In 2022 there are a lot of opportunities for people to grow their businesses dramatically. What is the reason behind it? It is straightforward since the internet has taken a considerable impact on business, making it more popular all over the world. 

The need for digital technology is a must that helps you to create an innovative website. But the question arrives, how is it possible to make the website popular? 

There are imaginative ways through which the website can be built quickly. For instance, travel, marketing, and graphic designs need the use of proper features. One of them is WordPress themes. 

There are many options in the best agency WordPress themes from which people can choose the best one. Here in this blog, you will read the comprehensive list of 10 WordPress themes and their vital features. Let’s get started! 

1. Astra


Astra is the first one that comes on the list of WordPress themes. This is a good option if you want to increase the website’s speed. 

The feature mainly involved in the theme is known as plug-ins. It is a compatible option that supports languages a lot. The theme is free to download, and some plans are paid for. Mainly, its price is $59.

Key Factors 

  • The design of the theme is attractive
  • It gives us separate services for page

2. Spacious


The next is spacious WordPress themes. This theme supports small to large businesses. Many demos are available through which people can import the time to get the best outcome. Further, the themes’ features can be customized depending on widgets, colors, and typography. 

People can spend some time making the website compatible. Business people, either the existing one or those who want to start a new one can make the best online store. 

Key Factors

  • Customization
  • Portfolio sections

3. Zakra


Another creative agency website template on the list is Zakra. The amazing feature of the theme includes the multipurpose functions to serve. Believe it or not, it includes nine wonderful options that people can even take demos to improve the website. 

The agency and digital marketing website templates give the most popular demo. The designing of the page under this theme is done which is suitable for business and delivers all their major requirements. The theme layout is divided into sectors like blogs, portfolios, and client reviews. 

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Key Factors

  • Fast loading page
  • Best framework

4. Dekko


Dekko is one important WordPress theme that wants to change things frequently. Even if they want to change a bit, it will help them a lot. The best part of the theme includes the attractive animations. Users always love things that are catchy to their eyes. 

Seeing such things will be eye-opening, which will add colour and fun to their business. Don’t you think the business website with vibrant themes looks impressive? 

Key Factors 

  • Post types
  • Well-designed pages

5. Avada 


Avada Is another one. Customers grab the attention of a website that is modern in appearance. If the design is impressive, they can enjoy it a lot. 

All these things can be quickly customized, which helps people to create the one they always wanted. Along with it, people can select custom icons to push the branding greatly. 

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Key Factors

  • 100% responsive design
  • Custom layouts

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