Today’s topic will be the most significant for you. If you struggling in the online market, that is how you get dofollow backlinks.

First of all, let me be clear, building a quality backlink is no easy task, but by the time you will get the clue, how to make a do follow backlink.

There are so many activities we can try to acquire to do follow backlinks from other sites.

Before you submit your content or link to other sites, make sure the domain is clean and has high authority.

We have lots of websites that can accept your content in the form of a blog, directory submission, profile creation, business listing, image sharing, social booking, etc…

If you are looking for the easiest way to get do follow backlink, then try the web profile creation list.

Dose Dofollow Backlinks Help You Rank?

Yes, I agree with this. See the blogger’s websites, take anyone, and analyzed in ahrefs tools, none of them has less than 10K backlinks. It’s huge.

The backlink is a kind of sign for google bot. It considers a good backlink as uplifting support for your domain.

If you wish to get quick, dofollow quality backlinks, then go for the blog commenting activity but I will not recommend this method.

Guest Post is one of the permanent and safest ways to get quality backlinks straight from the content.

If your website is related to education or some gov pertaining content, then you can try to get links from .org and .gov associated domains.

Social bookmarking is the best practice you can try, but only a left only a few sites that provide on dofollow backlinks submission.

Do not involve too much in backlinks work, write worthy content or helpful, problem-solving content and let another decide.

If you are found to be helpful, then automatically people will promote your work.

If you have already built tons of backlinks, then you should check whether it’s good or not.

There Are Two Ways You Check Your Backlinks Status

Visit Google Search Console, navigate to the links section, and you will see four parts, which as External Links, Internal Links, Top Linking Text, Top Linking Sites.

We can use the ahrefs tool to analyzed our backlinks; as you know, it has the world’s largest database after google.

How to Identify Bad Backlinks?

First make sure, if your site is getting adverse effects or manual action as notified by the google search console.

These happen in the rare cases, but if you found some bad backlink that points to your sites, then it is harmful to your websites.

For the disavowing process, you need to follow the below rule.

  • Step 1: Identify bad backlinks, low-quality links, like spammy articles, or the links that are causing you manual action.
  • Step 2: Gather all domain names, mention “domain” in the front of the website name.
  • Step 3: Create a text file and add all of your webmaster tools.
  • Step 4: Visit the Disavow link tool page from your webmaster tool.
  • Step 5: You will your domain list, click on the respective domain, and then upload the file.

And it is Done.

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However, only creating dofollow backlinks is not helpful, don’t try to acquire only do follow backlinks. Keep the mixture of dofollow and nofollow backlinks of your website.

Try to be real in the front of google, if the bot sees, you have only dofollow links, then it is kind of a problematic situation for you.

Do not buy any paid links or do not build links from PBN (Private Blog Networks).


I hope you have cleared on how to build a dofollow backlinks topic. Let us know your opinion, which way you follow to create dofollow backlinks for your domain.