Are you locking? for Podcast WordPress Themes to build your own Podcast website. you build your business but, you need a Podcast WordPress Themes that can help you to establish a podcast website.

Your intended audience, and entertain your listeners. 

Whatever the given topic of the podcast is, one should be able to find a good WordPress theme there, thanks to the wide range of these available themes. 

You should have had no issue showing your material on the particular website; Either you host the audio files by yourself only or use those many specialized podcast streaming services.

You won’t even require manually adding every new episode to your website after these themes, they automatically interact with top podcast hosting platforms.

The RSS feeds must take care of it for you.

Some of The Best Podcast WordPress Themes & templates

1. Resonator – Audio Podcast Theme

Resonator - Audio Podcast Theme

Resonator offers all the required pre-built material that one will need for anything from building a single podcast website to establishing an online presence for the required podcast network.

The templates for each one of the podcast episodes and the blog article have been meticulously crafted. This makes adding fresh content to the website for each new episode very simple.

One may supply your customers with all of the content needed by them because the templates feature an optional podcast translation section and a media player.

The resonator also features strong eCommerce options, allowing individuals to sell goods and other things directly from the website.

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2. Megaphone – Podcast WordPress Theme

Megaphone - Podcast WordPress Theme

Megaphone is known as a podcast WordPress theme that comes with everything an individual needs to get started.

Even when they have a similar aesthetic, one key distinction is how the content is presented on the required page.

Some layouts, for instance, keep things simple only with one column, and some use multiple columns of various shapes and widths to load more information onto your site.

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3. Divi


Divi podcast themes are know to attractive design templates are attractive, but they also have several useful features that will aid in the success of the individual podcast website.

That theme site package includes, two distinct templates for displaying individual required episodes, each with its own constructed podcast player.

There is also a theme for displaying episode lists and ready-made pages for just under, home, contact, and landing.

Divi comes with hundreds of different templates & website packs because of a multipurpose theme.

If an individual thinks either of those may be helpful for one individual podcast website.

One can easily add them as needed, thanks to the sophisticated Divi Builder interface, making changes to any template is simple.

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4. Livecast – Podcast Theme

Livecast - Podcast Theme

The live cast is a podcasting platform that can cater to a very wide range of themes and types of podcasts.

The small demo library works for single-podcast web pages and sites that advertise multiple podcasts one individual gets access to.

A wide range of templates that includes several styles for an individual podcast episode webpage, depending on your choice.

An individual discovers several special podcast WordPress themes, players amongst Live cast’s many capabilities, within each design and layout.

Elementor is known to be entirely compatible with Live cast, enabling you to edit all of its designs using a simple user interface.

That theme also includes a premium collection of Elementor widgets for free.

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5. Roogan – Podcast Theme

Roogan - Podcast Theme

Roogan is the best trendiest podcasting theme that can seek, whether we broadcast your programs as audio-only or with a clip.

It is the best WordPress podcast theme. The 8 different homepage layouts that you can quickly apply on the particular site are one of the key reasons to use Roogan for your website.

They all look fantastic and should work for various podcasting platforms.

Individual audio episodes can show on the website in several layouts an individual appreciates.

The variety of layouts for this arrangement if you’re creating a website for many podcasts, including a podcast network.

There are many selections of templates for blogging to give you a variety of ways to present your written material.

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6. Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme

Podcaster - Multimedia WordPress Theme

Podcaster should feature everything you’ll need to start a podcast website. The Podcaster WordPress theme is available in four different versions to assist you in creating a stunning podcast website.

Depending on the design you choose, you’ll be able to create a homepage that promotes your podcast effectively quickly.

Your podcast website’s homepage can include a feed of your most recent episodes and links to blog articles.

A custom footer section with links to other pages on your site, and links to the main podcast repositories.

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7.Castilo – Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

Castilo - Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

Castilo is known to build with one goal: to help an individual set up a WordPress website for your podcast. 

That theme is well designed to assist you in acting as the presenter and producer of your podcasts, with complete RSS reader support to help you spread the word about each episode they produce there is a kit that includes all you need to connect with Google Play Music and iTunes.

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8. Podcast Master WordPress Theme

Podcast Master WordPress Theme

Podcast Master is a multipurpose podcast website template that can be used to build websites for a range of podcasts.

This WordPress theme is worth checking out if one individual is preparing to launch a podcast feed or if one existing podcast station might want to use a facelift this theme will always be capable of keeping up with your podcast thanks to the functionality for publishing an endless amount of cases. 

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9. Wpcast – Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

Wpcast - Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

The WPcast is know as a WordPress theme design particularly for audio podcasts, with decent compatibility for the most popular podcast networks. 

That WordPress theme should be on your shortlist if one podcast requires a beautiful yet practical website With Wpcast’s built-in integration with Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and all other platforms, an individual has no trouble publishing your episodes on your website builder. 

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10. Viseo – News, Video, & Podcast Theme

Viseo - News, Video, & Podcast Theme

Viseo is known as the WordPress theme that can be used to create news, video, and podcast websites.

One may import the theme sample website into your WordPress site in just a few clicks.

After the import is completed, an individual is presented with a sleek website that includes all the pages one needs to start Because.

The design of the theme is one of the strongest features, it should go without saying that the default page layout will give your podcast webpage a professional and appealing image the full-screen slider is one of the most crucial pieces of the main Video site layout.

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Seriously Simple Podcasting’s free necessary details all of our advanced capabilities. An individual doesn’t have to pay for the additional features or utilize a specific podcast web host.

Podcasts have grown a lot in popularity as a handy form of entertainment, but their development on sites like Pod Bean and Buzz Sprout may be limited Anyone can increase downloads and listeners by creating a website and employing a WordPress podcast theme.

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