In this highly competitive online business world, owners are more likely to sell a great number of products.

And get a huge amount of ROI from them. Even they haven’t started their Best eCommerce platform yet.

Customers have become smart now. When they come to visit your store they read everything about you and the “About Us” page is on their list too.

They want to know, what’s your company? How did you get started? Are you trustworthy or not?

Every single detail has become mandatory for them to read about you. Because they would invest their money into your brand if they ever like your product.

We want you to keep reading until the end of this article, in contrast, we are going to tell you about how important it is for you to design and write a dazzling about us page for your eCommerce business.

What Is the eCommerce About Us Page? Why It Is Important?

The About Us page is not an unnecessary weight for you, but an opportunity for you to introduce your brand in your words.

It’s a page filled with the potential of getting customers and your passion for your product and how your customers are going to acquire that passion the same as you have.

If you have well-crafted your whole eCommerce store then, it’s very obvious that you’ve crafted your about us page too in good manners.

See this verse with an example, if you have a Template For Shopify store, then you would have a chance to design and write about us pages as per your wish because Shopify allows you to customize pages without getting help from developers and designers.

On this page, you can tell people about your vision, mission, and your story from the beginning to now.

You can also provide the solution for your customer’s problems on this page, therefore, it is considered one of the best initiates to build trust in your customers and first-time visitors.

Customers don’t want to read product descriptions anymore. They want more to read about you and your brand.

It’s fruitful for both that you add some variety of content on your about us page and use some unique questions and answer it accordingly.

What To Include In About Us Page?

To create a knowledgeable about us page, you have to make sure your content is relevant.

Because writing content for the About Us page has never been that easy process.

Although, you have pitched your idea on that page along with making first-time visitors into customers.

If you are planning to build an e-commerce website then you have to purchase a theme too.

If you are purchasing PrestaShop Template then make sure that it has the best design on the about us page.

To build an About Us page make sure that you are using these standard rules while making a page for your e-commerce store.

Tell Your Story

Before you began with your product, you should first start by telling a story about yourself. How did you start this store?

What achievements have you received from the beginning to now? Showcase its milestone design. This is a way to create trust in your customers.

If you succeed in it then your potential customers will connect their feelings with your brand with a great level of trust.

An honest side of yours will create a deep instinct with your customers and it shows. That you are not really into your customer’s money.

And running behind the high volume of product sales. But showing that you are in for providing a better user experience to your customers.

And your brand’s human side will deeply affect your customer’s feelings.

Use Specific Keywords

use specific keywords

Search engine optimization has been playing on an extreme level in the e-commerce industry for so long.

Regardless of some people or owners, writing about us pages is nothing more than an essay or they are just writing it.

Because Google wants content written so that they can use SEO in it which helps them to rank higher on the search engine.

This is rude. Goole does want content but it wants the quality of content and research keywords.

However, if you link up your product on specific keywords, then it will help not more and not less to give a boost to your e-commerce store.

And you can get a better ranking on the search engine.

If you select Paid WordPress themes and you optimize some good keywords then the chance will be higher for you to rank up at a respective place.

Social Media Actions

social media actions

In digital marketing, social media holds a special place. A lot of e-commerce owners have their store presence on social media, either if it’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and Pinterest.

However, putting your social media icons on the About Us page will remind your audience to remind that you are available on social media and you tell them to follow your social media account to stay updated.

You can connect your about us page as your main asset and link with your several social media accounts.

And grab the opportunity to gain more customers from social media.

ECommerce platforms like BigCommerce help you to share your store pages or product on social media.

With BigCommerce themes based stores, you can share everything directly on social media.

Call To Action

One of the very common mistakes that every eCommerce owner makes. Forget to put a call to action on the “About Us” page.

It’s also an unethical step to not put a call to action in between the content or top or bottom side of your page.

If you place CTA at a certain place on your page will help you in conversion rates and Google also starting to notice that you do not spam-like any other.

If you have a discount season running on your store then you can place it as an “Avail discount” or you can use “Learn More”, “Shop Now” or “Witness Upcoming Product”. You can use any of it as per your unique mind.

Conclusion: About Us

ECommerce About Us, a page is maybe directly or indirectly help you to promote your brand on the search engine.

Therefore, don’t neglect it or compare it with essay or blog writing. It is a very important aspect of your web store.

To create a better about us page you will get so many ideas across the internet but we picked the standard one so that you can understand it from scratch.

If you have a better about us page then do share with us and let others witness how you accomplished it very well with all your creativity.