The excellent customization capabilities of the WordPress platform led to the development of the WordPress community. Even though many customization options are usually view as positive.

It could still be a daunting concept. Among the most commonly asked questions by newbies to WordPress is the difference between free and paid WordPress themes.

For several people out there who are getting warm up with WordPress, the decision to use Free Vs Paid WordPress themes (at least in terms of themes) is probably base on the idea that if there is a free option that works flawlessly, why would someone make payments for a premium option?

Best Free WordPress themes include SeedProd, Fremedy, and North Shore. They was follow by a few top WordPress themes including, Uncode, Balance, Sydney Pro, Etc.

In addition to the free ones, the Best paid WordPress themes include StudioPress, Avada, Soledad Etc. You can refer to Webibazaar for more top WordPress templates and themes at a reasonable price.

This mindset aligns with general startup advice, which suggests that people who want to create a new website or blog maintain costs as low as possible so that they don’t have justifications for delaying their launch.

Benefits of Using Free WordPress Themes

First, we’d like to clarify that when we talk “free themes,” we’re referring to free WordPress themes mentioned in the Webibazaar Templates and  Themes directory. It is

Users are NOT recommend to download and install free themes from other untrustworthy channels.

  • It’s completely free: The most significant advantage of a free WordPress theme is its low cost. It decreases the entry threshold for starting a website. Numerous people, however, are wary of the word “free.”

Would anyone give you a free WordPress theme when everyone sells premium themes? What’s the best part, exactly? Many people believe that free themes seem to be of poor quality. Quite the opposite is the case.

  • Process of Extensive Review: The quality of free Blogging WordPress themes is higher. Every theme in the official WordPress theme directory is subject to a complete analysis.

The theme review team consists of highly talented individuals who investigate and check these themes before their inclusion in the database.

  • But why is it being distribute for free?: Offering and being able to share has a plethora of advantages. First, it aids theme developers in honing their skill sets since the theme review team verifies their software and makes recommendations for improvements during the performance review.

While the free themes are unquestionably good, they do have some drawbacks.

The pros and cons of free and Paid WordPress Themes are subject to interpretation; what another person considers a disadvantage might not have been a source of fear for someone else.

 Drawbacks of Free Themes

  • Poor support options – While accessible WordPress theme designers assist in WordPress forums, they are not obligated to respond to endorse requests.
  • Limited Functionality – While free themes support most default WordPress features, many lack advanced features such as button creation, custom post usage, and landing page creation.
  • Unique: Free themes are being used by many websites and blog posts, so your website would not have a distinctive look. In addition, free themes tend to have fewer options for customizing the aesthetic appeal.

Pros of using Premium Themes

The main benefit of a premium theme is that you get more features.

The most significant benefit of a premium theme is the increased lot of characteristics and editing tools.

  • Customization options: Theme stores are constantly striving to give as many features at lower prices due to intense competition in the premium theme market.
  • You receive themes with features like drag and drop builders, shortcodes and templates, and an infinite color palette as a purchaser.
  • Updates and Support: Constant updates and assistance are included with premium WordPress themes. Firstly, these theme stores are profiting instead of doing it for free.
  • More Distinctive: Premium themes are used less often than free themes since they have expenses. Not even mention the customizability, which allows you to make your theme unique. Your website will stand out if you mix and match.

 Drawbacks of Premium WordPress Themes

  • Poor Code – You might end up purchasing a high price theme that looks nice but has an inadequate code base, making it entirely at odds with some plugins. These themes must not go through a rigorous review phase.
  • Too many options – Theme programmers may include too many irrelevant features in their themes to sell more themes. Although you are unlikely to use all of those features, they are still present and slowing down your website.
  • Getting into the Plugins domain – WordPress themes can occasionally pass into the plugin domain, providing functionality that they should not be intended to provide.

But which one should you choose, Free Vs Paid WordPress Theme?

When deciding between free vs paid WordPress themes, the decision is ultimately yours – there is no universally “best” option. However, we believe that the benefits of using a premium theme far outweigh the disadvantages of using a free theme.

As a result, if you can afford it, it is recommend to go with a premium feature.

Final Words

When installing or upgrading a project, the urge to save money by using a free WordPress theme can be overwhelming. However, we recommend opening your wallet and choosing to buy a high-quality premium theme instead if you have severely limited necessities.