20+ Quick Tips You Must Consider Before Developing A Website

Are you thinking of taking your business online and don’t know where to start? Well in this article we will be talking about some basic things that you must consider before creating your business website.

So if you are thinking of hiring someone that can create your website but for that, you must set some goals before you hire someone. So if you are struggling to find what are the things that you will need to create a perfect website, you can focus more on your business instead of wasting much time on customizing your website.

20+ Quick Tips Are As Follows:

1. Domain


Choose a name that people can remember easily if you already have an offline business and thinking to create an online store you must consider getting the same domain as your offline business name.

Choose your domain name wisely, there is no issue if you choose the .com, .net, or something else.

2. Hosting


Choose the hosting plan that is reliable as per your website needs. You can choose the best suitable plan with the best customer support so if you get any issue it can be solved easily by hosting support.

Many different companies provide hosting services such as Siteground, Hostinger, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc. to find the best plan, you should compare some of the best plan and services they provide. You can find some articles on the internet that will help you choose the right plan for you.

3. DOM (Document Object Model)

Choose the right CMS platform that you will use to create your website such as WordPress, PrestaShop, Opencart, Shopify. You can create your website using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

You must talk to your developer about this thing and ask him to keep everything simple and clean so your website will load faster and provide the best user experience to your website visitors.

4. Purpose of creating your website

You must have the purpose of creating a website. It could be your eCommerce business website, corporate business website, etc.

If you choose the purpose of creating a website you can easily decide what are the goals of the website. What are the essential elements you will need to reach your desired goals?

How your homepage design should look? How you will encourage your store visitors to go through the purchase process? There are many things you must think about and create a concept so you can create a unique website to beat your competitors and rank well in search engine results.

5. Choose Layout & Colour


This is the crucial ingredient for creating your website. Colour affects the quality of your website so you must do some research on colour psychology basics, Acquaint yourself with colour theory, think about mixing cool colour combinations, keep it simple, contrast your colours, etc.

Keep your layout simple and neat with an easy navigation button so visitors of any age can easily navigate to their desired page they want and with the simple layout, they can easily find necessary details such as contact page, product page, blog page, etc.

6. Sitemap

A sitemap is an organised list that displays the connection between web pages, web page trees, and website content. A visual sitemap is a very powerful method for both outlining and communicating ideas about a website’s structure.

A significant benefit for planning a website by using visual sitemaps is that it forces the designer to maintain best practices for creating a website structure.

Pre-planning is a crucial way to ensure that proper steps are taken to customize content for optimal search engine indexing and user navigation.

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7. Content


Your website must provide good and informative content to the website visitors. Target some keywords that have huge traffic volume so you can grab a chance to rank higher in search engine results from where you can drive traffic to your store organically.

The types of content such as article, videos, pictures, etc. influence how fast or slow your website will load. Make sure you don’t copy someone’s content because it can impact your search engine ranking and you can lose your potential customers.

8. Audience


You have to know who your audiences are, what do they like, what devices they use, what are their ages, etc. by learning more about your audience you can create relevantly and attracting content so you can engage your website with them and encourage them to purchase your service, product or anything else you want to pitch them when they visit your website.

Create a bond with your website visitors using cool content and turn your website visitors into your lifetime customer. You can also offer them special offers so they keep purchasing products form you.

9. Advertisement




Do not add too much advertisement to your website. If you are a blogger and you are thinking to earn money from blogs then you should place some advertisement on your website but if you are selling services or products then you should ignore adding advertisements.

Adding too much advertisement can make your visitors bounce back and go to another relevant website to find what they need. If more visitors bounce back from your website instantly then your competitors can get a chance to rank higher than your website in search engine results.

10. Pop-up Messages


Prevent adding too many pop-ups. It is one of the most annoying types of advertising because of slow loading and sometimes visitors can’t even close it so they end up leaving your website.

So instead of creating pop-ups just add a sign-up newsletter form to your website which will allow your website visitors to share their email address to get regular updates about your business, products or services.

11. Attractive design

A good website should be simple and professional so make sure your website content is well-organized with easy navigations that impress website visitors and keep them engaged to spend more time scrolling through your website.

So make your website elements appealing to and easy on the eye. You can also change the font style as per your website’s colour combinations. In short, do not mess up things that will lose your potential website customers.

12. Background


You can choose from a clean look, colourful look, or you can consider background with patterns too. There are many different types of backgrounds such as video background, parallax animation background, etc.

You can also change it weekly that will attract visitors each time when they visit your website. Adding a festive background also attracts your website visitors such as Christmas background, New year background, if you are into the eCommerce business then you cannot miss a single chance of grabbing visitors attention.

13. Images

Choose your website image carefully because it will create a last impression for everyone, so you should want it to be good and memorable. I don’t remember but somewhere I read that a single image can cost a thousand words.

So hire a designer who can express content through images that can be easy to understand to your website visitors.

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14. Easy Navigations

Your website’s navigation structure makes a huge impact on bounce rate, conversions, and sales, if visitors can figure out where to find what they want, they will leave your website and try for another one.

As I already mentioned above, make your website’s navigation easy so anyone can easily understand your website and reach their desired web page such as blog section, email sign-up form, contact page, product page, etc.

15. Unique Content

There are many good websites out there, but you will need to make your website stand out from others. Unique and fresh content can help you rank higher in search engine results and if your content is much useful then many other websites can link that article in their website with your link which can help you make your website’s authority strong.

16. Cross Browser


A good website must have the ability to be viewed properly in any type of modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. So make sure your website is optimized as mobile-friendly and Cross Brower so visitors can easily open your website and have the best user experience.

17. SEO Optimized


A good website needs to be search engine friendly. It means it must be easy to find your website on the search engine. You can make your website SEO friendly by optimizing your website content such as Meta titles, Meta descriptions, H-tags, create a short URL.

18. Screen Resolution

Nowadays if your website doesn’t have a responsive design then you cannot grow your business. Google announced a mobile-first update which affected lots of website owners to make their website responsive for mobile-first.

So make sure you create your website that looks perfect when opened from any devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers.

19. Social Media


You should combine social media with your website to promote easy content sharing. This can be a helpful feature to make your content reach more people. The social share button allows website visitors to share their favourite products or articles with their friends or families using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

You can also grow your social media followings by creating a business page and promote the product or services using it. This can be helpful to reach your desired audience and make them engage in your website.

20. Typography

Typography is a technique of optimizing readability, accessibility, usability. Choose your typography. The readable font is important. You do not want people to scrunch up their eyes when reading your text.

Best typography practices – keep website fonts used at a minimum, try using standard fonts, limit line length, choose a typeface that works well enough in different sizes, use fonts with individual letters, avoid capitalization, do not minimize spacing between lines, make sure to use sufficient colour contrast, avoid text in red or green colour, avoid using text that keeps blinking.

21. Tracking & Analytics


By adding google analytics code to your website you can easily track your visitor’s behaviours such as their devices, their country, their age, their operating system and you can also track how much time they have spent on your website.

By tracking this data you can easily create your website content relevant to them so they keep coming back to your website. This data can also be used to run paid ads and reach your target audience.

22. Provide Security

Visitors must feel safe when they leave their information on your website. Especially when they have to register their contact details or purchase something using a credit card number.

To provide security you must have to get SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate which is a global standard security technology that allows encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server.

23. Footer Design


Last but not least, Footer may not be the main part of the website but with a well-designed footer, you can impress your website visitors. The main purpose of a footer is to help website visitors by adding information and navigation options at the bottom of web pages.

Website footer design is about deciding what you should include, to help website visitors and meeting business goals. Footer menu is specially designed to display website’s about us, contact page, terms & conditions, privacy policy and other different navigation menus so visitors can easily view your website details.

That’s it for now, hope this article will help you know basic essential things before you create a website. Basic knowledge can be helpful to build your perfect website that stands out from your competitors and make your business recognized as a brand.

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Free eCommerce Responsive Website Templates For Creating Your Online Store

Hello everyone, Hope you are doing well. In this article, I would like to talk about the top 5 free eCommerce website templates or themes for your creating your dream store. So don’t waste time and let’s begin the article.

Here are the best eCommerce Website Templates:

1. Handi Tool – Free Powertool Shop PrestaShop Theme


Handi Tool is One of the Best Free eCommerce PrestaShop Theme for creating your online electronic tools shop. This template is specially designed for Tools. This theme is responsive and customizable.

You can display your products using product sliders such as your best seller product, your special product and your feature product with a different hover effect that makes customer attract. Also, this theme has so many features.

Also, there are so many banners on the home page. That can help you to show any discounts and a countdown timer which creates curiosity for customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Live Demo Free Download

2. Texona – Free Electronics PrestaShop Theme


Texona is the best free electronics Prestashop theme for creating your online eCommerce store. This theme is customizable with responsive which can help you is you can open your template on any device and you can see it properly.

There is a wonderful slider that can customer impressive where you can put your new arrival product, your special festival discounts. There is an awesome hover effect on the product, so you can see another product image with a different hover effect.

The main feature of the theme is you can choose your favourite colour that makes customer impressive and attract to purchase the product. In that way, you can increase your store sell.

Live Demo Free Download

3. Shopking Free Opencart 3 Multipurpose Responsive Theme


Shopking is one of the best free opencart multipurpose themes for creating your online eCommerce Store. This theme is used for multipurpose work like open your electronic, fashion, restaurant and food and so on.

Also, there is a great slider of the theme. There is a custom product slider where you can set your feature product, your best seller product and your latest product which you uploaded the latest with different hover effect.

There is one special section is a banner slider on the home page where you can place your top product images. Also, there is a special section of the latest news where you can publish the latest news about the new arrived your product.

Live Demo Free Download

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4. Exactly- Free MegaMall PrestaShop Theme


Exactly is one of the best free Prestashop themes for creating your online eCommerce store. This theme is specially designed for Open your an electronic store, Photography store, etc…

This theme comes with many different features such as a custom product slideshow, product slider, brand logo slider, blog section, and much more.

The product quick view feature allows store visitors to view their favourite product details easily without going to the specific product page and they can easily add that product to the cart directly from the quick view pop-up.

Also, You can easily attract visitors by offering them products at a special price for a limited time using a countdown timer. This creates curiosity for your visitors and purchases a product.

You can purchase premium modules that will help make more customization in your website easily and provide the best shopping experience to your store visitors.

Live Demo Free Download

5. Firetech – Free Electronics Digital PrestaShop Theme


Firetech is one of the awesome Free PrestaShop Electronic themes for creating your online eCommerce Store. This theme is fully responsive and customizable so you can easily adjust the layout as you want so you can provide the best online shopping experience to your store visitor.

Also, this theme has many different features as you can choose your favourite colour in the theme and also customers can change colour the theme in that way customer can attract.

Other features are you can easily change the currencies of the theme for instance if you are from India and you want to purchase any product so you can easily change the product currency and also you can change the language of the template.

Live Demo Free Download

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New eCommerce Website Design Trends in 2021 – Webibazaar

By entering a new year, we are starting to explore new web design trends for 2021. Take some time and think about the websites you were looking at over the past few months. I bet you have seen some great website design that has cool user-friendly and appealing layouts. You might also have seen some websites with terrible user-experience which might leave negative vibes about the brand.

So today we will be talking about the new web design trends that are much useful to provide the best user experience to the site visitors and make them come visit your website again and again.

1. Low Light & Dark Mode UX Web Design Trends


Some top brands are now changing their website to a dark mode version of their website which will be the latest trend in 2021.

Dark mode, night shift & low light user interface options provide users with a low contrast website or app which is easy to look at in low light surroundings.

When should you use a light UI?

  • When your readers will read a lot of text.
  • When your app or website will be used mostly in the daytime.
  • When you are using different colour elements.
  • When you are using lots of elements on the screen.

When should you use Dark UI?

  • When there are few elements in the design and spaced well enough.
  • When there is little text to read and more videos/images to watch.
  • When you want the core element of the page to stand out and gain importance.
  • When you want to give your users the feel of a dark surrounding like in a movie.
  • When you want to reduce eye strain and make it comfortable for users to spend more time on your website.

2. Minimal & Modern Web Design Inspiration

Many designers have various understandings of what minimal web design is but most would realise that the purpose of a compelling minimally designed web page is to layout the content in the best way that no single element distracts attention from the visual position.

The modern design principle is pleasing to look at, but many different modern website examples offer a simple and modernized user experience.

Although the minimal design does seem to have progressed by a very small amount over the past few years, especially within web design, techniques, trends and users expectations have changed and completely unusual which has resulted in a change to the feel and look of what we would typically define a website as a minimal site.

3. Storytelling Web Design

Stories always have been a powerful tool to entertain, educate, and to teach people moral values. When there were no mass-media, stories were passed on from person to person, from generation to generation.

The audience accepts the story because for a person a good story always seems like a treasure. So obviously stories are a powerful tool for delivering a message. Storytelling helps us to engage with people and make them listen and accept what we have to say.

Customers spend more time on websites that make use of responsive and interactive features. Sadly, UX design trends like this can be time-consuming and expensive to implement.

Stories can be expressed using images, illustrations, background images, mascots, words, parallax scrolling, etc.

4. Animations

It is crucial to spice for your website design to look perfect for website visitors. It adds dynamics and breathes life into a static UI. you can create an animated brand story, display manufacturing process with fun or introduce your team members through charismatic animated heroes.

Using animations can make visitors curious for more because each time they refresh the homepage they will see new and innovative animations. This gives visitors a unique experience on your website each time they visit.

5. UX-Driven Diagonal Lines

By using this feature you can increase user experience. The website design style can completely change a traditional website into a creative design simply by tilting your content and giving it a modern edge.

Being a multifaceted element of design, a link can make a shape, create variety, define a boundary, express movement or motion and create focus through the direction. When you are designing a website, it is essential to understand how to lead a viewer’s eye to the important information on the page.

6. Gradient Colour Schemes


A gradient fill is a graphic effect that gives the 3D appearance to colours by blending one shade into another. While two-colour gradients look somewhat flat, you can use a variety of tools to add more depth.

A gradient is also known as colour improvement or colour ramp, it is simple in the transition from one colour to another and when this happens you will see new colours between selected shades.

The gradient can be used on website and social media images. In web design and development, gradients come out glowing particularly on dark backgrounds.

7. Personalization


Web designers do their best to identify and understand their target audience when they are building a website. Create a website that appeals to the specific people you want to reach.

A growing trend in web design is to create a website that serves up a survey or another interactive feature that lets visitors tell you what they want, to deliver them the content or products that match their interest.

8. Include Social Proof

Social proof is a method to satisfy new website visitors that you are amazing by showing evidence of your success with other visitors. For a business, it could be the logo of a company you work with or testimonials from other customers.

Marketers must use social proof as a tactic for conversion rate optimization by easing the mind of worried customers. The right combination of social proof can lay the foundation for something more powerful and meaningful creation of a brand company.

9. Floating Navigation

Floating navigation is a web design term that is used to describe the effect used to make your top menu or navigation bar scroll down the page, even after the visitor has scrolled down far enough for a static menu.

Floating navigation stays visible all the time even though visitors are scrolling through different pages so it will be easy for them to navigate from one section to another on your website using floating navigation.

This is similar to the sticky menu which always sticks to the top of the page so website users can easily navigate from place to another in no time.

10. Clean & Clear Design

Having lots of whitespaces has been an important web design trend. It has now grown its importance. The biggest reason whitespace is still a trend is because it makes your website much easier to use.

By including whitespace into your website design you are not attacking your visitors with too much information.

It also gives you an idea to focus on important areas of your website or direct your visitor’s attention to areas that are most important for them. By getting the minimal design you make it easier for your website visitors to easily find what they are looking for.

11. Focus on User Experience


Providing website visitors the best user experience must be your top priority. If your website is confusing and tough to use, you are not only annoying your visitors but it will cost your business money.

This is a fact that if you are selling anything directly from your website. The process of finding a product, adding it to the cart, and completing a purchase process should be entirely smooth.

As online competition is continuously growing, you can expect websites that place a focus on user experience to be more successful.

12. Round Edges

Buttons, windows, and containers on the website tended to have sharp corners. Many web designers are shifting their website designs towards round edges. This is a web design trend you can see in buttons and chat windows all around the web.

Lots of websites are still maintaining their sharp edges, some are using both sharp and round edges. This is not a trend that has completely replaced the former way of doing things.

Hope this article will help you understand the importance of web design and make sure to implement the points you read. This can be helpful to provide the best user experience to your website visitors.

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Popular WooCommerce Marketplace Themes For Your Online eCommerce Store

Are you thinking to create a marketplace, where other sellers can sell their products? If yes then today we will be talking about how you can create your marketplace and inspire other sellers to sell their products in your marketplace just like amazon, eBay, etc.

Using WordPress WooCommerce marketplace theme and plugins you can build your marketplace and allow other sellers to create their seller account easily so they can upload their products and start selling their products easily.

Choosing the right theme can be helpful to reach your desired goals so having a theme that provides all the essential elements and easy to use functionalities can help you grow your store traffic and scale up your conversions.

Let’s Check Out The Popular WooCommerce Marketplace Themes:

1. Xstore – WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


Xstore WooCommerce theme is the best customizable theme that will allow you to create your eCommerce store with modern design tools which will help you build a professional-looking online store.

This theme has more than 100 store demos ao you can choose the right one that relates to your business, it also includes some premium plugins so it will help you customize your store more easily.

This theme comes with a built-in WooCommerce email builder where you can easily customize order emails to send it to your customers which can help you impress your customers.

This theme design is suitable for creating a marketplace and affiliate websites. Xstore theme has a megamenu feature where you can create a large-size menu using categories and subcategories and add products in it, this can help store visitors to find their desired products easily in no time.

This theme has a built-in product page builder that allows you to create a product page by yourself without any coding, so if you don’t have technical knowledge of coding you can still design the product page on your own.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

2. Handy – WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


Handy WooCommerce theme is specially designed for creating your marketplace. This theme is designed responsive and retina ready so it will look perfect when opened from any devices such as mobile phones, tablets or desktops.

This theme has multiple layout settings so you can choose the one that will be the best for your marketplace, it also has a multicolour option so you can create a brand store with cool colour combinations.

This theme has many different features that will help you easily customize your store. You can promote different products on your homepage using custom slideshow and product sliders.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

3. Chromium – Auto-parts WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


Chromium WooCommerce theme is specially designed to create an auto-part marketplace where you can allow different auto-parts vendors to sell their products. This theme got lot’s of different features to provide the best shopping experience to marketplace visitors.

This theme comes with 7 different ready-to-use layouts so you can choose the one that will be best for creating your store.

This theme comes with a Megamenu feature where you can create lots of different categories and subcategories so visitors can easily find their desired products.

Using a product slider you can display products on your homepage such as new-arrival, featured, popular products that attract visitors and keep them engaged to your store. You can also promote top categories on your homepage.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

4. Ecommart – Multipurpose WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


Ecommart WooCommerce theme comes with 20+ different layouts designed for different businesses. Each layout is designed responsively so it will look perfect when opened for any devices such as computers, tablets or mobile phones.

This theme comes with a token supported plugin for creating your multi-vendor marketplace so different vendors can sell their products in your marketplace. This theme comes with WPML plugin so it’s easy to translate your store into languages you want.

You can also choose the header and footer style from various headers and footers designs. This theme also allows you to choose the product page layout from 3+ different product page styles.

This theme comes with a creative Megamenu which allows visitors to find their desired product easily. Visitors can easily view product details by clicking on the product quick view button so visitors don’t need to go to the specific product page to check details.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

5. Puca – Multipurpose WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


Puca WooCommerce theme is designed for multipurpose so you can use this theme no matter what business you are into you can still create your store and start selling your products.

This theme comes with 50+ different layouts which include furniture, fashion, supermarket, multi-vendor marketplace layouts.

So if you are thinking of creating a multi-vendor marketplace you get a chance to choose from 4 different marketplace layouts.

It also has different shop layouts so you can easily choose the one that fits into your business perfectly. This theme can be easily customized using drag & drop builder.

It has all essentials eCommerce features such as product compare, product wishlist, product countdown timer, product smart filter, product quick view, catalogue mode, ajax live search, and much more.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

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6. GreenMart – Organic & Food WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


GreenMart WooCommerce theme is specially designed for businesses like an organic vegetable store, Flower shop, plant store, etc. this theme comes with 15+ different homepage layouts so you can choose the one that is suitable for your business.

This theme comes with premium plugins such as WPBakery page builder, slider revolution, etc. so you can customize your store easily by yourself and add promotional sliders with attractive headlines with cool animation effects and desired call-to-action button.

This theme provides multi-headers styles so you can choose the one you like most. There are many different features such as product quick view, product compare, ajax live search, product wishlist, etc. you can use to create your best eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

7. Kapee – Fashion WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


Kapee WooCommerce theme is designed for creating a fashion store or multi-vendor fashion marketplace. This theme comes with 12+ different layout designs so you can choose your favourite one.

If you are thinking of creating a marketplace you can choose from 4 different marketplace layout designs. This theme comes with responsive design and optimized SEO friendly so you reach your desired audience and grow your sales.

This theme also provides maintenance mode layouts so you can use one when you are updating your store. It has different shop page layouts and product detail pages so you can easily customize your store as you wish how your store should look.

This theme comes with a powerful admin panel and page builder so you can customize your store using drag & drop builder. There are many different eCommerce features you can use to provide the best online shopping experience to your visitors.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

8. eMarket – Multipurpose WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


eMarket WooCommerce theme is specially designed for creating any type of marketplace website and niche-based website. This theme comes with 30+ homepage layout designs and 3 mobile layouts. This theme is suitable for businesses like fashion stores, furniture stores, book shops, cosmetics stores, etc.

This theme provides many different marketplace layouts compatible with top-multi vendor marketplace plugins so you can get a chance to choose the one that will help you create your desired store.

eMarket theme comes with full-eCommerce features such as unique designs, built-in mega menu, elementor page builder, revolution slider, product quick view, etc.

You can also choose a wide layout or boxed layout option for a specific homepage layout and build your store. If you are thinking of creating the best marketplace website for selling products worldwide this theme can help you reach your desired goals.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

9. Zass – Multipurpose WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


Zass WooCommerce theme is designed for artists who are selling their handmade products. This theme can also be used to create art products marketplace easily so other artists can sell their handmade products worldwide.

This theme is designed fully responsive and optimized SEO friendly so you can reach your desired audience. It has a powerful product page design where you can appropriately highlight product details with related products sections.

This theme comes with many useful eCommerce features so you can provide the best online shopping experience to your visitors and make them your lifetime customers by providing them with special discounts on the next purchase.

You can also add fullscreen video background with or without sounds to attract visitors attention and encourage them to make a purchase.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

10. Revo – Multipurpose WooCommerce Marketplace Theme


Revo WooCommerce theme is designed for multipurpose businesses like fashion store, electronic store, kids fashion store, music store, furniture store, organic store, gift store, book store, cosmetic store, medical store, flower shop, etc. you can also create multi-vendor marketplace website where different sellers can sell their products on your marketplace.

This theme comes with 20+ different homepage layout designs so you can use the one that fits perfectly for your business. This theme can be installed easily using the one-click installation process.

You can promote many different category products on your homepage to attract visitors and make them spend more time in your store. There are many eCommerce features you can use to create a multi-vendor marketplace.

Live Demo Purchase Theme

Hope you will find the best suitable marketplace theme for creating your own marketplace website.

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