To design surveys, you can use The Best Free Survey WordPress Plugins. These plugins have pre-designed templates to generate your surveys and also manage to bring out the results in a professional way. 

Sometimes bloggers feel the need to get audience reviews beyond the comment boxes.

Maybe a blogger wants to know some neutral responses to questions running in their mind. Or may you wish to engage your audience for a bit longer? 

The best way to collect these responses is by designing Surveys.

These surveys allow you to order genuine reviews from your viewers and act as a promotional tool. 

Promotion gets a space because these surveys can have questions that give them an idea about your further projects or e-mail promotions. 

The results of the surveys give you a brief idea about your strengths and weaknesses that can be worked out to get better results in the future.

Survey WordPress Plugins That Justifies Your Requirements

Your surveys turn out to be successful when they engage more and more user participation.

Filling up surveys can be tedious for users who can skip them easily. We are sure you won’t want that with your website surveys.

Hence it’s an excellent option to design engaging surveys that are easy to use.

These 7 Survey WordPress Plugins are specially designed to generate good surveys that also have an automatic reporting system that you can use to analyze your outputs. 

1. WPForms – WordPress Forms Plugin

WPForms - WordPress Forms Plugin

This is one of the most used WordPress Free Survey Plugins that generates effective surveys and poll addons.

This form plugin has features like- multipage form, e-mail integration, conditional logic, custom notifications, and more. 

Once your viewer fills the survey form, the WPForms plugin will automatically generate a response for you to look at.

These reports have information presented through graphs and pie charts that are very easy to analyze.

Also, you can add options to redirect your viewers to the response page created by you on any of your web pages. 

This plugin is cost-effective and is trusted by over 3 million existing users on WordPress. 


2. Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz And Survey Master

Best Quiz, Exam and Survey Plugin for WordPress

Quizzes are a fun way to generate practical responses. People generally love to play quizzes as it generates a feeling of challenge in them.

And the options make the survey process even more engaging. 

This survey WordPress plugin is well documented and comes with many types of quiz formats. You can create a single-page or multiple-page survey using this plugin.

Also, quizzes are a way that makes people stay for a more extended period on your blog. 

You need to buy the premium version to get the reports from this plugin.


3. YOP Poll – WordPress Forms Plugin

YOP Poll - WordPress Forms Plugin

This WordPress survey plugin is specially designed for poll-based questions and answers. The results come in percentage numbers and ease your analysis process.

 The best free WordPress survey plugin already comes with many necessary features. But buying the premium version for 17$ per year can also add video questions. 

Yes, you read that right. Video questions are the latest form of survey that creatively engages the audience. This plugin supports multiple polls on your WordPress site at one time. 


4. Crowd Signal – WordPress Forms Plugin

Crowd Signal - WordPress Forms Plugin

This quiz and survey master WordPress plugin is very fast in its dealings. Interactive surveys can be made and sent via e-mail too.

Your users will not be directed to another web page; they get the forms in their e-mails.

Reports of these surveys can be exported to google sheets or excel, where they can be quickly taken forward for professional dealings.

The premade themes are responsive in design and functional on mobile screens and desktops. 


5. Formidable Form Builder – Contact Form, Survey & Quiz Forms Plugin for WordPress

Formidable Form Builder

This survey WordPress plugin is best for those designers who wish to design minimalist surveys.

This plugin is best suited for all survey requirements, from polls to quizzes to standard forms to widget questionnaires.

Also, these forms have speed optimizations. But with great features comes excellent price too.

You can opt for a free or premium version of this plugin to get your required output.


6. eForm – WordPress Form Builder

eForm - WordPress Form Builder

This survey WordPress plugin can be used to generate survey forms that deal with monetary transactions.

It has an excellent theme library that provides varied options for your form design.

The plugin sells for a one-time payment of $39.


7. Modal Survey – WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin

Modal Survey - WordPress Poll

The modal survey is a premium version survey option. Along with designing new survey forms, this plugin allows you to modify your previously designed surveys from free plugins.

A wide range of visual elements makes this plugin a visual treat for users.

Also, you can generate responses in the form of percentages, pie charts, and tables as per your choice just after the user has reported.


To Summarize,

These seven Survey WordPress plugins will ensure that you get your desired responses.

We suggest you write the content in a way that is not difficult for the users to understand, because of which they might discontinue reading your blog too. 

Please keep it simple and casual. You can also use the sample content in the plugins to build surveys quickly. 

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Survey WordPress Plugins FAQs-

Is there any alternative for survey WordPress plugins?

Some of the alternatives are-

  • Survey Monkey
  • Survey Planet
  • Google Forms
  • Type Forms

Which Survey WordPress Plugin should I select?

All of the plugins mentioned earlier are suitable for most survey needs.

Decide the goal you wish to accomplish from the surveys and get the best designs, colours, and format options from the plugins mentioned.