Having an online presence is the core requirement for any business that wants to establish its credibility in the recent market. It helps to create a positive impression and makes it easier for potential clients and customers to reach up to any company. But, just owning a website won’t help you to extend the business. You need the right form of presentation and marketing strategy to proceed in the right direction.

According to recent statistics, more than 80% of people judge any business based on its website. Now, the question arises — how to create an engaging website? The first step towards it would be to include an impressive Website Theme that would determine the design, font type, color scheme, and appeal of a website.

WordPress Themes are much more flexible when it comes to custom designing a website. You could create variations to make your website stand out from the lot. WordPress Themes are mostly considered because of their round-the-clock support, minimal coding, flexible setup, and reviews to generate customer responsiveness.

You will get many paid and free versions of the WordPress themes, but you need to ask which one would suit your website better. So, let’s get to know what are the things that you must consider while selecting the perfect WordPress templates.

Here Are Important Things to Consider while Choosing a WordPress Templates

1. Choose Simplicity Over Complex Design

You will get many Basic WordPress Themes to choose from. There are many complex layouts, some even include animations and a lot of colours to select from. Now, that might seem to be tempting, but you need to find out what you really need the most.

The primary aspect that matters while choosing a WordPress theme is whether you are going to start a business website or blog or an e-commerce store. Choose a theme that enhances the readability of your website. It must support your goal and present your objective to the viewers clearly.

2. Understand Your Budget

If you are going to get a perfect WordPress Template, then budget must be your first concern. If you have a low budget, then you can go for free ones. But, paid things are always secured and come along with premium quality support.

At Webibazaar.com you get the best rating on WordPress themes, such as Wedami, Blogezy, Pixel, Edumi, Blogiva, Inkart, etc. And, these come at a discounted price. These themes are all multi-purpose and multi-concept oriented. Choose the one that seems to be SEO-friendly and comes along with plugins.

3. Traffic Generative Themes

WordPress themes should be responsive and adjustable at the same time. Based on statistics, 60% of the viewers access a website through mobile or handheld devices. So the theme should be able to adjust itself across different devices and screen sizes.

Google is more into websites that are more mobile-friendly and thus, have a higher chance of ranking. So, irrespective of the location you must not go for a fixed-width layout.

4. Compatibility Without Browser

You might never know which browser is being used by your website viewer. So, even if the theme looks perfect, you need to go for something that would look perfect on every browser.

Test different themes and use compatibility testing tools to get a clear idea about the WordPress theme that would suit the requirement. The most common browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Epic browser, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. So, you must not forget to test the theme on these mobile browsers as well.

5. WordPress Plugin Support

With plugins, you get the power to do almost anything on your website, provided it is developed on WordPress. The most used plugins are Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, etc. So, while choosing the WordPress theme, always check whether it has the capability to support every must-have plugin.

The most used Responsive WordPress plugin is Page Builders that provide a premium look to the website. It also creates a layout that can be dragged and dropped on the user interface. And, Page Builders are usually available for purchase along with themes.

Are You Preparing to Design Your First Website?

If you are a beginner in this field or an entrepreneur, then you need to screen through a lot of options starting with — decide your website’s objective, then list out the functions that you would need in the process, test the Construction WordPress theme, incorporate SEO management and stay open to feedback.

Voilà! You are just a few steps away from creating a recommendable website with an amazing look. You must also research well and understand your competitors’ website design. This will help you to get clarity about the recent market demand.


Now, you must have a clear idea about the various requirements before settling for a WordPress theme. But, always compare among the themes before you take the leap. Never try to experiment, take expert suggestions but always opt for tried and tested WordPress themes.