About Us

Webibazaar - If we break this name then, we found two words here. Webi means Website and Bazaar means Market. Therefore it means the Marketplace for different websites. We believe in unique and creative versions of ideas. First, we perceive them then give that idea an appropriate shape and in the, deliver it. This is how we make the fallible process feasible.

We established ourselves in 2016, we have always stayed connected. We don’t aim to become revolutionary conversely, we do hope that at least we can inspire people for a change.

Who We Are

WebiBazaar is a Top-rated ecommerce theme provider company based in India. We are providing e-Commerce services for more than 5+ years and having a team of experienced and highly skilled industry’s best people who are also 4+ years of experience in their respective fields.

Over the years we have made ourselves capable of providing the best customer experience, along with a trustworthy partner, creating space for Creative minds and globally acclaimed e-Commerce service providers.

What Type of Service We Provide In Brief

Our customers tagged as e-Commerce experts. We are providing an e-commerce store themes based on multifarious e-commerce software like OpenCart, PrestaShop and Shopify etc. we have the ocean of different themes on our website for different e-commerce platforms.

With our glorious experience, we have successfully delivered 500+ projects till now and the number is still ongoing. We have also spread our words around the world and in this particular task, we have already made our customers from different customers by providing them services they need the most from us.

Are you In Seek For Help, We Do Help

Basically we are providing every solution which particularly comes in e-commerce.

If anyone has business and wants to make a presence online or wants to spread e-commerce business across the border with the trendy customization process in their existing website.

We have gained our ability to work and trust between our customers, especially we help entrepreneurs who vision to take their business on a prosperous path. Moreover, we have reached a growing company, top enterprises. Our goal is to facilitate everyone who comes to our doorstep in a seek for help.

Working with the client from another country gives us hope, learning a new culture and bond of trust that create between us and our client throughout the project.

Our Vision

We are a believer in providing quality work and prominent experience to our customers. Our process to start any work is simple. We promote creativity and uniqueness in our work and fascinate our customers by providing them something even more than they expected. We see our customers as our partner. And our psychology is to become a reliable, trustful and giving hope partner so that our customers won’t feel any low or demotivated while working with us.

Our Journey: From The Beginning


By 2017 we made a team of developers and designers and in a span of a year, we delivered 100 themes to customers.


By 2017 we made a team of developers and designers and in a span of a year, we delivered 100 themes to customers.


2018, we introduced our customers by adding 2 new more e-commerce services on our list. PrestaShop and WooCommerce. In this service, we have delivered 300 themes (Prestashop & BigCommerce including) to our customers from around the world.


In 2018, we also added some new people from other industries like digital marketing and SEO specialists. We also add custom services. If any person has an existing website so that they can customize it as per their requirements.


In 2019, we have heard customers' requirements to involve these ecommerce platforms Shopify and BigCommerce. We decided to add this platform to our services list.

WordPress,Content Writer & WooCommerce

In 2020, we spank our reach in providing our services all around the world. In addition, we added more people to our team. Like, Developers, Designers, Market Analytics, SEO Specialist, Content Writer & Team Leader.

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