The trend chart’s Top 2 automated marketing software is Moosend Vs Mailchimp. Before climbing to the comparison of both software, here is the introduction.

We all have witnessed the pace of ‘online’ businesses paving the way for a ‘virtual’ presence. However, post-covid, the impacts have a clearer image. The online market has extended far more than our imagination.

It is challenging to grab the audience’s attention on their cell phones. Even after the accomplishment of this challenge, it becomes a crucial part of keeping them engaged with regular updates, modifications, new products, offers, and many ongoing things. 

So now, as the problem is highlighted, let’s drive it towards the solution. And the solution is marketing.

Although digital marketing handles broader scope to discuss here, one of its branches, “E-mail Marketing,” is always on the top when handling business marketing by delivering content as templates, newsletters, or blogs. But to make it equally effective, it is imperative to choose the automated software wisely.

What is Moosend?

Moosend, a software that supports automated marketing, mainly focuses on scaling up the business and giving height to the product’s image in the market. It introduces itself in the market as an “all-in-one marketing platform.”

It focuses on:

  • Workflow in the most automated way possible.
  • No coding for better convenience.
  • Building a solid email campaign.
  • Vital tracking to maintain the data effectively.
  • Delivering customized products for online merchants.
  • Small and big businesses as the target audience.

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What is Mailchimp?

It is one of the best-known marketing software running since 2001. It is user-friendly and highly customizable software. It has been claimed in the market by the team that Mailchimp has the potential to send 10,800 emails a second.

Most of their contribution focuses on delivering newsletters and templates while keeping the followers engaged.

It focuses on:

  • Building transparency between product and audience.
  • Keeping a solid track record for future convenience
  • Providing customization facility to online merchants
  • Managing the followers and visitors of an online campaign
  • In-depth reporting and analysis
  • Small-stage startups and entrepreneurs as the target audience.

Even after many similarities in Moosend vs Mailchimp, they stand in the market with competitive reviews and slide-edge differences like:

Convenience For Online Merchants

Although both continue to enjoy good consumer feedback, a few factors are snagged in choice-making. Unfortunately, this factor is one of them as it is of no avail to use automated software until and unless it has an understandable interface.

Convenience in Moosend 

Moosend reviews always highlight it as a user-friendly interface with many features that do not bother the merchants to understand it. They have a drag-and-drop interface, easy-to-customize templates, and the facility to upload our images without any licensing conditions. Summing up, you can use it even if you don’t have in-depth tech knowledge.

Convenience in Mailchimp

Mailchimp is equally easy to run. One of its USPs is that it allows them to customize the campaign and templates under it very flexibly so that online merchants can have their convenience in their hands.

 To craft the project in Mailchimp, drag and drop element is given for effectiveness. Also, it allows the campaign to link with Instagram and Facebook, which builds more credibility in the audience’s eyes.

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Splitting The Email Data

The feature in tech is known as segmentation. It provides a better vision to merchants in handling the marketing process when they want to do it after segmenting or breaking down the data, be it demographic, language, etc.

Splitting in Moosend

Segmentation in Moosend makes it easy to split information based on favourable factors, be it age, state, etc. it also segments the data based on who followed the campaign, who viewed the products, who clicked the link, and many more. This facility has now also linked automated recommendations.

Splitting in Mailchimp

Mailchimp categorizes the data based on engagement history, subscribers, and prediction according to consumer behaviour. This facility in Mailchimp allows filtering the visitors as customers, followers, target audiences, and familiar audiences of Instagram and Facebook.

Automation Services

Automation is the essential feature of any merchant running a startup. It is time effective and efficient for marketing mainstream. Here is how both of this software make them convincing enough as automated software.

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Automation in Moosend

Automated marketing communication is one of the essential features of Moosend as it results in efficient lead conversions. It also provides multiple trigger conditions to specify the questions to make it easy for both ends.

We can customize the messages and schedule to provide necessary transparency resulting in credibility

Automation in MailChimp

Although it doesn’t have any automated services for its freemium plan, its options for premium plans can compensate for the price factor. It provides a feature to create a customer path as it provides the customer’s journey.

It also provides automated transactions, time-effective mails, date-based automation, welcome emails, etc.

So, these are the three main factors that act as deal-breakers for online merchants. But apart from these factors, a few more secondary factors can strongly impact choice-making, too, like solid consumer support, which is luckily established in both the software. 

However, the pricing factor can take Moosend a step above Mailchimp as Mailchimp provides some essential features only to premium users. In reporting and analytics, Mailchimp gives tough competition to Moosend as it also gives access to cell phones for this function.

Moosend vs MailChimp: Conclusion

Although both the software has excellent contributions to automated marketing and has boosted the potential of many startups, to justify the headline, i.e., Moosend vs Mailchimp, the preference will be for Moosend due to its excellent features at no and low cost compared to Mailchimp.

But that does not mean that Mailchimp is not a worth-using platform to market the product. Even you can find it more convenient if your preferences are segmentation or data analytics.

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