As new in SEO, I found myself asking how to get quality backlinks. At the time, I didn’t understand there was a right and incorrect way to do this. Thankfully I decided not to buy rank backlinks, before ever realizing the devastating effects it could have on a website.

The questions running in my mind at the time are topics that I learn in the blogging world almost daily. Are you one of those marketers who believe building high-quality backlinks is a hard task? Well, you’re not alone. Getting higher rankings on Google is not a simple job.

Maybe you have tried all from guest posting to requesting mentions. But you are still waiting for absolute Google to cut you some slack. Well, relax! Your days of pain are ended. We have some different techniques that will help your site gain high-quality backlinks and improve your search visibility.

First, let’s cover some basics before we jump into how to get free quality backlinks.

What are quality Backlinks?

According to Moz, Backlinks are also called inbound links, or incoming links are created when an individual website links to another. The link to an outside website is called a backlink.

A backlink is when a page on the WWW is linked to from a different source. Google uses backlinks as a way to include authority and relevance. Backlinks are a good way to increase SEO and get more traffic and conversions.

How to get free quality backlinks?

Having a strong link-building strategy is the key to making backlinks. Here are a few strategies to earn high-quality backlinks that will help you stay ahead of the opponent and at the same time increase your rankings.

we listed here some points to get quality backlinks for free let’s cover-up!!!

1. High-Quality Content

High-Quality Content

Content is the biggest source and tool to create backlinks. So your first task is to create high-quality content that people like just that they link to it. 

Also, high-quality content on your website changes readers. Always try to delight readers with your content. Your main purpose when creating and publishing content is for users, not Google.

Google’s algorithms are becoming so good that they can charge the readers’ experience. Ironically, this figures into your rankings. As you prioritize your readers, Google will reward you.

Your content helps webmasters choose whether to link to your website. It reflects your organization as a whole. If your website content looks lower in quality or lacks important information, other websites will not see you as a reliable brand worth linking to.

Therefore, create property content that looks professional, informative and is easily understandable to earn and keep backlinks.

Another idea to get free quality backlinks is creativity. Rewriting the same material is not attractive and certainly not original.

Some ideas for original content are:

  • Conduct surveys
  • Create case studies
  • Analyze data for insights
  • Interview experts
  • Compile detailed, high-value guides
  • Make checklists
  • Ask your executive team about trends
  • Inquiry customers for problems they have and research solutions
  • Additional content that can’t be found on the other websites.

2. Broken Link Building to get backlink quality

Broken Link Buliding

Broken link building is the easiest method to get backlinks. And it works excellent.

A broken link is a page on a website that should be moved or removed. In other words, these are 404 error pages that tell visitors that the content they’re looking for no longer exists.

This is bad user expertise, and no site owner wants this to happen. Though, broken link building fixes this issue.

All you have to do is find broken links on other websites that apply to your brand or business. You can use Ahrefs Broken Link Checker tool to find the broken links on a website.

After finding the broken link, contact the administrator and let them know about their broken link. While telling them about the backlink, offer them the chance to restore the broken link with your valid link.

Remember that asking a website owner to fix a broken backlink needs some skill and tact. You don’t want to come off as blaming them for being irresponsible. Be sure that your request is short and smooth. 

Also, don’t send requests through public messages like a Tweet. This procedure will likely upset and offend the website owner.

For instance, when reaching a website, you could use the following message:

Hi (Name),

I’m (Your Name) from (Your Blog).

I am writing a post on the topic (topic name), and I found one on your website (Website name).

But the link in this post (mention the link) goes to this page (error link).

Here is a screenshot of the broken link.

We have a similar blog post and it might make a great replacement.

Either way, just thought I would let you know! 


(Your Name)

When you request this method professionally, it’s a fabulous way to earn quality backlinks.

With this tactic, everyone gets success. The site owner will have less broken links and their guests will view more up-to-date, helpful content and less 404 errors. Also, you will gain a high-quality backlink.

3. Guest Posting to get backlink quality


Guest posting is the best and most powerful technique to gain quality backlinks. This has long been a famous link building technique because it’s good for both websites.

What is Guest Posting? 

It is the practice of giving free content to another website or blog in exchange for a link back to your own website.

And every great website wants unique content. Since, people with a great, appropriate niche contribute by publishing their quality content to get backlinks.

This method is a kind of link exchange with each other but it is powerful and secure as only relevant blogs will post for each other and it doesn’t make any spammy links to your website.

The Rule of being a Good Guest

When I guest post on another website, I do the following:
  • Link to the post from my blog
  • Promote it on social media
  • Thank the person
  • Stick around and reply to comments on the post

Guest posting matters

According to my friend, when it comes to SEO, guest posting on other sites is five times as valuable as creating new content on your own site. 

The point is that this is an excellent strategy for increasing your reach and boosting your reputation online.

4. Infographics

Infographics are not only attractive on social media but also excellent for SEO. Also, there is a huge demand for infographics as they are simple to understand.

The best infographics start with high-quality design and are informative. One easy hack is to choose a trending topic in your niche and create an infographic. Once your infographic is ready it’s time to promote it on famous websites.

If your infographics go viral, then you can get many backlinks. It’s worth the time to submit your infographics to the best sites. Your efforts will increase the chance of getting quality backlinks.

Another method is to find the best bloggers and influencers in your industry. Once you have identified the bloggers, let them know about your infographic. Show how the infographic can be necessary for the content they have created on the same topic. 

Frequently the influencers will link to your website. They get free graphics that improve their expertise and you get another high-quality one-way backlink.

5. Brand Mentions


When you are building quality content and actively involved in outreach efforts, it’s likely that many websites have mentioned your brand name in their own content. This is excellent. But it’s helpful if each mention of your brand includes a link back to your site.

Sometimes websites mention your brand without adding a link or may even link to the wrong web page. When this happens, reach out to those webmasters and request them to enter your website link on your brand name. Like WebiBazaar themes store

It is helpful to set up a Google alert to create a website that has used your brand name. If the mention doesn’t include a link back to your site, talk to the administrator and request one.

6. Testimonials


You can also get your name and link back to another website by offering to write testimonials or leave a comment/review about the different brands.

You can select the best tools or brands you work with and reach out to them to write a summary of your experience. And companies are usually eager to feature testimonials on their website and usually link back to commentators in the credit line. This will be actually a quality link.

Hence, contact all those websites, whose services you are using and send a testimonial of that service to their webmaster.

7. Competitor’s Backlinks 

Identify your opponent’s backlinks and analyze the sources of their backlinks.

You can utilise quality backlink analysis tools such as:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Google Alerts

For instance, in Ahrefs, you would use the Link Intersect tool to see your competitors’ backlinks.

Enter your opponent’s site URL in Show me who is linking to section and leave But doesn’t link to section blank. Then click on Show link opportunities. You will see all the domains that link to your competitor.

Now, if your opponent can receive a backlink from a special domain, then it’s like you can also get one from that domain. Also, you can see all the link-building methods of your opponents by performing their backlink analysis.

For instance, if your opponent has done guest posting on a website, then you can also create a blog and send it to that website and ask for a backlink from them.

8. Skyscraper Technique 

There are probably keyword researches that replace links to your opponent’s content—content with tons of valuable backlinks. Those should be your backlinks.

One way to make that an actuality is by publishing skyscraper content. It’s content that improves on the coverage given by existing content to such an extent that it gets ranked higher than what it was created after.

Here are some steps for creating skyscraper content:

  • Find content on your subject that has a lot of backlinks.
    • A Google search will take care of this—simply search for applying your keyword. All the results on the first page are bound to have lots of backlinks.
  • Write a bigger version of the content you found.
    • This strategy is most useful if your piece of content is 5-10 times better. If you look nearly and get creative, you are connected to finding ways to convey the information more effectively.
  • Maybe you find an article that’s well-written but stops short of covering the full topic. Possibly it also requires pictures and external links.
  • In that case, there are three steps you can use to create a better article on the same topic. If you add the lacking information, include helpful images and add some links to useful outside resources, your coverage of the topic will be better.
  • Get the backlinks that exactly belong to you.
    • Show a backlink tool at the content you improved on. Backlink Checker from Ahrefs would be a great choice. You will see a list of sites that link to the content.

I hope you will enjoy the article and it will be helpful to grow your business. 

Thank you


The backlinks are the Incoming links or commonly known as inbound links.

People make use of the link to let people reach another platform. That’s why it is used outside websites.

Getting free quality backlinks is not hard. That will be definitely useful for getting traffic to the website.

The use of high-quality backlinks articles to enhance the quality of the content, link building, guest posting, and any purpose.

There were the gone days when people took pain for backlinks.

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