travel PrestaShop Themes, Sport & Fitness, autobase-the-sport-base-template 09/01/2019
$69.99 $99.99

Amora - Free Furniture Store PrestaShop Theme

Furniture Prestashop Themes, Furniute,prestashop templates, prestashop template furniture, prestashop web templates 22/12/2018

Modono- The Furniture PrestaShop Theme

Furniture PrestaShop Theme,Decor Store, Home Store, Furniture.theme, modono-the-furniture-store-template 22/12/2018

Exactly- Free MegaMall PrestaShop Theme

Prestashop Electronics, template marketplace prestashop, Computer, Mobile, Laptop template 09/01/2019

Furnimart - The Best Furniture PrestaShop Theme

Furniture PrestaShop Theme,Decor Store, Home Store, Furniture 22/12/2018

Zukki - Fashion Premium Prestashop Theme

apparel,prestaShop theme,Fashion theme,Responsive,Fashion Templates,Responsive Theme,Prestashop fashion Theme 19/03/2019

Zeekn - Prestashop Fashion Theme

prestashop fashion themes, prestashop template responsive fashion, luxury fashion, prestashop template premium, best prestashop fashion template,template prestashop fashion bags 06/03/2019

Zawara - Prestashop Responsive Theme

prestashop template responsive fashion, luxury fashion, prestashop template premium, best prestashop fashion template,template prestashop fashion bags, prestashop responsive themes 09/01/2019

Zaraso - The Fashion PrestaShop Theme

apparel,prestaShop theme,Fashion theme,Responsive,Fashion Templates,Responsive Themes 01/04/2019

Zarala - The Fashion PrestaShop Theme

apparel,prestaShop theme,Fashion theme,Responsive,Fashion Templates,Responsive Theme 19/03/2019

Zalato - The Multi Boutique PrestaShop Theme

clothes, Boutique, clothes prestashop theme, clothes responsive theme, clothes theme, fashion, fashion prestashop theme, Fashion responsive theme, fashion theme, Fashion Shop 09/01/2019

Zacksys - The Fashion PrestaShop Theme

prestashop template responsive fashion, luxury fashion, prestashop template premium, best prestashop fashion template,template prestashop fashion bags 06/03/2019

Wow Step - The Fashion PrestaShop Theme

fashion, fashion store, prestashop templates, web templates, prestashop web templates, prestashop template fashion,prestashop template download,clothes 10/01/2019

Woowfood - The Organic Food PrestaShop Theme

Organic Food, Organic Food store, prestashop templates, web templates, prestashop web templates, prestashop template Organic Food,prestashop template download,Organic Food 18/03/2019
Woodwing - The Best Furniture PrestaShop Theme Woodwing - The Best Furniture PrestaShop Theme Woodwing - The Best Furniture PrestaShop Theme
25% Off

Woodwing - The Best Furniture PrestaShop Theme

Furniture, prestashop Furniture Template, prestashop furni store theme, furnicom prestashop theme, prestashop furniture theme 09/01/2019
$89.99 $119.99

Woodora The Best Furniture PrestaShop Theme

prestashop template responsive furniture, luxury furniture, prestashop template premium, best prestashop furniture template,template prestashop furniture 10/01/2019

Woodkalp - The Best Furniture PrestaShop Theme

furniture prestashop, home, garden, prestashop furniture template, furni prestashop template, Furniture 09/01/2019

Woodit Furniture PrestaShop Theme

Furniture PrestaShop Theme, prestashop decor store furniture , home prestashop store, furniture 09/01/2019

Woodhub - The Furniture PrestaShop Theme

furniture prestashop, prestashop Furniture Template, prestashop furni store theme, furnicom prestashop theme, prestashop furniture theme 26/03/2019
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PrestaShop Themes

PrestaShop Themes

PrestaShop Templates is one of the leading eCommerce platforms that you can create Themes using demo Prestashop. It's something fee OpenSource platform. Regarding Programming Language PrestaShop support of PHP and MySQL Database. PrestaShop is the most popular in Europe and Latin America. If you want to add more facilities more than Prestashop demo than you need to purchase Addons from PrestaShop Marketplace or Webibazaar Module.  Now Let me tell you regarding Cost every module price is different but its around $100 - $150. Right PrestaShop Running with more than 300K shops in the allover world. Also, PrestaShop Provides Marketplace to sell your templates,

PrestaShop Themes provide default file format is Files, Modules, Images, Documentation. That you can use and create a demo template for your website. After that, you need to Purchase PrestaShop Themes and start your business. You can easily modify the design of templates and make a website as per your wish. PrestaShop has a great community. The community works a lot and translate with more than 75 Languages. You can convert everything from the front end and back end. 

PrestaShop is a fabulous eCommerce solution for every type of website. Like Electronics, Fashion, Lingerie, Animal. Art, Cars Shop, Drink, Food and Restaurant, Drink, Health, Furniture, Home, Jewelry, Kids, Sports. Only one single category Electronics Running successful more than 100K Store in the world. You can also Customize PrestaShop from Webibazaar Templates as per your wishes. If I talk about Modules then In PrestaShop you can use any modules like Administrator, Billing, and Invoice, Checkout, Content Management, Export, Migration tools, Payments, Pricing, Search and Filter, SEO, Shipping and Social Networks and Many More..!!. You can use these modules and create a memorable website for your customers.

Webibazaar Templates Provides High-Quality PrestaShop Themes with the use of this you can create your website and running a successful eCommerce business. After Purchase Templates what our customers say about our service check Google Review or Review Video of Customer. We just do the effort to make a smile on those who purchase PrestaShop Themes from us. We love to Provides supports to our customers. Webibazaar Templates is one of the Leading Marketplace like ThemeForest, TemplatesMonster, TemplateTrip, Prestabrain and many others. Webibazaar Templates also provide to service of Use PrestaShop template in AWS PrestaShop. PrestaShop focuses on high-quality design for the customer. and Webibazaar is one of the great marketplaces for high-quality design themes. Check which is the Top 10 PrestaShop Template of Webibazaar.

PrestaShop includes some of the great features as follow:

Insert a product or create a product:  When you want to create a product you can easily create a product and add it easily. and then you can easily configure the product upload image from 4 sides like the front, back, left arm, right arm. Add clipart, and.SVG configurator as per your wishes. 

You can also create custom products pack as your wishes and create product variant list attributes using the combinator generator. PrestaShop also provides to sell a digital product on your website. Sometimes user wants to display additional information. Customized option for the Out of Stock items.

Product Menu Navigation: Category and Sub Category you can create a category and manage as per your wishes. 

Fully Responsive Design: Yes, PrestaShop Themes provide a fully responsive design, retina-ready. That you can easily see products on every responsive size. With the use of a responsive layout, you can easily sell products from mobile devices, tablet devices, desktop screen sizes. 

PrestaShop Track Inventory: In PrestaShop, you can easily track inventory of each product, supply and easily manage products. In PrestaShop create manufacture and sorting order and filter. 

Configure Store: Customers can easily manage payment modules, shipping modules, run delivery zones and apply Enable SSL, Set the Shop of Catalog. Easily Installation of PrestaShop with every step and within the next few minutes your website stores ready.

Rich Snippets Enable: if you work with google then you need to give data to google by use of Rich snippets. Let me tell you about a few words of rich snippets is google is the best way to organizing data on the web. You can use than anywhere like the recipe, blog, people, products, category, everything you can manage from the use of rich snippets.

Home Layout:  You can easily create a great home page with Menu, Slider, Featured products, attractive banner, Category products, blog, brand logo, and testimonial and footer. Webibazaar provides all these are features with extra more than this Check top 3 Electronics PrestaShop Themes. 

Purchase products: With the use of PrestaShop you can easily click on Ajax add to cart,  Five Page checkout, and customer easily adds products in the wishlist. 

Prestashop features are not only this one but if you want to check features and regarding templates design check our PrestaShop Design Templates

Pretashop Features:

Yes, Webibazaar Templates provide a great customized tool for editing your templates as you want.  Webibazaar Templates called as a " Themes Settings ". Customized in three ways: 1) Mode Layout 2) Themes Pre Defined Colors 3) Choose your color from the color menu. Like if you want to use your PrestaShop Website as per Box and Wide you can do by selecting the radio button. Second, if you want to be used some pre-defined color then you just select a color and it's done. The third is that if you want choice color as do from choosing a color option. Everything is done from admin. This Feature is avialable on Every template of Webibazaar PrestaShop Themes. 

PrestaShop Themes: Change the Logo, Mail Logo, and Favicon Icon :

It's very easy to customize the logo and favicon icon. You Just Move on Design-> Theme & Logo. You just select a logo from click on the " Browse " button and Recommended Header Logo Image Size: 40px Height and 200px Width. You can also customize the Mail logo, as well as Invoice Logo and also you can choose a favicon icon. 

PrestaShop Themes: PrestaShop Store Front Page:

Select any themes from My Themes Option. if You want to use Webibazaar Templates in PrestaShop Demo then you just need to select Add New Themes as per the given image below.

PrestaShop Themes: Setting Facebook and Social Network:

Nowadays people are spends than more than half the time of the day. Your social profile URL you can add on the home page. This is done from admin. Social URL is an important role play on the eCommerce website. So, How you do from the admin check below image:

PrestaShop Themes: Payment Method:

Payment method you can configure from the admin. Like if you want to add a logo, account owner, account detail, bank transfer and also customization per reservation period, Customer information. Configure PrestaShop Bank Transfer and Payment by check. Check the image below.


PrestaShop Themes: Language Method:

As I told earlier that PrestaShop Provide more than 75 Language you can convert text from admin page. You can add a new language to your country. That you can select language depends upon your customer language.


Extra Services From Webibazaar:

AWS Cloud Server Migration Prestashop:

If you store owner of PrestaShop then you need to meet every expectation of the customer. Like Your Website Store Always load within 3 seconds. This is not my things but this is told by google. Another one you need to load every product data and inventory stock record and other many more things you need to load within a few seconds. If it;'s take time then the customer will abandon the page. 

AWS [ Amazon Cloud Web Services ] :

is one of the best cloud services infrastructure that built with great reliability, flexibility, faster and many other features includes AWS. It's complete trustworthy AWS services for managed hosting services. So, it's always a great decision if you want to Migrates your local server to AWS. If you want to do with your website then Webibazaar Templates stand with you. Just Click AWS Server Migration Prestashop and feel relax because others everything will do by Webibazaar Team.

Prestashop Upgrade 1.6 To Latest 1.7 Version:

PrestaShop 1.6 is released in April 2015. And Prestashop 1.7 released in December 2018. PrestaShop 1.7 has added new great features compare to 1.6 like Theme changes, module changes. Prestashop 1.7 built with Bootstrap, PrestaShop 1.7 used Smarty that previous one used Twig. Payment modules changes on 1.7. In short compared to 1.6 lots of changes made. So, It's always good to used new technology and a new language for the website. If you used PrestaShop 1.6 and you want to transfer with the latest version of 1.7 then  Webibazaar Team will do everything for you like transfer order detail, customer information, product detail, blog, and everything will be transferred with the new version. Just Click PrestaShop Upgrade 1.6 to 1.7 and feel free others thing will do it by Webibazaar Team.

Standard Installation Services:

After purchased the PrestaShop template you will get complete Installation ZIP, Documentation file. You will try by your self regarding installation but if you can't able to do then purchase Webibazaar PrestaShop Standard Installation Services.  Just purchase installation services then give the proper detail of Hosting detail and FTP detail.

Rich Documentation:

All Prestashop comes with its great documentation. It's included with Installation modules, How to Upload PrestaShop ZIP files, How you select Layout, Megamenu, static menu, Ajax search, Slider, Category everything other like if you want a make a website like a demo. Just follow every step of documentation and installation and configuration is done.

PrestaShop Modules: 

PrestaShop is a combination of modules. Every little part is included with its module. Like if you want to make changes in any small portion then you need to changes according to its modules. PrestaShop Modules makes easy to eCommerce Website that easy to make changes and make a more customizable. 

Let me tell you something about what are modules provides by Webibazar Templates if you purchase any single template.

Webi PrestaShop Mega Menu:

Make a menu more beautiful with Mega Menu. In eCommerce business, more than 60% ratio click on the menu while they visit the website. So as you store owner you want menu greater with use of Category, sub-category, animation, custom color, images, and many extras. Both on Verticle and Horizontal menu you can convert in a single


Megamenu features include something like a slide down, fade in, fade out. Megamenu you can just set visual drag and drop. clean mega menu, easily managed from megamenu, Import-Export, Multilanguage, Loading Speed and Many other features includes with mega menu.

Webi PrestaShop One-Page Checkout: 

While some time if user follow more step and if it is a part eCommerce then surely you need to complete order within a few steps or single one step. It's very necessary to remove the unnecessary step while the user follows the checkout. By use of this one-page checkout, you achieve a great conversion rate. if you want to read more detail check One Page Checkout Blog.

Every 10 People out of 100 abandon cart just because of the Checkout process. Why you want to lose your money. Just Purchase One Page Checkout and getting a good ROI.

Webi PopUp Newsletter:

Everywhere something like a website from small websites to large websites, Portfolio Website to ECommerce Website, a Small company to Large company one thing is important it is " Data ". Yes, data is all about you can say email id or mobile number or website URL everything is important for running successfully website. Now the question is that you can collect. You can do it by using Webi Pop Up Newsletter. 

Webi Blog:

Nothing like better than a blog. Yes. I will explain everything of the blog within one sentence " IF YOU WRITE ANYTHING YOU CAN SELL ANYTHING ". Webibazaar provides a great blog module that you can use and write a number of blogs and get more visitors on your eCommerce website.

Webi Ajax Live Category Search:

Webi ajax live category search its help customer to find desired products and find significantly faster. Ajax lives category help to find the frontend with great features. Modules provide you everything like autocomplete search and perfect search as per customer wants. Purchase PrestaShop Themes and get these features.

Webi Category Products: 

Display products as per the category. 

Webi Count Down Timer:

This module is best for the customer that an offer is expiring within soon. It's great for customer experiences. Whenever you want to put a special customer price or a special offer to the customer. This Count down module shows the How much time they have until the promotion will expire.

Webi Display Category Image:

Display the Category on the Home page and show the category with its Image. That looks great for a visitor to select the products based on its category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The main OpenCart Software is completely free. You can download it from the official website.

After the time change, the latest version comes with new benefits. But if you are comfortable with the old version, then 2.2 and 2.3 versions are most preferable. Sometimes there is no reason to go with the old version and eventually you may want to upgrade these versions.
So, you can look at 3.0 as it is the new latest version but, it is coming out with some bugs. And if 3.0 is a little bit buggy then now it already has come to It should be stable too.

OpenCart is free but for adding extensions that cost anywhere from $0 to $99.999 each. Premium support monthly cost is $99 with professional technical support.

If you want to change the store logo in OpenCart then there are few steps to follow: firstly login to your admin panel then goes to System>Settings. Click edit and switch to the image tab. Then click Browse under the current store logo. In the “Image Manager” click on Upload and choose the file which you want to upload. After uploaded double click it. You will see that it’ll replace the current logo image. Finally, click on save. And here you go with your new logo.

OpenCart is moderately bad for SEO. because URLs aren’t optimized, Canonical links are incorrect, and filters can generate big difficulties.

In the sensible world, everything is grey in between black and white. I mean to say that nothing comes with full security. For security, you have to follow some of the best security practices of OpenCart. Like delete your OpenCart Installation folder, Secure The OpenCart Config Files, Change your admin panel and password protect it, Restricting FTP access to the site, etc.

For optimizing your OpenCart website you have to do is: use the image size properly, optimize the image properly, compressing images for lazy load, minify your HTML, CSS, JS. index the database table, compress and minify the final output, download the page speed opencart module, use the proper extension for an image, etc.

You can purchase some of the best free extensions modules for OpenCart development. And it’s all are fully reliable and secured extensions like Opencart Security HTTP Headers, Simple login security, OpenSecurity, Astra security suits for firewall, malware scanner, and many more. You can check in detailed information from OpenCart’s official site.


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