SEO is considered one of the most powerful and important assets in digital marketing. Although, in the past few years Google has also updated its terms & conditions.

In short, now SEO has become more important for anyone who wants to appear online.

SEO is highly adopted by eCommerce Themes store owners in recent years. In general, it is also a specific way to get more traffic in their store.

Conversely, in this verse, only those who had done SEO for their store were more freshly.

However, SEO is not as easy for eCommerce as you think. The reason is your eCommerce Website templates store is filled with your product and services and you are showcasing them on one page.

In this case, every product requires its SEO work and if you miss at least one product then the consequences might be disturbing for you.

Not only these things, but owners made plenty of mistakes in SEO. This happens with every entrepreneur because everyone thinks to earn good ROI but they forget about marketing strategies are the way to get ROI. it’s not a wizarding world, it’s a digital world everything runs with proper structure.

Therefore, in this article, we will discover all those things which are commonly done by entrepreneurs and they don’t even realize it.

Obsession Of Having On First Page

So many eCommerce owners have this misconception about SEO mistakes that it will help them to rank on the search engine’s first page.

But it’s not that simple and it’s not true but it’s also not false though. You can see so many SEO persons and marketers who tell you that we’re gonna make your store appear on the first page, but the thing is have you even started yet?

For instance most of the time, the best keywords will help you to get more traffic to your store but it doesn’t help you to grow financially.

SEO is not the only thing to bring traffic to your store. You have to make a compilation with social media, content marketing, and so on.

SEO is a part of every content, link, and coding. Therefore, you can just be discontiguous and use it in specific ways.

When it comes to SEO google hundreds of things from your eCommerce website. If you have a Best PrestaShop Themes and if you do SEO for it then Google will read everything from your stores such as the site’s title, description, keywords, backlinks, images meta link and so many things. And also it depends on these things, if you are really with it for the first page or not?

Targeting A lot Of Keywords At Once

Targeting A lot Of Keywords At Once

Every entrepreneur starts their keyword research by conducting an SEO campaign to get as much information and keywords as they can.

It’s not bad though, but it’s a very common mistake that every eCommerce owner and marketers do. Don’t rush into everything. Big and high keywords will surely help you to get more customers to your store.

Using SEO-friendly themes will be beneficial for you. I.e. Using eCommerce Website Templates for your business will help you to target the audience even if it’s well-optimized by the high level of keywords.

A high level of keywords is often used by gigantic eCommerce theme platforms. On the other hand, you are just starting a small-sized business. Why directly compete with them? Just play in your league and rise slowly but a little faster.

Slow Website

Slow Website

This problem occurs when you are trying to show your website in the coolest ways like adding high-quality visuals, oversized images, and other elements.

If you are a designer or developer then you can understand this term that those types of things can make your website slower due to heavy load and it directly affects your SEO and your search engine rankings.

According to Kissmetrics reports, 47% of visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds. For instance, 40% of visitors will leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

It’s a pretty bad and highly-concerned thing among eCommerce owners. Because getting a lower ranking on a search engine may affect losing customers and user experience as well.

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Internal Linking

Internal Linking

If you want to earn Google’s respect then try to add links to high-quality stuff in your content. In contrast, Google reads this inter-linking thing too.

If you write any blog or article make sure to add a high-quality content link to it. But make sure it should be relevant to your content.

Moreover, using relevant keywords in the text will help Google understand what your content is all about?

In this term, you also make sure that you should use different keywords every time because the use of the same keywords may harm your site’s ranking on the search engine.

In general, linking high-quality links to your content will improve your SEO mistakes. Also, your customers will find it easy to get quality content on your website means you can gain loyalty and trust from your customers as a bonus.

Lacking Optimised URL

This is a very common mistake that every SEO mistakes and eCommerce owner makes very often. In the URL you should add your product page name.

It’s the easiest way for Goole to understand what service/product you are offering on each page.

It’s also obvious that eCommerce stores have so many pages and it has become mandatory for you to specify each page in the link and provide a better URL to Google for better SEO mistakes.

If you have a WooCommerce Themes on WordPress Site then you can easily optimize your URL without any developer’s help.

Your website should sound like this


But it doesn’t sound like this


You can optimize URLs as per your wish but always keep in mind to use proper keywords so that Google can understand what you are trying to say to it.


If you are using an eCommerce store then you are on the right path because this platform is revolutionary.

Conversely, if you are thinking of higher sales and ROI then you have to do some of the curtains job and that is SEO and other technical work.

SEO and other technical jobs are the essential part to bring organic traffic to your store and if you end up doing almost everything which Google reads then the chances would be higher for you to appear on the first page.