If you are looking for a way to make money with your WordPress website, then you should consider using Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins. These plugins will help you automatically add Amazon affiliate links to your posts and pages, and they will also help you manage your Amazon affiliate accounts. With these plugins, you can easily earn a commission on every sale that you refer to Amazon.

In today’s era, where people are being awakened on every platform to be self-driven in financial terms, affiliate marketing and people’s participation in it is skyrocketing. Aspirants are enrolling in different organizations, but still, amazon stands out among all because of its credibility.

Affiliate marketing is where the enrollers must promote the products and services owned by the respective organization. As a reward, they get direct commission irrespective of network marketing.

For instance, if a company is selling online courses and someone purchases it through its affiliate, then that affiliate marketer owes a prescribed commission from the company.

Not only marketers but social media content creators also get affiliate commissions when they collaborate with brands to promote their products to their engaged audience.

Why Is The Amazon Affiliate Program Majorly Enrolled?

According to analytics, over 90,000+ affiliates are part of the amazon affiliate program, which is not less in the early or initial stage of self-driven income options.

The primary reason behind its quality enrollments and credibility is that before an organization, it is a well-reputed and user-friendly brand, which people may doubt less to invest their time. Apart from already established trust and brand loyalty, there are several secondary reasons too:

Availability Of Varied Goods

One of the significant reasons and a USP of this program is that, unlike others, it gives plenty of options to promote and show creativity in different niches that are too paid.

Add-Ons For Affiliates

Amazon, to maintain stability, also provides add-ons to the affiliates like extra profit or bonuses to boost promotion and affiliate satisfaction.

Automated Follow-Up

One of the conveniences provided to the affiliates by amazon is that once the companions introduce the buyers to the products, then the follow-up is made by amazon itself responsibly.

WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing with such a widespread brand is a complex and highly-competitive market to participate in. Still, with the right resources, tools, and platforms, it can be easily- accessible to the target audience.

There are many platforms to promote affiliated products, but one of the most popular and professionally known platforms is WordPress through blog posts.

WordPress, as a platform, is highly facilitate with exciting features, and one of them is using WordPress plugins. These add or plug features or functionality to the WordPress website to add user experience.

As wide the application, the wider the plugin options are served. A large number of options often confuse affiliates about where to invest their efforts and time. So it becomes essential to shortlist them so that the promotional content that affiliates provide should not be wasted.

Below is the list provided for the same:

Top 7 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins In 2023

Choosing the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins must be done wisely as many functions like boosting conversions, managing redirections and navigations, and creating engaging affiliate ads. It may be add-ons that directly impact sales.

Here is the list breaking the obstacles between you and sellers:

1. AffiliateX



It is the perfect choice for many facilities like providing coupons, building comparison tables, and managing single product tabs in affiliate blogs.

This plugin is most known for its effective Click Through Rates which drastically impact affiliate income as its higher compatibility with the audience triggers the conversion rates.

Key features:

  • Customize blocks for a better user experience.
  • Provides a live preview through its default editor.
  • SEO optimized plugin for a higher probability of ranking on google.
  • Higher rate of conversion.

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2. WZone


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These tools are specially design for drop shipping, and Amazon integration links. It connects the links directly with the WooCommerce store as a direct import and showcases it as a regular product of WooCommerce.

Key features:

  • It has an inbuilt content spinner to rewrite the content in a qualified way and make it anti-plagiarism content.
  • Only by setting the keyword, it automatically imports the product from amazon.
  • We can add features like public reviews, shopping carts, amazon coupons, FAQs, and related features.
  • Conversion-oriented plugIn.



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It is the most popular plugin for amazon affiliates as it comes with a significant number of features. It has varied customization features which boost its UX potential and make it user-friendly.

Key features:

  • Inbuilt templates with contrast to WordPress themes.
  • Option to insert any affiliate element to the blog.
  • Tracker to keep a watch over the audience’s behaviour.
  •  We can add customize elements like best-sellers, new releases, trending products and many more exciting features. 

4. AzonPress


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Azon press is easy to use; that tends to manage affiliate links and make them showcase attractively. Along with standard features, it also claims to boost conversion with a rate of 250% as it triggers the scrollers to convert them into buyers with its features.

Key features:

  •  It has a USP of innovative features like pre-build layouts, and specialised affiliate link ad feeds.
  • An easy-to-setup tool that needs no in-depth knowledge about coding as merely pasting the relevant copied code can work out.
  • It has a variety of layouts like tables, grids, and boxes for affiliate link ads sidebar.
  • All-time consumer support system.

 However, the paid version costs $39, which is worth it after use.

5. Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster

Live Demo 

Founded by Kulwant Nagi in 2020, its main idea was to generate lead conversion optimized elements to provide convenience to amazon affiliates.

Although it has limited tools, it is still one of the popular choices among other options as it has its free version with features that adds usability to it.

Key features:

  • Along with its theme, Gutenberg’s blog editor is absolutely free.
  • It has a feature to add pros and cons to a blog for better user convenience.
  • It provides a comparison table to have a quick check at price along with a CTA block.

6. AAPro


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It is directly connect with amazon and is designed to showcase the products and links in the form of online stores. Besides customizability, it is time effective, making the setup within 5 minutes.

Key features:

  • Mobile-friendly design and eye-catching layouts.
  • Easy to import .csv files.
  • It gives discount badges in the affiliate link to trigger the visitors.
  • Provides visitors with the option to create wishlists.
  • Facilitates users with analytics that help make better strategies.

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7. EasyAzon


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Last but not least, one of the most popular WordPress plugins, EasyAzon, is a tool that comes with fantastic product information boxes, visual affiliate links, and add-to-cart buttons.

Key features:

  • Specialisation tools like personalizing CTA buttons, and country-wise redirection.
  • Qualified for beginners.
  • Setups the link in the most creative way possible with less complexity.
  • Fewer efforts are need with time effectiveness.
  • Provides custom elements like add-to-cart, images, price info, product pop-ups and automatic link localization.

Concluding The Matter 

All Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins are made to boost your website to earn maximum affiliate income with an effective user experience.

It must be made sure your chosen plugin should be well-researched and should be capable of meeting up with your creative potential.

It should be taken care of even after the availability of several features, and we should create a visual flow for visitors which means we don’t have to stuff all the elements.

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