In this blog, I can talk about the top 10 main differences between classic marketing and Digital Marketing.

The list is complete, providing the benefits of speed, structure, stability, legality, platforms, and communicative properties.

There are many traditional marketing directors working in corporations these days that still do not recognize the difference nor understand the advantages.

What Is Classic Marketing?

Classic Marketing is also called Traditional Marketing. It includes all marketing activities that are carried out in the traditional way, outside of the internet.

It relies on traditional media such as especially broadcasting on Radio, Television, print newspapers and magazines, telephony, and outdoor advertising billboards.

Up to the development of the internet in the 1990s Classic marketing was pretty much the only type of marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Put easily, digital marketing is working with digital channels such as websites and social media as a tool for marketing communication.

If you are using social media you will be well versed in the adverts that pop up on your stream it’s called digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing VS Classic Marketing: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between digital and classic marketing is the medium within which an audience finds a marketing message.

While Classic marketing uses traditional media as I said above. And Digital Marketing uses digital media such as social media and websites.

Of course, traditional marketing does not mean it is old-fashioned. Classic marketing still plays an essential role in people’s lives with an ever-growing need to step out of the digital life.

The immersive experience of an impactful TV commercial and the physical nature of a copy of Rolling Stone magazine are as important today as they were 20 years ago because of their enduring results on your memory.

Subconsciously you add yourself to their brand emotionally, meaning they will stay at the top of your mind.

By the same token, digital marketing is just as important as classic if not even more so. It uses all touchpoints of your daily use of the internet to reach you.

Using the internet for various hours each day is a normal part of most people’s day-to-day life.

Digital Marketing just accepts this to its advantage by easily weaving marketing information into every digital channel.

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Classic Marketing: Pros and Cons

With the growth of social media, classic marketing is often underestimated by marketers.

However, traditional marketing still pretty much has a place in a consumer’s day-to-day life.

If you have the budget to share your campaigns in publications and prime time TV, your money could be well used.

Classic Marketing Channels Includes:

  • Outdoor
  • Broadcasting
  • Print
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Window display and signs


Impactful and Easy to Understand

A visually bold advertisement or a memorable TV commercial is a normal part of most people’s day-to-day lives. They are easy to digest and ofter entertaining.

Printed Marketing Materials are More Permanent

If you have an advert in a number of The New York Times it will be there until the magazine is recovered. This is excellent if the customer is an avid collector.

More Memorable

Understanding something in real life very than on your phone is more likely to be remembered.

The promise of the new Super-Bowl ads or a nice and awesome window display is more likely to stay in your brain than an Instagram ad you will apparently scroll past in seconds.


More Difficult to Measure Campaigns

There are plans to include classic marketing campaigns like brand trackers but they are nowhere near as sharp or in-depth as the devices available for digital marketing.

Often Expensive

If you are a brand in its opening chances are you do not have the funds for a 4-page cover in Vogue.

Many kinds of Classis marketing will set you back a considerable number.

No Direct Interaction with the Consumer

Unlike SMM, you are more or less in the dark about your audience’s reaction to your marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing: Pros and Cons

However impactful traditional marketing is, we can not forget that we are well and truly living in the internet age.

According to, “Internet users now make up 57% of the global population. On average, people use 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day.

By 2021 a projected 73% of all eCommerce templates sales will come from mobile”.

That is a mind-bogglingly large amount of time and a chance to do some clever digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Channel Include:


More Options For Engagement

Through channels such as social media, you can actually see what your audience remembers of your marketing and brand purposes.

If your marketing has been shared, liked, and had lots of positive comments, you know you are doing something correctly.

Easy To Measure Your Campaigns

On the flipside to classic marketing, the specifics of digital marketing tracking are exceptionally in-depth. This gives your training very clear for your next round of marketing efforts.

Makes Clever Targeting Possible

If you have the tools to accurately target a 29-year-old female writer who enjoys Lizzo and drinking Guinness then definitely you can also create well-tailored content?


Digital Ads Can be Deemed as Annoying

Consider the moment you are scrolling through your Facebook homepage and all you want to do is observe what your old school buddies are up to these days.

Then you get the dreaded sponsored ad for something similar to an uncomfortable illness you googled the night before.

It is sure to make you actively avoid the very brand doing the clever targeting.

Less Permanent

Digital Marketing runs like Google Ads, Promo emails, or Social Media ads can have a short, temporary character.

They are unsure and can easily be ignore. If your target audience keeps scrolling or clicks to the following page your ad will be gone from their screen.

Constantly Evolve

To prepare the most out of your digital marketing purposes there is a lot to learn. Evey channel normally requires it’s own professional, from search engine marketing to social media, every channel needs a pro to get the best kick for your bull.

But, a grass-roots social media marketing strategy is an excellent place to start.

Find What Works For You

Finally, both types of marketing have their benefits and downfalls, but the key is understanding your specific marketing needs, considering your budget, and understanding your target audience.

The moral of the story: both Digital and Classic Marketing can work for you, as high as you know what your public needs.

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