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From basic to detailed information, you will get an essential set of information regarding Portfolio Plugins in the paragraphs below. 

What Is A Website Plugin?

As the name suggests, something you can connect in. A website plugin is a software that adds new features and extends functionality on pre-existing websites, applications, and web browsers. 

What Is WordPress Portfolio Plugin?

Portfolio Plugin is a WordPress special plugin made to display personal or company portfolio elements directly on the website.

It showcases content, images, videos, and custom outputs to present the best of the best information for a first-time impression. 

Difference Between WordPress Portfolio Plugin and WordPress Portfolio Theme

A lot of beginners may get confused in these technical terms. Also, it remains a question, ‘Is it better to use a Plugin or Theme.’

Let’s clear the difference-

Plugins and Themes can both help you create websites.

But Theme is related to the website’s appearance, design, layouts, illustrations, fonts, colour themes, content presentation, etc.

Meanwhile, a Plugin is related to the website’s functions, such as contact and review forms, filtering, hosting, sliders, etc. 

WordPress themes tie the product in such a way that if you change the Theme, you will lose the proper presentation of the attached data.

Meanwhile, you can use plugins with any theme of your choice. 

Finding and Installing WordPress Portfolio Plugins

You can check plugins’ availability in your WordPress dashboard’s admin sidebar.

Admin Sidebar> Plugin> Add New.

By doing this, you can install new plugins and deactivate existing plugins.

For Installing the WordPress Plugins, you can opt for the following steps-

  • Admin Sidebar
  • Plug-In
  • Add New
  • Browse your choice of Plugin
  • Click on Install Now
  • Wait for Installation to process
  • Select Activate for ready to use Plugin

You can also update your existing plugins in the admin toolbar and admin sidebar.

Top 7 Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Well, if you already hold an uploaded website, but you wish to integrate portfolio functions in your existing product, then these 7 WordPress Portfolio Plugins are a must-look for you-

1. Portfolio Gallery – Image Gallery Plugin

This Plugin is like a beautiful gallery of all essential items. Most importantly, this Plugin is free to use and suits all small-scale businesses. 

Multiple layouts, titles, colours, patterns, responsiveness, and Seo support make Portfolio Gallery our top-rated Plugin. 

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2. WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery

WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery

This WordPress portfolio is specially designed for photographers. It has options for browser galleries, slideshows, and animations. 

This is one of a kind image-centric portfolio plugin that will entirely focus on the best presentation of photo and video links.

More than 7,00,000 users currently activate this WordPress plugin.


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3. Media Grid – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Media Grid - WordPress Responsive Portfolio

As the name suggests, this portfolio plugin is compatible with all videos, audio, images, and creative forms of media.

This grid-based design is suitable for both personal and professional projects. 

Also, this Plugin is compatible with woo-commerce, making it an e-commercial venture and allowing the customers or viewers to interact.

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4. WP Review Pro 

WP Review Pro 

This WordPress plugin is best for reviewing functionality. It supports 14 snippets which also suits your website to present films, books, paintings, etc. 

This Plugin also integrates your website with Google and Facebook.

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5. Go Portfolio – WordPress Responsive Portfolio

Go Portfolio - WordPress Responsive Portfolio

This responsive and supportive portfolio plugin is one of the most highly rated WordPress plugins. It comes with a lot of features to develop unique product websites. 

You can use this portfolio Plugin to depict your specific niche.

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6. Fusebox Plugin – WordPress portfolio plugin

Fusebox Plugin - WordPress portfolio plugin

Specially made for audio creators, this WordPress portfolio plugin is an excellent tool for adding functions related to player controls, podcasts, styles, and layouts. 

The unique features it offers are- Emails, Sharing Data via social media, cross-browser compatibility, and unlimited audio shows.

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7. Gallery Plugin for WordPress – Envira Photo Gallery

Gallery Plugin for WordPress – Envira Photo Gallery

This WordPress plugin comes with Lite and Premium versions. You can choose any of them based on your choice. It is a highly customizable plugin. 

But what makes it unique is its Album design features. You can present your content in the form of separate albums. For example- one album is for photography; the other album is for audio/video links; the next album is for work based on the creators, and so on.

This gives a sorted view of your website and, at the same time, offers a choice of viewing to the customer.

With this, we come to the end of our list of 7 Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins


Final Words! 

We would always like to say that choosing from hundreds of plugins may be challenging, but if you find the right one, you will create the best website outputs.

It’s crucial for a web developer not just to create a website but also to give it a timely plugin update so that the website can match the current demands. 

Choose your goal, opt for the best WordPress themes and plugins and see the wonders!

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