How To Choose The Best Font & Pairings For Your Shopify Store

Your customers are always hasty; they won’t wait for your site to load; they will quickly switch to another. Similarly, when someone sees poor font on your Shopify store, they will skip it, but not if you use the best Shopify fonts for your Shopify store.

In a second or two, people decide whether your Shopify store is reliable or not, just by the looks of it. Hence, there are only a few seconds for you to prove your site’s worth to your clients/customer use. Doesn’t that tempt you? Isn’t it challenging? Like, what are the seconds they are gone as you are reading this blog? Duh!

So to bring traction to your Shopify site and grab people’s attention, you may have to consider things most people don’t even think of. What is that thing? Fonts are somewhat a part of the site most people don’t consider modifying.

This results in most people skipping without even reading the first line of your info because of the poor font. And when that happens, you lose your customer/lead, which you have worked hard on creating. Surprised by how so little things like font makes so much difference? There’s more.

So what Shopify fonts to use for your Shopify theme?

For that, We will need to dig deep into the use of fonts which we will know in this blog, and while you know the use of fonts, we will also help you get some best Shopify fonts to use for your Shopify theme.

Why do Shopify Fonts matter?

Shopify font or logo of your store or brand is highly responsible for your brand image. Different Shopify fonts have different characteristics, similar to how we interpret red color as a sign of danger without realization.

Some best Shopify fonts show luxury while others pass modern vibes. Therefore the font you use for your store will have to depend on your business or Shopify theme use. So now you know you can’t just let the font of your Shopify theme slide from your eyes. So how do you plan to modify it?

Some of the best and highly useful Shopify fonts are provided here for your Shopify theme use:


Shopify Fonts

Talking about fonts and Arial is not mentioned once; that is not gonna happen. Arial needs no introduction and is one of the internet’s most popular and widely used fonts.

How is that even possible? Arial is the most liquid, or you can say flexible, font that can be taken into use for most Shopify themes without much concern. There are a bunch of other fonts, but Arial is one of the most used fonts cause everyone can easily read it clearly.

Example line: Using Arial font in a line.

Arial is the best Shopify font you can integrate well with most devices and browsers. So you can rest assured your customer won’t run away without surfing your site!


Are you looking for a formal font that is not too formal? Well, Roboto is made for you; it gives the reader a decent and reliable feel, creating a prominent image of your store in customers’ eyes. Roboto is a font developed for android phones by google, but it is a
free-to-use font, so you won’t have any trouble using it on your Shopify theme.

Example line: Using Roboto font in a line.

It’s the best Shopify font as it can be super easy to read at a small font size and is great for stores that want to look bolder and more appealing.

Open Sans

Open Sans is the best choice, but its use is not much versatile, which may be a warning sign for many. What type of limited use? You may ask; tech stores or fashion brands mainly use Open Sans font.

Example line: Using Open Sans font in a line.

The fashionable and modern decorative look of Open sans makes it a must to have Shopify font if you have a Shopify store related to eCommerce or if it suits your customer’s eyes.

Fugaz One

Shopify fonts with aesthetic looks can be great for brands that focus on selling cosmetics products or other related services. So do you want to leave some aesthetic impression of your brand on your customer? Well, we have Fugaz One, the best Shopify font on our list that is best design-wise and easy to read.

Example line: Using Fugaz One font in a line.

Courier Family

Courier Family is one of the oldest but still a reliable font you can use for your Shopify theme. The font’s spacing and convenience while reading are a few characteristics of the Courier family font that make it worthwhile for Shopify themes. In addition, almost every device supports this font; thus, you can provide the same experience to every customer that open’s your site.

Example line: Using Courier Family font in a line.

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Using the font used by many sites may not be what you want. So are you interested in fonts that will make your Shopify store stand out from others? Lora is a simple yet mixed font that simultaneously provides a traditional and modern look. Lora is the best pick for those who want to provide a luxurious look to their site and make it more eye-catching.

Example line: Using Lora font in a line.


Impact font is most used for heading cause it is bolder and works as an attention grabber for your customer. Information’s heading is the primary part; we read before moving further to surfing other content on the site.

So Impact is the best Shopify font for your’s site headings and will grab customers’ attention.

Example line: Using Impact font in a line.


Multiple fonts may confuse you and leave you clueless about which font to use for your store. There are a plethora of fonts that you can use but mainly, look for fonts that leave a great impression of your business on your customer and make your Shopify store more engaging.

Some of the best Shopify fonts are mentioned in this blog that you can easily find and download for your Shopify store.

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