9 Amazing Tips For Success Of Your Online eCommerce Business

Running an eCommerce Themes Business is not an easy task, assuring its success is more difficult. In the highly competitive world of digital marketing, many companies have to solve multiple challenges and focus on the right strategies to help their business succeed.

Online business retailers are aware of how hard it can be to drive more traffic to their store in the world of eCommerce stores. While the eCommerce economy is poisoned for compelling growth in the coming years, you can only wait to see results if you progress it in the right way.

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So, if you are searching to achieve success for your eCommerce business check out these 7 tips that can help boost your business growth.

1. Clarify Your Menus

Menus are a perfect way to stay organized and group what you are selling. But as mentioned don’t overcomplicate things. Menus with too many categories will confuse your visitors and avoid them from finding what they are looking for.

Your menu should not be more specific. Rather, use broad terms to categorize and subcategorize your products.You can get the website Prestashop 1.7 Themes from a marketplace called Webibazaar.com

2. Add Search Bar

Adding a search bar to your store will really help your visitors to find products they are looking for easily in no time. It can be helpful if you have a huge product catalog.

With the search bar, when visitors will start to search using the product name, they will instantly find products related to what they searched for.


They will purchase the product if they find it easily what they need but if they don’t find what they are looking for they won’t purchase any product so it won’t give you any sales. Use tags if you are selling males and females products so they can sort products easily.

3. Remove Unnecessary Steps In Checkout Process

Having an additional step in the checkout process will increase the chances of abandoning the cart transaction. In fact, many visitors said that they abandoned a shopping cart during the checkout process because of the long and complicated process.

So to avoid cart abandonment, get the only necessary information from the visitors. Just get their name, shipping address, payment information. That’s as simple as your checkout process, the higher chance to increase your sales.

4. Don’t Force Visitors To Create Profile

If you want visitors to go through the checkout process quickly. So you need to offer them a guest checkout process option instead of forcing them to create a profile. You can still encourage them to create their profile.

When the order is being reviewed, guests can see the fast checkout button but they can’t use it. This option is for visitors who set up their profiles.

They can go through the checkout process faster since all their profile information is saved in their accounts. Indirect features like this encourage profile account signups without being annoying or putting pressure on visitors.

5. Send Email To Those Who Abandoned Cart

Once visitors set up their profile, you can see when they add something to their shopping cart without purchasing it. Don’t ignore them.

Many times, visitors are just one or two clicks away from completing the purchase. Clearly, they were interested in your product enough to add it to their cart.

Send them an email remainder and encourage them to purchase products they left in their cart.

6. Give Priority To SEO

More than 40% of the purchasers start the purchasing process through search engines, mainly Google. If your eCommerce Shopify Themes website is not on one of the top results, they will purchase from one of your competitors instead.

That’s the reason it is so important for you to focus your efforts on SEO (Search engine optimization). To rank higher in search engines, do some research using keywords tools, and check how your competitors are ranking higher in search engines.

You can download the SEO friendly website theme by clicking Here

7. Start Writing Blogs On A Daily Basis

Yes, you read it right! Writing blogs that are related to your business or relate to your products will help your visitors to understand more about the products or services you offer them so they can get inspired and make a purchase.


Running a blog in addition to your eCommerce app development company is a great way to build a strong following. It also helps you rank higher in search engine results so you can drive more traffic to your store organically.

8. Write Explanatory Product Descriptions

You cannot sell your products with just a name. Each product on your website needs to have an explanatory description. Make sure you avoid text with large blocks. Keep the description short and informative.

Explain how the products work by displaying the key benefits. You don’t need to explain the history of the products or how it was built. That will not drive sales.

You can use bullet points to make it easy for visitors to scan through the text and read the descriptions.

9. Offer Free Shipping

It is simple, don’t charge your customers for shipping costs. That’s because abrupt costs are one of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment. They see a price listed on the product page of your website, but at checkout, they see additional charges.


These added costs are driving people away. Increase the price of your products to cover shipping charges, instead of charging for shipping separately.

Final words 

I hope you will start implementing the above-mentioned points on your business website and encourage your customers in different ways to grow your sales and scale up your conversions.

Keep implementing things in your store and stay updated so you can beat your competitors and rank higher in search engines.

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Web Design Inspiration For eCommerce Website

If you are thinking of creating an eCommerce website, here is a complete guide for you to get inspired for the websites that are already running well from all around the world.

Webibazaar Templates provide many eCommerce Web design Themes platform on Marketplace PrestaShop Themes, Responsive BigCommerce Themes, Shopify Themes, OpenCart Themes, WooCommerce Themes, WordPress Themes.

To get the best result for your website, your goal should be :

  • Responsive friendly design
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy navigation menu
  • Testimonials
  • Blogs
  • Easy checkouts
  • Cross-sell/Upsell
  • Well organized contents
  • Customer reviews

1. Responsive Friendly Design

The user-friendly Shopify Mobile Stores Themes is a key ingredient for your perfect website if you got top-selling products on your website and If your design is not user-friendly then it gonna be tough for you to convince your customer to convert into sales.

According to google’s new update from September 2020 Mobile-first indexing is mandatory for your business so make sure your website design Templates is responsive for any devices.


You should keep it simple and clean for example checkout google’s website!

What do you see? You’re gonna see simple google’s logo and a search bar right.

It’s not always good to try something new if you have top-selling products. Instead of trying something new you should be focused on keeping things simple and try what is already working for others. You will find some difficulties in the start but always stay positive and keep crafting your website until it gets perfect.

2. Easy Navigation Menu

The Navigation menu should be set up neat and clean when visitors enter your site then they should be able to find their liked products easily using the navigation menu. You can add sections into the Navigation menu and add products according to categories and subcategories so it will help visitors to reach their desired products easily.

3. Testimonials

When you already have best-selling products ask your customers who already purchased your product to send you video testimonials about how they feel when they used your products so that you can add those testimonials to your website to inspire other visitors and encourage them to purchase your products or services.


Your customer will never say no to testimonials when they are satisfied with your products or services. So it is a great way to turn your visitors into your lifetime customers.

4. Blog

A blog is essential nowadays if you are selling products or services because you can target keywords that are ranking in the top in your targeted market so writing a blog for your targeted market will help you to rank in search engines results which can drive more traffic to your website organically and help you boost your sales.

You can write about your products or services or about your business Etc and target your niche keywords naturally so that your website won’t rank down for keyword stuffing.

5. Easy Checkouts

Yes, that’s right, an easy checkout is necessary for your eCommerce website Templates.less complication at checkouts more convenient for customers to convert into sales. It should not be a long process, just a few steps and you gonna see great results

keep it simple so that customers don’t get confused.

The checkout Page Should have Stepped as Following:

  • Account & Billing Details
  • Payment Method
  • Confirm Order

Account & Billing Details In this form, you should ask the customer for their names, email address, shipping address, pin code, and country if you are selling worldwide

Payment Method – As a merchant, you can use UPI, Paypal, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, etc to confirm payments of customers. You should only ask for minimum information such as Debit card/Credit card number, expiration date, CVV, postal code and country.

Confirm Order – When customers confirm payment for specific orders, this page should be highlighted as a thank you page with Complete order details of the customer.

6. Cross-sell / Upsell

Cross-Sell –This is a cool step to encourage your customers to buy related products for the product they purchased. For example, if your customer buys a mobile phone you should offer them power banks, Bluetooth earphones, etc.

Upsell – This is the step where you engage with the customer. If a customer goes for a shopping furniture bed and the merchant sells a whole furniture bed set. That is called the upsell.

7. Well Organized Content

Great Professional Website Design Templates is a very sensitive step when you are creating a website. You should take care of colors, fonts, images, videos, descriptions, etc. Again you should keep it simple and user-friendly using catchy headlines, great color combination, font styles, optimize images to load your website fast.

This is an example of how to organize your products into a website:

8. Customer Reviews

Your Customer purchased something from you and loves that product. You should ask them to post reviews or testimonies.this could help your new customer to get to know about your products from those who are already using those products and will be easy for you to promote your products.customer who finds cool reviews buy products easily so it’s important that you engage with your customers and ask them about your products reviews.

As you start creating a website for your business make sure to check out the above-mentioned points so that you can create the perfect store for your business and run it smoothly.


If you are a newbie and willing to create your eCommerce store you can check out marketplace Webibazaar Templates for free eCommerce Templates for any business categories.

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Shopify Is Becoming The Most Required Platform To Build A Website On

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that makes it easy to sell products online. This cloud-based software helps online businesses transact, market, and build efficient websites for online shopping.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce solution that offers marketing tools, hosting, templates, and integration with payment gateways. You can also buy a domain name from Shopify for your online store.

The platform also offers great customer support and has an extensive knowledge base that you can use to find answers for yourself.

Why is Shopify So Popular?

There is no question that Shopify is popular. The eCommerce Shopify Themes Platform, which has achieved great success in recent years, has more than 300,000 users according to Built With. Even with intense competition from WooCommerce and Magento, Shopify is still an integral part of eCommerce.

This is not an easy task, especially in a highly competitive industry like eCommerce.

As the statistics show, Shopify is doing very well in the world of eCommerce. Of course, there are several reasons why Shopify is successful. Here are some features of Shopify, which makes it better than any other eCommerce solution.

Shopify “Buy Button”


This feature allows you to integrate products and a shopping cart to your website. It’s a great tool to give your visitors a personalized shopping experience. The “Buy” button allows you to monetize your website or blog with just one click.

Sell ​​products Through Multiple Channels

Shopify recommends that you use other potential sales channels to increase your sales. With multichannel sales, your products are sold through various distribution channels. Multi-channel management involves a combination of your own website and shopping cart, online marketplaces, mobile marketplaces, and even physical stores.

Self Hosted

While you can host your online store with Shopify, you can also use another hosting provider to host your Shopify store. This will give you more control over your eCommerce website.

Some of the most popular web hosting companies offer Shopify integration. Interserver is one great option for Shopify Be sure to check the Interserver reviews to learn about the product in more detail. Interserver is an affordable web hosting solution, its base plan costs $5 per month which offers unlimited resources, powerful security tools, and useful extra features.

Their clients range from the owner, small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Today,  Interserver does everything that relates to their hosting business in-house, including their servers building, developing their fiber-optic network nationwide, and customizing their Linux kernels.

Supports More Than 100 Payment Providers Worldwide

Shopify has built-in payment services like PayPal, Amazon Pay, or Apple Pay. Your store can also accept direct credit card payments with Shopify Payment. This makes the checkout process easier for your customers.

Excellent Site Performance

Website loading speed is One Important Factor In Search Rankings. The TTFB (time to the first byte) load test is less than 300 MS. This basically means that your online store will load very quickly and you won’t face any speed issues.

Sell ​Physical And Digital Products

You can use Shopify to manage physical and digital products. They offer a free app that you can use to sell different types of products.

Integrate Your Store With ShopifyPOS

You can integrate Shopify POS with your physical store and then the data is shared between the POS and your online store. The ShopifyPOS system allows you to manage your sales, inventory, customer data, both online and offline on a single platform.

How Does Shopify Work?

For people who want to get into online retail but don’t have a lot of experience, Shopify might be a great choice. You can try it for free before paying a monthly fee. The setup process is straightforward, so you can open an online store in just a few hours.

All You Need To Do Is Choose A Themes, customize your information, add products, specify payment options, and get connected. You can even test your first sale with Bogus Gateway’s test payment provider.

Secure Payments


You can accept payments in various ways. The standard method is to use Shopify’s proprietary gateway and Shopify Payments. However, for an additional fee, you can choose from dozens of third-party payment gateways. Payments are secured with an SSL certificate (the same security technology your bank uses).

Automatic Order Functions

Your shopping cart automatically calculates taxes and shipping costs and you have the option of ordering at a flat rate or free of charge at the price you have chosen.

Shopify’s Plan


There are five Shopify pricing options you can choose from. The right choice depends on your budget. Shopify’s five pricing options are:

Shopify Lite

Shopify Lite is the cheapest solution you can find on Shopify. Store owners only have to pay $9 a month to use it. The main difference between Shopify Lite and the other plans is that it is not a real online store with a shopping cart.

The Shopify Lite Plan Integrates With A Current Website or social media page. This means that you should already have a complete website set up with hosting and a domain name. This allows you to add eCommerce features such as blogs or news websites to your stores.

Basic Shopify

This plan costs $29 per month and gives you all the basics you need to start a new business, including two employee accounts, 24-hour support, unlimited products, an online store with a blog, and sales channels.

This plan is suitable for newly established small websites. All you need is a nice and functional online store.

Standard Shopify

This standard plan is slightly more expensive than the basic plan. The monthly cost is $79. You get everything just like the Basic Shopify plan. However, the number of employee accounts is 5.

It also gives you more features like gift cards and business reports compared to basic Shopify features.

The professional plan works well for businesses with a rapid expansion plan. If your website generates more than $5,000 a month, this option is a good idea.

Shopify Advanced

At $ 299 per month, this is the most expensive plan on the market. It comes with 15 employee accounts. You can access an advanced report generator and third-party shipping costs. The best thing about this advanced pricing plan is that everything is unlimited.

You can download as many products as you want for free and post as many videos and images as you need. The plan is aimed at companies that prefer to have their shipment handled by a third party.

This is a great option for high-income businesses making more than $10,000 a month. The merchant can save some money with reduced transactions.

Shopify Plus


Shopify Plus is specially designed for enterprise systems and high-volume corporate brands. The main benefit is providing more control, customization, and automation for your standard commerce setup, combined with faster speeds and better omnichannel services.

To find out the price, you need to contact Shopify for a quote. The price is approximately $ 2,000 per month. If you have a large team and you don’t want to spend too much time managing your order, this is a great way to automate.

In addition to the monthly subscription fees that you must pay for each Shopify plan, you will have to pay transaction fees if you use a third-party payment gateway. The transaction does not apply to Shopify Lite and if you are using Shopify Payment. Additional fees are calculated at 2%, 1%, and 5% for Shopify Basic, Shopify Standard, and Shopify Advanced, respectively. Transaction fees decrease due to the increased volume of your business.

Payment gateway providers calculate credit card fees based on their customers’ purchases. The price of an online credit card is differentiated by the following elements for each subscription:

Basic Shopify Plan: 2.9% + 30 cents

Shopify Standard: 2.6% + 30 cents

Shopify Advanced: 2.4% + 30 cents

While the price of an offline credit card has dropped:

Basic Shopify plan: 2.7%

Shopify standard: 2.5%

Advanced Shopify: 2.4%

Fees are calculated per transaction, not per item. If your customers buy multiple products once, you will be billed only once.


Top 10 Best Fashion PrestaShop Themes – Webibazaar Templates

PrestaShop is an eCommerce website builder platform. It is an open-source platform so anyone can use these platforms for free.  Prestashop uses PHP and MySQL languages to make a perfect eCommerce Themes website.

When you start an eCommerce business with a PrestaShop, you need a web template or a PrestaShop theme for your websites. you can also develop your own but it costs a lot. So instead of hiring a developer, you can buy PrestaShop Themes related to your business and within some days your store will be live on the internet.

So let’s discuss some of the best and high sales PrestaShop Themes from all around the world.

Best fashion PrestaShop Themes list: 

  1. Clima – Multipurpose Prestashop 1.7 Responsive Theme
  2. Clausestore – The Fashion PrestaShop Theme
  3. Ruby – Jewelry Store Responsive Prestashop 1.6 & 1.7 Theme
  4. Clothly – The Fashion PrestaShop Theme
  5. Vente – Apparel Multi-Store Design Theme PrestaShop Theme
  6. Nextprest – Amp Ecommerce PrestaShop Theme
  7. Athena – Premium Responsive Fashion Store PrestaShop Theme
  8. ShopByte – Premium Responsive Multipurpose Prestashop Theme
  9. Curtor – Prestashop Fashion Template
  10. Saccato – Prestashop Clothing Theme

1. Clima – Multipurpose Prestashop Responsive Theme

1 Top-10-Best-Fashion-Prestashop-Themes

Clima is a clean, clear and modern design, which you can use for fashion stores. You can use these themes for your business like a cosmetic shop, furniture shop, mobile store and etc. these themes come with a responsive Marketplace PrestaShop Themes design so it will look great on every platform.

Clima themes have great features. These features include a slideshow, mega menu builder, text, animation, drag and drop, blog, ajax cart, ajax search query, hover effect and many more. using Clima themes you can customize a homepage layout, text, hover effect and build a mega menu using a drag and drop feature. Clima is responsive and retina ready so it looks perfect on every platform like Mobile, Desk, Tablets, Chrome, Mozilla etc.

Clima is specially designed for those who have a fashion business or who want to start an eCommerce business in the fashion industry. They can use this theme and enhance the customer shopping experience.

Live Demo More Detail

2. Clausestore – The Fashion PrestaShop Theme

Clausestore is the best fashion PrestaShop theme and clean, modern and elegant design that provides customers with a great shopping experience. It is used by many store owners like clothing stores, watch stores, shoe stores, accessories stores, and furniture shops.

Clausestore provides a mega menu builder so that will help to customize a menu with drag and drop features. It is also responsive and retina ready so it looks great on mobile devices. Because of high searches on mobile platforms, you should buy themes, which comes with a responsive Women Fashion design Theme. It has many in-built features like an ajax cart, ajax search query, SEO optimized, hover effect, wish list, blog, testimonials, and many more. Using these features, you can easily maintain a store.

Clausestore is used by many businesses and if you want to start an online eCommerce Shopify Themes store, these themes will be perfect for you and it is ready to use, easy to use and fully customizable so you can build a store within 2-3 days

Live Demo More Detail

3. Ruby – Jewelry Store Responsive Prestashop Theme

Ruby is for those who have a jewelry and accessories Themes business. It is a modern and elegant design with full customization. It can be used by who’s watch store, jewellery shop, shoe store and accessories store.

Ruby comes with great features that will help to maintain a store and customize a store as you want. You can add animation and filters, images, videos, special offers, text change and many more. Some of the main features are a mega menu builder, page layout, ajax cart, multi-language,multi-currency supports etc.

If you are thinking about starting a jewellery business over the internet, you can use a PrestaShop and these themes to build an online store. Many other business owners are already using PrestaShop to build an online store.

Live Demo More Detail

4. Clothly – The Fashion PrestaShop Theme

Clothly is very famous among store owners because of its beautiful website design. It is a clean, clear and modern design with many inbuilt features. It is already used by many store owners of cloth, shoes, accessories stores.

Clothly has great features like a mega menu builder. using a mega menu builder, you can customize a menu and give an animation. and some of their features are an ajax cart, ajax search, product quick view, hover effect, multi-language, multi-currency, responsive design, etc.

Do you have an offline store? Yes, then you can use these templates to build your online store. And using PrestaShop theme features, you can enhance a customer’s shopping experience. Who has a business of women and men cloth store, accessories store, shoe store they can use these Men Fashion PrestaShop themes to build online stores?

Live Demo More Detail

Related Read: Fashion Premium PrestaShop Theme

5. Vente – Apparel Multi-Store Design Theme

Vente comes with a clean and elegant design. These themes provide a responsive design so you don’t have to build different websites for different devices.

Vente provides great features so building a store will be an easy task and an easy to customize feature will help to customize website design. Its features include a mega menu builder, page layout, ajax cart, multi-language, ajax search query, hover effect etc.

Vente theme is for a fashion-related business that wants to start an online store. Men and women cloth shops,  accessories stores, shoe stores and watch store owners can use these themes to make an awesome website. Website design is the primary focus of an online eCommerce Themes business. So make sure during choosing a theme.

Live Demo More Detail

6. Nextprest – Amp Ecommerce  themes

Nextprest is new on the list and fully responsive design. These themes come with modern design and new functionality. It is a multi-store theme that means you can use these themes for many categories of business.

Multi-store eCommerce theme for a fashion business, furniture, auto spare parts, electronic arts, barber sh etc.this theme provides a mega menu builder, ajax cart, ajax search, product quick view, multi-language, SEO optimized and many more.

Nextprest themes are perfect for the fashion business. And it comes with Amp, it is for a page speed of your website.nowadays it is a very important factor for SEO and also your visitors. Amp module gives seed to a website and enhances the shopping experience.

Live Demo More Detail

7. Athena – Premium Responsive Fashion Store

Athena is a great theme with full features to run an online store. It is designed for a different type of business like fashion store, sports store, kids cloth store, accessories store.

Athena is a modern, innovative, and clean eCommerce theme. It is fully responsive and fully customizable themes.it has great features like a mega menu builder, ajax search query, ajax cart, multi-language and many other features.

Athena is perfect for those who have an offline store of fashion-related industry and want to start an online eCommerce business. Using research, you can build a fast and modern eCommerce business and using the best fashion themes you can enhance a customer’s experience.

Live Demo More Detail

8. ShopByte – Premium Responsive Multipurpose Prestashop Theme

ShopByte is a clean, clear and elegant design with manu great features. It is a multipurpose and responsive theme. This is used for a business like a fashion store, bag store, shoes store , watch shop etc.

It is a fully responsive design that will look beautiful on every platform. And it comes with fully customization features. It has great features like a mega menu builder, ajax search query , ajax cart, amp pages , seo optimized , and many more features. Using these features you can enhance a customer shopping experience and provide great functionality to your customers.

ShopByte prestashop themes used by a fashion business , shoes store , watch store and many more business owners.  If you have an offline business and are thinking of starting an online business then you can start with this theme to make a great fully featured website.

Live Demo More Detail

9. Curtor – Prestashop Fashion Template

Curtor is a basic, clean and modern theme with great features. You can use these themes for a fashion store, watch store, shoe shop, accessories store, electronics store and related to the fashion industry.

Curtor comes with fully customized features. Using this feature you can customize every part of website design and make it as you want.it fully responsive so if you change a theme design then it will automatically adjust on every platform. It has its features like a mega menu builder, Ajax cart, SEO optimized, product quick view, add products, hover effect etc.

Curtor is basically for those who have a store of fashion-related business and want to establish an eCommerce business. The business owner can easily start an online business.

Live Demo More Detail

10. Saccato – Prestashop Clothing Theme

Saccato is a modern, well designed and elegant design. It is perfect for a fashion store and cloth store of men and women.

Saccato provides features of customization, modern layout, drag and drop, Ajax cart, wish list, ajax search query, etc. It is a fully responsive theme therefore it will look amazing on every mobile and tablet. Mega Menu builder features help to customize a layout of the menu and you can add a different type of block to provide a great shopping experience.

Saccato themes are easy to install and ready to use. Who wants to start an online business? They can use these themes and an easy to install process will help to build a store fast and an easy way.

Live Demo More Detail

I hope you get some Best Fashion PrestaShop Themes.

Webibazaar Templates provides many Web services Such as PSD to PrestaShop, PSD to BigCommerce, PSD to OpenCart, Website Design Audit Service, Etc.

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