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10 Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Website Templates [You Need to Know]

Here I going to tell about picking a perfect theme for your website. Major things that you need to think about before choosing any templates. You are not an expert right? You don’t have much knowledge or experience in the design field right? So, you must check, Today I tell you to do’s and don’ts before choosing website templates.

For the website templates, there are a number of things you need to check like whether the website had the perfect design or not? Like responsive design or not?

Here are some tips you should follow or check before purchasing a template.

Do you first think about which type of website you want to make? Do you want to make an eCommerce website, CMS Website or any professional company website you want to make?
Based on that you must select the perfect templates for your store. If you are going to make an eCommerce website then you must select a perfect framework like Shopify, Prestashop, Opencart, or any other.
If you want to make a professional company website then you need to check WordPress, Joomla or other frameworks.

So, it’s very important to choose the perfect website framework before start working with the website.

Do you select a creative interface?

Do you select a creative interface for your website? Like you want to create a perfect design that interacts user mind. Design must be consistent look in your website and in all pages.

Consistency in the form of navigation, color design, typefaces, and style can be a positive impact on your website when customers visit your website.

If your website doesn’t format well then customers leave the website fast and they are going to choose another website and make a purchase from that website.

Choosing Website Templates

1. Do you test your website or functionality?

You must check every functionality of the website before purchasing a template. Like a responsive website or not? Add to cart working properly or not and must be able to register and able to login or not?

You can check responsive design on mobile devices, tablets devices and must be checked on laptop versions.

Sometimes product search, location or any small portion does not work on templates so you must check before you go to purchase.

Customers or people don’t have any patience waiting on a website. If your website not working properly or take a lot of time for loading then it increases our bounce rate and we lose our sales.

Tips: if you want to increase loading speed you need to decrease the image size and remove the video and possibly remove nonessentials things that take more time.

2. Don’t forget to take it for a test drive

Once you select a perfect template request don’t forget to check everything it’s working or not. Request to check on multiple devices like its working perfectly or not? Or you can also check on every browser like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and many others.

If templates have more bugs or errors then it’s going to hurt your website speed and must be selected to check performance on your website.

Test your website in speed, browser, mobile and other desktop versions. However, your eye must be on for a long run and long thought.

3. Do choose a responsive theme

As we all know that nowadays, 80 to 90% of users are searching on mobile so it’s better to choose fully responsive website templates. There are many benefits of using a responsive theme. For instance, Easy to navigate, Increase your visibility in search engines, Enhance user’s offline browsing experience, Overall that means Increase sales and conversion rates “that what we need”

4. Don’t use too many images on your website

Images are the main key point of increasing website speed. If we upload an image with a high resolution it definitely takes a long time. If it takes fast load time then definitely increase our bounce ratio.

If you use any background image you must keep it low 1 MB. this is the maximum limit of every image on your website. So, if possible add only those image that needs otherwise remove or don’t add unnecessary image on your website.

The search engine is not able to understand your image text. They get specific alt tag text but it’s a few words only.

Don’t add too many unnecessary product images and product slider images and try to choose perfect templates or themes that have these features.

5. Do the pick easy to read font

Must pick a website template that is easy to read and easy to understand. Why do we confuse our customers with hard font selections?

Every place font can take a  different role like your website in a corporate company then fonts have different roles. If your website is eCommerce then the font has a different role.

The type of font you use must create a perception of your website. If you are a lawyer then Comic Sans is your font. So, basically, you select an easy to read font so people can stay more time on our website and can able to purchase our product fast.

6. Setup proper a navigation

Every website has different navigation as per website need. Like if your website needs to login or sign-up then you be a select different color font that button.

About us and contact us button setup with proper navigation and add proper contact information can take a place. Navigation bar in blue or read can categories with different browsers.

With perfect navigation or UX design, you can tell your website customer as you think properly with every end-users. The website search bar is on top so customers can able to see the specific results and customers can select browser properly and navigate proper

7. Do the Select SEO Friendly Template

You want more people to visit your website right? Definitely, you want but if your website does not have a good SEO friendly website then you can not achieve good traffic on your website.

Also, you select perfect visually selection content you will need excellent content we will need to check and for better content, we must follow search engines. Use that design that not just beautiful but also solid hierarchy and perfect easy navigation.

Some of the templates are good design but not proper doing the SEO on the template. You must be check website theme is perfect with SEO and content and Tag can proper be added or not.

8. Don’t forget to check template author and its customer support

There are N number of authors in the market who sell their products or theme online. They are not able to provide proper support and properly guide the line of your website.

You can select a template or theme from a great marketplace like Themeforest, TemplateMonster, Webibazaar or templatetrip.

They are very good leaders in the templates marketplace and they can able to provide your perfect support anything if you need it.

Customization is different things but small installation help or some things if you want any small guide they can able to provide you.

9. Don’t make a fast decision to purchasing a website Theme

Take time before purchasing templates. You need to check everything like the countless products, categories and add cart, wishlist, product compare or other navigation it’s working perfectly.

Do not rush things in quickly, the hope of doing things quickly, take more time, do research on which product or theme is best for your website and its help you get more traffic, check properly and purchase template.

You can check our Webibazaar Templates for more detail and see what are the best templates for your eCommerce website or company website.

10. Don’t forget to check the total cost of the website

there are two types of templates or themes in the market like Free or Paid and also Freemium [ it’s just a combination of free and premium ]. Start first think about how much total amount you want to invest in your website design. You can also start your website business with free purchases.

Why do you not ask yourself like you have a good time to customize your website or are able to spend more time on website design.

If you don’t have more time on it then you select the perfect templates and check templates with documentation that can helps you installation fast and more able to provide quick information.

Compared to free templates, paid template authors provide you fast support and do things quickly. You can start counting the cost of the server and other parts like domain and template cost if you are going to purchase paid templates.

Ecommerce Store

How to Choose Best Website Templates for your Ecommerce Business

There is a number of things that you need to take care of before choosing website templates for your eCommerce business or company website.

Yes, for your eCommerce website there is a number of things that you need to take care of like Working perfectly cart functionality, checkout and purchasing working smoothly.

Nowadays a number of factors can affect selling your product like SEO, digital marketing, social media, website optimization and much more.

If you want to know more about it you can visit our website services and checkout there.

So, before choosing website templates let me tell you about what are the frameworks that use to make your website.

Shopify is one of the major market ratios that cover the eCommerce business.

Webibazaar provides lots of Shopify Themes that you can download easily and use on your website.

Shopify covers most of the 60% market in the eCommerce industry and a number of businesses can start up and grow rapidly via Shopify.

If you don’t know what is Shopify. Then let me tell some intro about Shopify and Hows Shopify Works.

Shopify is the cloud-based SAAS [ Software as a Services ] software that operates a complete monthly subscription plan or model. It gives you the small business owner can able to start business and runs smoothly.

Owners have complete control in the admin panel where you can enter the product data as well as be able to see complete analysis or reports of order.

And one more major advantage is the Shopify community. Yes, very big Shopify community for use learning from youtube as well as from Shopify website.

Now if you think to choose the best website templates for your eCommerce website then I think I suggest to go with Shopify and purchase any plan.

If you ask questions like Webibazaar Provide Shopify themes or not.?

Here you can check our: Shopify Templates

Read These 8 Questions before Choosing the Ecommerce themes

Here are some of the questions that arise in my mind: what type of things must be on a website?

  • What kind of website industry?
  • What type of design completely fits for your business?
  • What type of slider do you think it must be on your website.?
  • Want a Static header or not?
  • Want Video on Slider or not?
  • Want a mega menu or what menu bar position do you want?
  • Logo position where you want?
  • Content width in Full screen or Box Layout?

These are major factors you think about first before choosing any website templates.

You can write on paper one by one and make sense. Yes, this thing I want and this thing I don’t.

Let me tell you one by one everything in detail.

  1. What kind of website industry?

Yes, this is a major and first thing you must think about. Like your industry is a marketplace then you need to purchase any templates that are related to multistore and it looks like a multi-products website.

If your business is related to restaurants then you must select a theme or templates related to the restaurant industry and must have some functionality like table booking, date and time booking.

The business is related to fashion then you must think about website templates related to fashion and minimal stores that look like the fashion industry and must have good product tab design.

So, basically, you think about what you website industry and you start thinking about that kind of templates.

Here you can check our Fashion Shopify Themes.

  1. What type of design completely fits your business?

After selecting your industry you must think about what type of design relates to fits your business.

Design = Structure.

The structure that are complete fits your business like major thing is like

2.1  Width of content

2.2 Design of header

2.3 User usability and User Experience

2.4 Product Page Design

2.5 Footer Design

2.6 Category Design

  1. What type of slider do you think it must be on your website.?

There are a number of slider options you have when you start to think about sliders.

3.1 Full width Slider

3.2 Box Layout Slider

3.3 Slider with Text Effect

3.4 Slider with multiple effects

And much more if you want to see it? Directly you can visit our Electronics Shopify Themes with various options of a slider.

  1. Want a Static header or not?

Yes, the header also you can do with static on the top part and you can also hide when a customer or visitor can directly see a website or scroll the website.

You can check our Furniture Shopify themes that can have a static slider design.

  1. Want Video on Slider or not?

I will not tell you like you go with Shopify only. But you can have a number of options like WooCommerce, Prestashop and opencart.

In woocommerce you can choose Slider Revolution that can have number of options with Video with Slider and Video with Text and other things.

Yes, Prestahop and opencart have a major market in the eCommerce industry with lots of theme options and functionality options.

Both is completely free and you just pay those addons part or plugin part that you want from extra on website.

  1. Want a mega menu or what menu bar position you want?

Mega menu is one of the best options for eCommerce multi-category.

If you want to build a business related to multi-store or multi-vendor then you must choose that template that is related to the mega menu.

You can see our templates in any framework that must have a mega menu in every template.

  1. Logo position where you want?

Logo position you can check like center logo, left side logo?

The first impression is the last impression. Yes, the logo plays a major role in our brand impression.

  1. Content width in Full Screen or Box Layout?

Decide what kind of content width fit your e-commerce store full screen of box layout.

Full width layout removes width from the content wrapper which makes wide content. Box Layout website content has a fixed width

Choosing between a Box layout and a full-screen website will depend a lot on the type of website itself.


Here I mentioned some of the basic things like best website templates and how you can choose the perfect store template for your business.

I also mentioned first which framework is best for the eCommerce industry.

First step in business always plays a major role. That’s why I am eager to provide perfect guidelines before you can start a business.

I also mentioned that if your business is related to a corporate company then which is best for your business.

Now, take a rest and order a cup of tea and take paper and pen and start thinking about which is best for you or not. Have a nice day.

Digital Marketing

14 Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Getting more website traffic is a common goal among many business owners and marketers. Here are the best free ways to drive traffic to your website. If you just started your online business and struggling to get traffic to your website? Well in this article we will be talking about how you can drive traffic to your website for free. All you need to do is stay consistent, focus on creating quality and valuable content and start building a bond with your visitors.

Let’s Learn More About Free Traffic Sources:

1. Join Facebook Group or Create one of your own

With Facebook Groups, you will be able to create an inclusive and exclusive group that revolves around your business website. Your goal should be creating a successful Facebook group that can prove valuable in driving traffic to your website.

Best practices for driving traffic from Facebook group:

  • Set a pinned post.
  • Often post relevant content
  • Encourage open discussion.
  • Support your group members.

2. Do Facebook live

Do Facebook live

Once you get few followers, go live and talk about your business, answer members question, create a bond with them, encourage them to share your business page or group. 

Best practices for driving traffic from Facebook Live

  • Interact with your audience by asking them to suggest some content ideas.
  • Create expectations for your upcoming content with Facebook live.
  • Use particular video content upgrades to attract more followers.

3. Join a Pinterest group or create one of your own

Pinterest group boards can be created to help pinners cooperate with people you know. In past, people used group boards to increase pins distribution, as people following any of the members of your group board would be more likely to see your pins in their Pinterest feed.

Finding & choosing the right group board is a great way to share your pins to thousands of people, even more than that when you are first beginning off on Pinterest.

Best practices to drive traffic from Pinterest:

  • Create pins that direct to valuable resources.
  • Focus to grow your reach and followers.
  • Use relevant keywords in your board names.
  • Use several keywords in your pin description.
  • Use a guided search.
  • Increase your repins and engagement.
  • Apply for rich pins
  • Pin consistently.

4. Start the Youtube channel

Start the Youtube channel

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google so uploading and marketing your videos on youtube can be helpful to give your content visibility in both youtube and google search.

Best practice to drive traffic from youtube:

  • Create awesome engaging content.
  • Use youtube SEO such as title, description, tags.
  • Integrate your blogs.
  • Upload frequently. (twice a week)
  • Interact with your viewers and other YouTubers.

5. Submit your blog posts on Medium or Reddit

The medium allows you to republish your existing posts but you can also use this platform as a potential way to increase traffic to the full blog post on your website. 

Reddit can be a helpful platform you must consider sharing content but it needs to be done in the right way. Redditors are aware of the brands trying to spam subreddits with their content.

it is usually best to share your blog posts once or twice a month. Make sure you choose the articles carefully that provides real values to the users.

6. Comment on other blogs

Comment on other blogs

This is the best way to help you become more visible within your niche but it has to be done in the right way. You should not just keep commenting on the blogs to get a link back to your website.

The reality is that you possibly will not get much in the way of direct traffic but that’s not what commenting is all about. Focus more on the comments around being helpful and building a bond with the blogger. 

The result you will see will be more unintended than anything and take a while to build up these bonds will help you to collaborate with bloggers.

7. Answer questions on Quora and Yahoo answers

To increase traffic to your website using Quora, provide excellent and insightful answers to questions on topics you have mastered then extend those answers on your blogs so people can navigate to your blogs to read more about your answers.

While yahoo answers allow common people to ask questions, which are then answered by experts or experienced readers. The asker can also rate the answer and the best-rated answer comes first in the list of answers.

8. Create a freebie or a lead magnet or opt-in incentive

This is the best way to grow your customer base; you can offer free eBook, free guide, free audit, etc. to capture users email so you can promote them your new articles through email marketing and drive traffic to your website.

You can also offer a discount coupon in exchange of users contact so you can promote your products through email and encourage them to make a purchase.

9. Write a guest post

Write a guest post

This is the best way to promote your website by writing guest blogs for the website that has high authority and traffic volume. You need to create relevant content according to the website you want to post the blog.

Contact the website owner by email or contact form asking for guest posting. If they agree to accept your blog, make sure you provide a useful and valuable piece of content. You should check the guest posting guidelines before you start creating the blog.

Once the bog is ready to post provide it with the website owner so he will upload it to his website and provide a link back to your website in the author bio section. 

This may take some time but you will surely get a positive result by implementing this strategy.

10. Interview others or offer to be interviewed

Interview others or offer to be interviewed

If your website is getting a small amount of traffic you can ask a well-known person to give an interview regarding your niche. This can grab more visitors to your website. 

If you find any website that promotes websites from the different niche you can ask them to take your interview and post it in their website so their visitors can visit your website too if they get impressed by yourself. You can grow followers by this strategy.

11. Create a round-up post

A round-up post is a collection of experts answers to a single question. Round-up posts are valuable to readers because they get many expert opinions in a single place. 

This kind of posts brings in traffic because many different experts will share your post with their audiences. You also build relationships with experts because you have featured them on your blog. 

Best practices for creating a round-up post:

  • Choose a question your audience is excited to read about.
  • Create a list of experts.
  • Create a google form for experts to submit their answers.
  • Email your experts list.
  • Put your post together
  • Email back your experts and tell them that the post is live.

12. Start a podcast 

Podcast has been increasing their listening audience. People nowadays prefer listening to a podcast instead of reading. So if you got much knowledge in your niche you can share it through the podcast to your subscribers.

If people will like it they will share it with their friends this way you can drive traffic to your website. 

Best practice to drive traffic to your podcast on social media:

  • Social media promotion.
  • Share episode updates.
  • Pin your episode on your page.
  • Create stand-alone images.
  • Tease your audience.
  • Reshare it.

13. Publish a free eBook on amazon

If you can write great content you can create a free eBook and publish it to Amazon. It has millions of daily visitors finding their desired products. So if your book is free many peoples love free things.

Providing free book with valuable content can turn your eBook readers into your true fans. So you can try this strategy to drive traffic to your website. 

14. Host a free webinar 

Host a free webinar

People love to learn, webinars are the best way to communicate with your audience. Combined with a productive social promotion campaign, webinars are the best way to increase your website traffic. 

You can send out an email a week or ahead of it. You can also create curiosity by sending them an email saying “last chance to register” the day before the webinar starts.

You can archive the presentation for viewing it later and promote it on social media widely.

Hope you will like this article! If you are really willing to drive free traffic to your store, you can create your strategy and start working on it from today itself. 

It’s not necessary you have to implement all the mentioned strategies. You should start with the one that you think will work in your niche. Wish you all the best! Stay consistent.

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Digital Marketing

7 Reasons To Involve Content Marketing In Your Business Strategy

If you are a website owner and haven’t started content marketing to build a customer relationship, generate leads and grow your sales, it’s time to act. Content marketing is a type of digital marketing where you create valuable content for your desired audience with intention of guiding them to take a specific action.

Using content marketing. Content not only help you build trust and associate with your desired audience but it also works well for your other marketing techniques so it’s important to focus on content marketing strategy.

Here are the reasons to involve content marketing in your business strategy:

1. Content makes you a thought leader

If you studied well enough in your niche and publish what you have learned, you can become known as a thought leader. You will need to publish content in different formats like infographics, text, audio or video. 

This can help you spread a message far away so that your desired audience can find you.

2. Content educate your audience

Content educate your audience 

Yes! You can use content to educate your desired audience on a different issue, solution, guide them with the best content they can easily understand. 

So if you made some mistakes to reach your desired goals you can create such content that will help your desired audience to not make such mistakes to reach their desired goals. 

3. Content builds a relationship with your audience 

When you share your information with your audience you establish a relationship. It beings with the first blog, email or social media updates. Each piece of content frames on the last. 

If you reach people independently, it will be more personal to consume your content. They will start to feel like they know you already. Knowing you is the first step in building trust. 

Best practices to build customer relationship through content:

  • Outline your target audience.
  • Define your content style, frequency and location.
  • Create quality content.
  • Sharing platforms
  • Track and analyze results.

4. Content assist the progress of customer loyalty

Content assist the progress of customer loyalty

One feature of content marketing is providing information to your customers about the products or services they have purchased. That content will help you boost customer loyalty. Your customers will feel that you really care about them.

You can ask them did they like the product or service they purchased by sending surveys to find out what can be improved, you can provide additional resources for them based on what they have purchased.

You will become a leader to your customer and in return, they will be your loyal customer and recommend you to their friends and families.

5. Content boosts audience engagement 

When you share valuable and great content with your audience, you have opportunities to boost engagement. You can encourage them to comment on your blog post. Ask them to reply to your emails, and inspire them to join your social media groups.

Best practices to boost your content engagement:

  • Know your audience by developing buyer characters.
  • Care about your audience genuinely.
  • Grab their attention.
  • Spend time on creating headlines as you spend on creating your content.
  • Monitor and respond quickly to the engagement.
  • Consider creating content on new platforms.
  • Focus more on quality content.

6. Content improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Content improves SEO

Content and SEO work well enough. SEO allows the search engine to find your content. Great content always performs better in search engine results.

Formatting your content for your desired audience and search engines make it more likely that your content will be seen by your desired audience, so pay close attention to headlines, headings, and sub-headings and the words you use in the body of your content.

Best practices to create content that improves SEO:

  • Arrange your content with search intent.
  • Write fascinating title tag and meta description.
  • Optimize your content images.
  • Optimize your page speed
  • Use internal linking to keep your visitors engaged.
  • Improve the user experience on your website.
  • Include keywords in your URL.
  • Publish long-form content.
  • Focus on getting more authoritative backlinks

7. Content boosts business growth

When you the right content in the right place at the right time your business will grow. Content marketing will get more eyes on your business. So it will grow your audience and conversions.

Additionally, content is a real business advantage that you can keep building on and on. The content you create and publish today can continue to work for years.

 Hope this article will make you clear about content marketing strategy. Start creating quality and valuable content today and grow your customer base and conversions.


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