If you are running an eCommerce themes store then your primary goal should be to sell more products and get more ROI from it.

Well, this is where the majority of eCommerce owners made a mistake. They merely care about the feedback of their customers.

Remember this thing, your customers are one of the most valuable assets of your brand, if you lose them all then your brand will not be worth a penny.

Although, it is acceptable to some extent that making higher sales and making your brand name bigger among your competitors is all good no doubt.

Conversely, you have to understand the terms and weight of the customer’s feedback.

When any visitor comes to your online store the first thing they do is to check if your brand is real or not because they are going to invest their money into your product/service if they ever gonna like it.

If your store has a testimonial tab and reviews of customers who previously purchased your product, then it’s very obvious that new visitors will check those first before taking any actions on your web store.

As a matter of fact, so many eCommerce template owners neglect this fact that their customers are certainly writing feedback.

If it cannot be seen by you then, your customers do turn to your competitors and then you’ll have nothing except to regret what you did with your customers.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about some reasons why customer feedback is important for your eCommerce business.

Collect Customer’s Feedback Through User Experience

Collect Customer’s Feedbacks Through User Experience

Do you ever realise one or two bad comments about your products mean you will lose a series of customers one by one because if 2 customers feel bad then the others would feel the same even if they don’t purchase a product from you? They just leave and never come again.

There’s a way you can get to know the experience of your customer on your web store. You can track their moves from the first time they visit your store to they end up purchasing a product from you.

In this matter, a SaaS platform like Shopify will help you. If you have a Shopify eCommerce theme then you can easily track your customer’s behaviour in your store and also on social media.

Keep an eye on customer experience when you continuously collect feedback from them. No matter if the feedbacks are negative you can adjust those feedback.

And try to solve them first by giving them a priority. If you succeed in it then your customer will never be left behind even after a bad experience. But you have to make your moves faster.

Improve Product

Improve Product

This is one of the most obvious parts where owners simply forget about customers about their product experience. Sometimes owners feel shy to ask their customers how much they are liking their products and what kind of changes are required in their products?

eCommerce product inventory is so big you can’t possibly reach out to every one of them so try to start it from one of the most selling products.

Read feedback carefully even if the feedback is negative then start doing your work on that side and improve it for customers.
best PrestaShop themes have a better experience in collecting feedback through customers’ behaviours and their experiences.

Give your attention to every detail your customers said in their feedback so that you can fix it in a better way.

Try to connect with your customers and ask for their suggestions in live chat and assure them that next time they will get a product without any errors.

Create Personalised Content

Apart from all other marketing strategies including SEO work of your web-store/website, you should have figured out what your customers want from your brand?

In contrast, sometimes your best selling product is also not enough for your customers though. Moreover, you need to learn your customer’s behaviour and content strategy is the way you can thrive in personalising content to your customers.

For instance, your store is new to them. Customers can not easily trust you, therefore, there’s no chance, in the beginning, to invest their money in your product.

Your potential customers are going to compare your web store with multifarious competitors and it’s your job to provide them with a better quality of content.

If you have a BigCommerce theme then it will become easy for you to personalise content because you can get to know your customer’s behaviour from several social media platforms too.

In general, you can connect with your audience with “live chat” support and ask them what sort of updates they want in your product.

Besides, it is the easiest way to connect with them and you can receive live feedback from them. So you don’t have to check the feedback archive anymore.

If you find any negative feedback then take it as an opportunity for you as you receive a 2nd chance to improve yourself, your product and your brand as well.

Wrapping Up

Just for seconds or even for one minute forget about your product sale and your ROI from it and think about how to solve your customer’s problems?

It’s so obvious that having a web store and product sales is very important for you but checking customer feedback is also a very important task.

You shouldn’t have to neglect it at any cost.

If you have social media presence then you have better resources to collect customer feedback from every possible social media platform.

If you want to gain new customers then listen to existing ones and it’s the root of getting success in your eCommerce business.