Time is non-linear. Every century and decade brings changes to it. This time it’s COVID-19. You’ll see this pandemic will change the human lifestyle and make this world a different place. However, in the context of Happy Hours implied in your eCommerce Business is a very prominent aspect of your new e-commerce strategy. During this time the creative minds of business owners and marketers are always seeking to boost the sales of products and services.

As technology grows the barrier to entering into eCommerce businesses is vanishing it means anyone can open their online stores now without hassles. Although, business owners have become more risk-takers to adopt modern business strategies.

However, when it comes to product selling then how can you potentially sell your products to your buyers along with embedded proof that buyers instantaneously buy?

Speaking of which, there are dozens of e-commerce marketing tactics available such as social media marketing, the next generation of e-commerce trends, paid to advertise, etc.

These are the most essential part of any marketing strategy, there are no doubts about it. Your e-commerce business has become mature now, therefore, it’s time for you to become mature too.

In this following article, we are gonna talk and you will read about the Happy Hours strategy and how you can use it in your business to gain your ROI and your customer’s trust.

Before we begin to acknowledge you with the promotion ideas about your new mature e-commerce strategy we must ensure to enlighten you about Happy Hours in context.

What Are Digital Happy Hours?

What Are Digital Happy Hours

What exact kind of visualization do you get when you read these words? We know, less prize on every product, one winner to get free product, share product and chance to win any individual things and blah blah blah. Are we right? You guys are really thinking about it?

Well, you guys are good at thinking things to the point. Happy Hours are really demonstrated like this. We don’t have new things to describe all the time. You guys are also describing things in a good way.

However, according to some data, 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online on eCommerce business stores by using their smartphones. This data not only includes eCommerce business store users.

But it is also showing the number of people using smartphones too. However, people have become smart now, they also want to know which eCommerce Website Templates this store is based on.

Apart from Shopify, Popular PrestaShop Themes Websites and apps are in the trend now because of their simple and trendy looks.

Regardless, without any other resistance let’s step forward and talk about e-commerce promotion ideas to give a robust rise to your sales.

Contests & Giveaway

We have seen and heard a lot about contests and giveaways on prominent e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Contests and giveaways are the best way to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with your content, generating hype about your product which will directly advantage you in getting a vast number of audiences to know about your product simply.

One of the easiest ways you get more users and customers is to announce one lucky winner who would get your product or other services according to some guidelines and rules you provided to that lucky winner and followed completely to earn a prize.

Flash Sale

Flash Sale

This tactic is used for a short-term period, in contrast, this strategy includes heavy discounts, new product launches at a low price, and some unique strategies you haven’t offered before and you can only afford to offer at one time.

Everyone loves to start their business on Best Free Shopify Themes as it is a SaaS platform. When you introduce your Shopify theme store and start marketing it along with your flash sale tactic on an email marketing campaign. In one word you probably accomplished 3 marketing tools.

  • You promoted your new store
  • Flash Sale offer
  • Does E-mail marketing

This tactic is also useful for those products which you want to sell in an out-of-season. And also those products which are becoming stressed in your head. You can simply sell these types of products with the help of Flash Sales.

Great Deal On Product’s Multi-Purchase

Ahhh! Buy 2 get 1 free marketing idea. Old-fashioned and highly adopted in both physical and online business.

You never underestimate the power of this idea. Regardless of whether it’s old fashion, it has the potential to bring more customers and boost up your ROI within a few days until it gets over.

Precisely, you don’t have to include every product in this great deal for customers. Firstly, analyze which product gives you more margin if you apply to this great deal of product purchase.

Short Time Used Coupons And Discounts

Short Time Used Coupons And Discounts

Imperativeness for something wouldn’t let any human sit properly. You only have to do is to borrow this quote and apply it to your business and play the psychological part with your customers.

When you offer them a coupon that has 30% off. Your customers will get an instantaneous discount on every product they purchase if they apply your given coupon code. Conversely, it has a time limit and is only available for a short time period. Let’s just say only for 2-3 days.

This is a kind of strategy that a customer doesn’t afford to lose any chance to neglect this marvelous offer. 10 out of 8 customers surely use your coupon code and get the discount that is offered to you.

Personal Recommendations

According to the recent Epsilon research, 80% of respondents want they are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers them their own experience. You’re gonna have to study deeper to understand what your customers really want.

The trick is simple. You track your customer’s behavior through their previous website visits and product purchase history. Whenever they visit your app/website you provide them with personalized recommendations. Moreover, you can also keep them in the loop via email, ads, etc.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing Strategy

This is one of the leading marketing strategies. Influencers are the key part to bring customers to your store. This strategy is kind of expensive but it can leave the never-ending trust in your customers. Your only work is to find a genuine influencer who has better engagement with its audience.

Influencers have the power to create a buzz about your product and brand and it works ingeniously in eCommerce business trends. We have already talked a lot about Influencer Marketing Here. Get your all doubts clear and get started with it.

Time To Fold Things

Time To Fold Things

We are eCommerce Website template Service Providers and there are no doubts that we are seeing a rapid rise in the adoption of a Free eCommerce Website Templates business. Nevertheless, only those owners get success who have actual knowledge about marketing stuff. This is not a place where you bluff around and get famous.

However, there are also other e-commerce marketing ideas conversely, we have told you just a basic once so that you get to start from the beginner’s guide. Never rush to achieve something. You will get what you desire just be patient and start from these tactics and grow simply.