Interested in starting a store with Shopify? Or want to know how to get organic traffic on it? Fortunately, you are on the right blog where we will understand Shopify SEO and how to make a good Shopify Seo Checklist roadmap.

You may do a fantastic job making an eCommerce store, but what good is it when people don’t even visit it?  

Of course, an eye-catching store is essential; however, it’s not all you want to have. So what should be your priority? First, understand everything you search on the internet only ranks due to good SEO or valuable content. 

Records suggest only a few per cent of people open the second page of the search they make. So how will you get customers without even ranking your site on the second page?

Shopify SEO is the direct key to your eCommerce store’s success. It ensures people interested in things related to your services will come across your store. 

Search engine optimization (Forbes) allows you to reach out to your target audience, thus increasing your sales chances. 

Therefore, your business has more customers and attention in the market.  Shopify itself comes with a handy bag full of ranking features. 

However, there is much more that is not available on Shopify. For example, primary keywords may work for some but ranking on top requires more. 

A Complete Shopify Seo Checklist To Rank Your Shopify Store.

Do not worry, as most of you would run into a dilemma of doing complex tasks. Therefore, knowing if you need an SEO expert or not is essential.

Or are you seeking an easy way of SEO? If yes, opt for Shopify SEO service or be ready to make an effort. 

Doing Shopify SEO will require you to have essential knowledge, enough to be at the top of the ranking.

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Shopify Site Structure Optimization 

Organizing the site structure also plays a vital role in ranking a site. If your site is not optimized correctly and all the information on it is in a hotchpotch way, it will be prone to rank lower. 

How will site structure rank your Shopify site?

It indirectly impacts your ranking as sites with more user retention tend to rank higher.

Shopify Seo Checklist works the same as the SEO checklist (BBC) of any other site; the only benefit is you don’t have to do technical SEO. 

Therefore, Include adding pages such as 

  • Contact Page
  • About Section 
  • Home Page
  • Categories 

Adding such pages with simplistic yet advanced site structure will help show credibility to search engines. 

Provide Convenience And Value 

As of now, you will understand the importance of user retentions.  In addition, This takes us to our next point, website speed, which most search engines look at to value a site.

Website response time and loading speed equally play a crucial role in ranking.  

Even the customer visiting your site would only come again if it’s smooth and provides value, thus affecting your sales. So add information related to your services and try to make your Shopify store faster.

So how to make it responsive and faster?

Responsiveness of your website will depend on the resources your site takes to load. 

Improvements you can make:

  • Avoid the use of sliders
  • Avoid Heavy animations  
  • Remove Apps of no use 
  • Use themes with cross-device compatibility
  • Optimize images on site 

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Track And Use The Right Keywords 

Keywords are one essential thing that you should not overlook while making Shopify Seo Checklist. 

These are the few words that search engines use to recognize you. So, for example, whenever someone searches those words, the search engine provides your website as a search result. 

Now you may ask, What those keywords for my website are?

To simplify your search, look for words that associate with your business or product. 

  • Do your research by checking:
  • Your customer’s word choice 
  • Trending topics or hashtags that relate to your services
  • Titles and tags other competitors use

You can use multiple keywords but have to find specific ones your customers are more likely to search. 

Off-Page Optimization 

Are you wondering what off-page SEO has to do in Shopify Seo Checklist? Or How off-page optimization will help your Shopify Store?

Off-page SEO has a lot to do with the marketing of your business through other sources.

It allows Shopify stores to gather traffic even if their site doesn’t rank higher.  

You will have to generate backlinks to execute the off-page SEO. What are backlinks? Backlinks are your site link found on other sources. These links help show your value in the community to search engines. 

According to your business, you can reach out to blogging sites and other influential sources to promote your link at their site. 

Finding broken links on other sites is one successful way of generating backlinks. Or else you can do content marketing like interviews or making visual content with your links attached. 

On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO is where you can make many improvements without much hassle. It involves optimizing every minor thing on your site.  

You should always use original content on your website. Things such as images and 

product descriptions should be unique. Coping it from the seller’s website may not be the most ethical way. 

You can even do the SEO of every image on your Shopify store by renaming their titles and filling them with relevant information. These minor changes make it easier for search engines to recognize your site and rank it.  


Until now, you would have learned the Shopify Seo Checklist of doing SEO. Shopify may help you with technical SEO, but the rest of the steps have to be taken by you. Doing on-page and off-page SEO for your Shopify store could be a game changer; it can drastically affect your sales.

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