When you are thinking of starting a customizing eCommerce Themes store, you firstly think about your product niche, website, marketing strategy and so on.

Conversely, when it’s come to themes you should have to become aware of them as you are fully aware of other things.

However, when it comes to customising themes, you sum up stuff like colours, images and fonts in your mind.

Well, it’s true to some extent but it’s more than you imagine to customise one or any other eCommerce themes.

Once you’ve integrated your theme into your website from that day you’ll have to start doing work on how to make your theme look even better?

In the context of design, you can find so many marketplaces across the internet. If you don’t have an idea regarding choosing themes based on the great work of design then this part may become dramatic for you because you don’t have any experience in it though.

If you are not a designer then you must have one question jumping around in your mind: how can I customise my theme?

Who doesn’t want their brand to stay at the top among the other competitors? To do that thing you need to come up with your ideas of design, don’t conjointly depend on your designer, give them your ideas too.

If you think that you can make the wholesome ideas of design or you can design your whole theme then no one would stop you from doing it.

Later you can tell the customizing eCommerce theme marketplace to put your ideas into your theme.

From colour selection to appropriate content, the right choice of images and the perfect idea of places where you want to display your products.

Firstly, take the example of these Responsive Shopify themes, perfectly balanced with all the important aspects which are required to be in any eCommerce theme. Take a look into it and get some ideas from it.

Utilization Of Perfect Image Size

Utilization Of Perfect Image Size

Images play a very crucial part in your customizing eCommerce theme. In other words, it’s called the “digital hero of your website”.

From your home-page photo to your every product’s photo to everything it has the potential to grow user experience.

If you purchase any theme from Webibazaar for your store, whether you have noticed it or not but you will find fewer images in that. An error that occurs in your mind and it’s obvious enough to create a glitch.

In these Premium PrestaShop themes, you will find every product image in the right resolution & size ratio. These technical words are easy to understand.

Apart from placing images and all stuff, anyone has an idea about image resolution and size because in today’s time everyone is a photographer.

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A Great Understanding Of Colour

Selecting colours for the website is a subtle process. The combination of two colours always creates questions around.

So many arguments with your conscience if you are working alone. If themes are white then which other colour suits more on it?

If you go for dark then what are the other colours that may take their place on product images, content, and your brand logo? So many questions.

All things start with your brand logo. There’s some industry advice that the rest of the eCommerce website colour should match your brand logo.

If you haven’t created your logo then good for you to select a great colour combination for your website. And if you have already made your logo then you should keep up with your logo’s colour.

If you are still in the dilemma of which colours are perfect for my themes then evolve your research and take it to some extent.

Go on the internet and get some inspiration from marketplaces. You can get some ideas from here – Responsive OpenCart Themes

If you have successfully selected colours which seamlessly match your product and your branding then you make sure that you don’t forget about the images.

It also interacts with your theme’s colours. Besides, if you are not familiar with colour codes then we are giving you some examples of that. If you are already a designer then you probably have an idea about it.

Don’t Use Combination Of Different Fonts

Don’t Use Combination Of Different Fonts

The Internet is a big thing, also you’ve seen a lot of eCommerce websites that used multifarious fonts to show their content. According to them it’s a unique approach and people will like it but the reality is something else.

When you write the title in “Arial” style then don’t pick another style to write a description. All your content should be in Arial.

Affirmatively, you can change the font size but don’t change the style. The main reason why you shouldn’t try this is that first of all, it will look CRINGE.

No, seriously, and sorry if you already used this style but we suggest you change it as soon as possible. In contrast, these are the common and little things that can reduce the user experience of your store.

You can see these Best WooCommerce themes and get some idea about how fonts were used in these themes perfectly.

Keep Improve Yourself Time To Time

Keep Improve Yourself Time To Time

Colours, font size, image size and resolution may sound like easy tasks but these are the things your customers mind first when they enter your web store.

The design remains in the first place because it’s the structure of any free eCommerce template.

Some said “rules are meant to be broken” it may be true but it doesn’t apply here for this context because this design work adheres to the industry’s standard rules and these rules are meant to follow.

However, you tell us what kind of things you used to customise your eCommerce themes? We are so keen to hear from you.

And if you used a unique thing and you succeed in it then share it with us. So that new entrepreneurs can also apply their themes.