If you are working on getting backlinks for your site to improve your page ranking, you should understand the difference between DoFollow vs NoFollow links.

They are important in determining what happens to your external links and the links going to your site.

What are DoFollow and NoFollow Links?

While WordPress, all in-post and in-page links are placed to DoFollow by default.

DoFollow means that search engines will follow the link and factor it in as part of their PageRank Algorithm.

In other words, the website you are linking to will get an increase in PageRank.

NoFollow, however, is used to tell the search engine that a specific hyperlink should not be used to influence page ranking. Search Engine does not follow NoFollow links.

Depending on the purpose of your hyperlink, you will need to decide whether to use DoFollow or NoFollow for your hyperlinks.

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When To Use DoFollow Links

If a site you are linking to is relevant to your blog or blog article topics, that’s when you should make sure that the hyperlink is DoFollow.

Google and other search engines love it when site owners link to relevant sites using appropriate text.

Ensuring that your link is DoFollow will also increase the page ranking of the site you are linking to!

If you are exchanging backlinks with another blog, make sure that gives you a DoFollow backlink as well!

For Example:- <a href=”https://domainname.com”>link text</a>

When To Use NoFollow Links

If the site you are linking to is not relevant to your blog in any way, that’s when you should use NoFollow links.

For Instance, At Webibazaar’s blog section we have a comment section with links going to websites we have created for our clients.

We performed sure these links are NoFollow.

Since we are a blog that offers blogging tips and most of our client’s sites are health and travel blogs, there is no reason for us to use DoFollow because we are totally unrelated topics.

Let’s say we forgot to use NoFollow for those client sites. Well, it can actually end up hurting our site’s ranking because search engines will wonder why we are linking to other sites when those sites do not really have anything to do with us.

For Example:- <a href=”https://domainname.com” rel=”nofollow”>link text</a>

However, the idea of nofollow varies between different search engines. You can see the table here to know the difference.

I am pretty sure that you are fully aware of such spam comments as well. We get tones of such comments as well.

I hope you will enjoy the article and better understand about DoFollow vs NoFollow link. If you have any questions then you can directly contact us via email:- [email protected].