Prestashop 1.7 | How To Change The Language Of Your Admin Panel.

To change your preferred language of admin panel language follow directions as mentioned below :

  1. In Prestashop Admin Panel click My Preference at the top right corner :


2. In the Language box, Select your Preferred Language as per your requirements:


3. Click the Save button to update the language of the admin panel.

NOTE – When you install the Prestashop engine, the admin panel dashboard will be in the English language by default. You have the opportunity to simply change the language setting from your admin panel dashboard. In case if you want to install the additional language, you need to install the Prestashop localization pack.

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How To Create Virtual Products For Your Store | Prestashop 1.7

Digital products typically refer to booking, services, downloadable products (PDF files/Ebook), etc.

Examples of this would be phone applications, software upgrades, and other digital products.

  1. In your Prestashop admin panel go to CatalogProducts section :

1-How To Create Virtual Products


2. Click the New Product button at the top right of the page :

2-How To Create Virtual Products


3. Next to the product name, you need to select a Virtual Product type from the dropdown list. The page organization will be changed.


4. Now you have to set up the Basic settings for the new product :

  • Reference – Add the internal reference code for this product.
  • Quantity – You can set the available quantity of the product for sales.
  • Price – You can set the retail price you plan to see this product to your customers.
  • Categories – You can choose the category your product will be assigned to.
  • Image – You can add images to the product.
  • Summary – Write a short description of the product.
  • Description – You can add a detailed description of the product.

You can also add a feature, add a brand, and add a related product to your new product.


5. The second tab is the Virtual Product, where you can set the following options mentioned below :

  • Quantities – you can set the quantity of the product.
  • Then you will see Does this product have an additional file? So if you want to add Ebook or any other digital product. If you click Yes, Prestashop will open a new tab with form, where you can upload the file you plan to sell.
    • File – You need to click the Browse button to upload the file from your computer.
    • Filename – The name of the file, this field will be automatically filled after you upload the file. It is not recommended to change the name to another.
    • A Number Of Allowed Downloads – You can set the number of times the file can be downloaded once the customer has bought it. You might choose to limit this to 1 or 5.
    • Expiration Date – Your virtual files can be promotional or lose a selling value after a certain date. If so, you can set the expiry date after which the product will not be available in your store anymore. You can keep it blank if your product does not have an expiry date.
    • A Number Of Days – You can set the number of days, after that the download link will become non-functioning
  • Available Preferences – You can set the role of the product when it is out of stock.

4-How To Create Virtual Products


6. In the Price tab you can set the options of the product as mention below :

  • Retail Price – You can set the price you plan to sell your product.
  • Cost Price – You can set the price you paid for the product.
  • Specific Price – you can set the individual price for your product according to the countries, groups, etc.
  • Priority Management – You can select which rule applies first.


7. In the SEO tab, you can set settings as mentioned below :

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :
    • Meta Title – You can add titles that will appear to visitors for the product’s page.
    • Meta Description – You can add the description of the product that will appear in search engines.
    • Friendly URL – You can create a URL for a specific product’s name.
  • Redirection Page – When the product is disabled, you can choose which page you would like to redirect the customers visiting its page. It is also achievable to choose: No redirection (404); Permanent redirection (301); Temporary redirection (302).


8. In the options tab you can set the options mentioned below :

  • Visibility – You can choose where to display your product (catalog only, search only, everywhere, nowhere).
  • Conditions & References – This option enables you to indicate the condition of the products as mentioned below :
    • Condition – You can set the condition of the product, which can be New, Used, or Restored.
    • ISBN – You can identify the books and their various editions internationally.
    • EAN-13 or JAN Barcode – You can add this code specifically for Europe and Japan, it is widely used internationally.
    • UPC Barcode – This code is widely used in the United States, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and other countries.
  • Customization – You get the ability to add additional text and Custom image file of the product.
  • Attached Files – You can upload the additional files that customers can download directly from the product page.
  • Suppliers – You can specify the suppliers of the current product and its combinations.

7-How To Create Virtual Products


9. After you fill every detail click the “Save” button and refresh the page to check the product.

Hope this tutorial will be helpful to you!

Prestashop 1.7 | How To Manage And Enable URLs & SEO.

  1. In order to enable SEO friendly URLs, in your Prestashop website, just open the admin panel go to Shop Parameters ➜ Then click on the Traffic section :

2. In the Setup URLs section set the Friendly URL option to YES if you know that your hosting server supports URL rewriting :

3. Accented URL. Prestashop allows you to build a URL with special characters, for products with Non-ASCII names. You can disable that option :

4. Redirect to Canonical URL – A Prestashop page can have many URLs, continually when there are parameters to recognize. You can enable canonical URLs if you want your products to have a single URL and not many duplicates.

Canonicals URLs are a way to disqualify self-created duplicated content, which can completely bring your search engine rank down and considered as spam.

To avoid search engines that thinks you are spamming their index, Prestashop uses standard rel= “canonical” link tag to suggest which one is the root URL for a given content.

While it is highly suggested to enable this option, it also depends on your theme indeed implementing correctly the <Link> header tag.

There are three options in the canonical URL :

  • No redirection – Your URLs might get duplicate.
  • 301 moved permanently – Returns HTTP 301 status code, pointing to the main URL and informs search engines that this is the only URL take into account.

302 moved temporarily – Returns the HTTP 302 status code, pointing the main URL and informs search engines that the main URL might change later.

5. Disable Apache’s Multiviews options – Apache is the most famous web server and it is the one, your web host uses for your website. Multiview is a content negotiation system. When it is enabled the WebServer tries to serve a page in what it thinks is the best matching language version, under the same URL.

Sadly, this might bring trouble to Prestaswhop’s friendly URLs feature. In this case, you can try to disable multi-views with this option.

6. Disable Apache’s Mod_security module – Mod_security is a module of the Apache web server, which acts as a firewall, protecting your server from interference.

It can, however, block some key features or even produce some errors in configuration. In such cases, disable that firewall.

NOTE – Friendly URL only works with a server setup that supports URL rewriting (complete the Apache Web Server mod_rewrite feature, for instance). Make sure to check that your server does ask your hosting provider, as it can make your shop completely unavailable to customers if you enable friendly URLs and the server does not support it.

Hope this tutorial will be helpful to you!


Top 10 Best Fashion PrestaShop Themes – Webibazaar Templates

PrestaShop is an eCommerce website builder platform. It is an open-source platform so anyone can use these platforms for free.  Prestashop uses PHP and MySQL languages to make a perfect eCommerce website.

When you start an eCommerce business with a PrestaShop, you need a web template or a PrestaShop theme for your websites. you can also develop your own but it costs a lot. So instead of hiring a developer, you can buy PrestaShop Themes related to your business and within some days your store will be live on the internet.

So let’s discuss some of the best and high sales PrestaShop Themes from all around the world.

Best fashion PrestaShop Themes list: 

  1. Clima – Multipurpose Prestashop 1.7 Responsive Theme
  2. Clausestore – The Fashion PrestaShop Theme
  3. Ruby – Jewelry Store Responsive Prestashop 1.6 & 1.7 Theme
  4. Clothly – The Fashion PrestaShop Theme
  5. Vente – Apparel Multi-Store Design Theme PrestaShop Theme
  6. Nextprest – Amp Ecommerce PrestaShop Theme
  7. Athena – Premium Responsive Fashion Store PrestaShop Theme
  8. ShopByte – Premium Responsive Multipurpose Prestashop Theme
  9. Curtor – Prestashop Fashion Template
  10. Saccato – Prestashop Clothing Theme

1. Clima – Multipurpose Prestashop Responsive Theme

1 Top-10-Best-Fashion-Prestashop-Themes

Clima is a clean, clear and modern design, which you can use for fashion stores. You can use these themes for your business like a cosmetic shop, furniture shop, mobile store and etc. these themes come with a responsive design so it will look great on every platform.

Clima themes have great features. These features include a slideshow, mega menu builder, text, animation, drag and drop, blog, ajax cart, ajax search query, hover effect and many more. using Clima themes you can customize a homepage layout, text, hover effect and build a mega menu using a drag and drop feature. Clima is responsive and retina ready so it looks perfect on every platform like Mobile, Desk, Tablets, Chrome, Mozilla etc.

Clima is specially designed for those who have a fashion business or who want to start an eCommerce business in the fashion industry. They can use this theme and enhance the customer shopping experience.

Live Demo More Detail

2. Clausestore – The Fashion PrestaShop Theme

Clausestore is the best fashion PrestaShop theme and clean, modern and elegant design that provides customers with a great shopping experience. It is used by many store owners like clothing stores, watch stores, shoe stores, accessories stores, and furniture shops.

Clausestore provides a mega menu builder so that will help to customize a menu with drag and drop features. It is also responsive and retina ready so it looks great on mobile devices. Because of high searches on mobile platforms, you should buy themes, which comes with a responsive design. It has many in-built features like an ajax cart, ajax search query, SEO optimized, hover effect, wish list, blog, testimonials, and many more. Using these features, you can easily maintain a store.

Clausestore is used by many businesses and if you want to start an online eCommerce store, these themes will be perfect for you and it is ready to use, easy to use and fully customizable so you can build a store within 2-3 days

Live Demo More Detail

3. Ruby – Jewelry Store Responsive Prestashop Theme

Ruby is for those who have a jewellery and accessories business. It is a modern and elegant design with full customization. It can be used by who’s watch store, jewellery shop, shoe store and accessories store.

Ruby comes with great features that will help to maintain a store and customize a store as you want. You can add animation and filters, images, videos, special offers, text change and many more. Some of the main features are a mega menu builder, page layout, ajax cart, multi-language,multi-currency supports etc.

If you are thinking about starting a jewellery business over the internet, you can use a PrestaShop and these themes to build an online store. Many other business owners are already using PrestaShop to build an online store.

Live Demo More Detail

4. Clothly – The Fashion PrestaShop Theme

Clothly is very famous among store owners because of its beautiful website design. It is a clean, clear and modern design with many inbuilt features. It is already used by many store owners of cloth, shoes, accessories stores.

Clothly has great features like a mega menu builder. using a mega menu builder, you can customize a menu and give an animation. and some of their features are an ajax cart, ajax search, product quick view, hover effect, multi-language, multi-currency, responsive design etc.

Do you have an offline store? Yes, then you can use these templates to build your online store. And using PrestaShop theme features, you can enhance a customer’s shopping experience. Who has a business of women and men cloth store, accessories store, shoe store they can use these PrestaShop themes to build online stores?

Live Demo More Detail

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5. Vente – Apparel Multi-Store Design Theme

Vente comes with a clean and elegant design. These themes provide a responsive design so you don’t have to build different websites for different devices.

Vente provides great features so building a store will be an easy task and an easy to customize feature will help to customize website design. Its features include a mega menu builder, page layout, ajax cart, multi-language, ajax search query, hover effect etc.

Vente theme is for a fashion-related business that wants to start an online store. Men and women cloth shops,  accessories stores, shoe stores and watch store owners can use these themes to make an awesome website. Website design is the primary focus of an online eCommerce business. So make sure during choosing a theme.

Live Demo More Detail

6. Nextprest – Amp Ecommerce  themes

Nextprest is new on the list and fully responsive design. These themes come with modern design and new functionality. It is a multi-store theme that means you can use these themes for many categories of business.

Multi-store eCommerce theme for a fashion business, furniture, auto spare parts, electronic arts, barber sh etc.this theme provides a mega menu builder, ajax cart, ajax search, product quick view, multi-language, SEO optimized and many more.

Nextprest themes are perfect for the fashion business. And it comes with Amp, it is for a page speed of your website.nowadays it is a very important factor for SEO and also your visitors. Amp module gives seed to a website and enhances the shopping experience.

Live Demo More Detail

7. Athena – Premium Responsive Fashion Store

Athena is a great theme with full features to run an online store. It is designed for a different type of business like fashion store, sports store, kids cloth store, accessories store.

Athena is a modern, innovative, and clean eCommerce theme. It is fully responsive and fully customizable has great features like a mega menu builder, ajax search query, ajax cart, multi-language and many other features.

Athena is perfect for those who have an offline store of fashion-related industry and want to start an online eCommerce business. Using research, you can build a fast and modern eCommerce business and using the best fashion themes you can enhance a customer’s experience.

Live Demo More Detail

8. ShopByte – Premium Responsive Multipurpose Prestashop Theme

ShopByte is a clean, clear and elegant design with manu great features. It is a multipurpose and responsive theme. This is used for a business like a fashion store, bag store, shoes store , watch shop etc.

It is a fully responsive design that will look beautiful on every platform. And it comes with fully customization features. It has great features like a mega menu builder, ajax search query , ajax cart, amp pages , seo optimized , and many more features. Using these features you can enhance a customer shopping experience and provide great functionality to your customers.

ShopByte prestashop themes used by a fashion business , shoes store , watch store and many more business owners.  If you have an offline business and are thinking of starting an online business then you can start with this theme to make a great fully featured website.

Live Demo More Detail

9. Curtor – Prestashop Fashion Template

Curtor is a basic, clean and modern theme with great features. You can use these themes for a fashion store, watch store, shoe shop, accessories store, electronics store and related to the fashion industry.

Curtor comes with fully customized features. Using this feature you can customize every part of website design and make it as you fully responsive so if you change a theme design then it will automatically adjust on every platform. It has its features like a mega menu builder, Ajax cart, SEO optimized, product quick view, add products, hover effect etc.

Curtor is basically for those who have a store of fashion-related business and want to establish an eCommerce business. The business owner can easily start an online business.

Live Demo More Detail

10. Saccato – Prestashop Clothing Theme

Saccato is a modern, well designed and elegant design. It is perfect for a fashion store and cloth store of men and women.

Saccato provides features of customization, modern layout, drag and drop, Ajax cart, wish list, ajax search query, etc. It is a fully responsive theme therefore it will look amazing on every mobile and tablet. Mega Menu builder features help to customize a layout of the menu and you can add a different type of block to provide a great shopping experience.

Saccato themes are easy to install and ready to use. Who wants to start an online business? They can use these themes and an easy to install process will help to build a store fast and an easy way.

Live Demo More Detail

I hope you get some Best Fashion PrestaShop Themes.



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