Let’s discuss about Change Size of Product-Image in PrestaShop.

PrestaShop is one of the best plateform for eCommerce website. It is a complete open source with wide rage of customization. PrestaShop Theme provide functionality change the size of product image that you want.

To Change Size of Product-Image in PrestaShop, follow the below Steps:


In Admin panel, Go to Design > Image settings section.

webibazaar image setting


You will see the list of product image size. These all images settings are already installed in your store.

webibazaar image size


Click on the image size which you regenerated for edit product image size. You can add your own width and height of product image size.

Select Yes if you want image size that you edit in products, categories, brands, suppliers and stores.

Change Size of Product-Image in PrestaShop


Once you change the size of image then you have to regenerate image. Without regenerate image, it will not change image size.

Click on Regenerate thumbnails at the bottom of this page. You can also select which image size you want to regenerate.

webibazaar regenerate image

After regenerate image, refresh your website and see the changes of image size.

Add New image size

1. To add new image size, Go to Design > Image Settings sections. And click on Add new image type at the top of right side.

2. You can add all following option as you see in below screenshot.

Change Size of Product-Image in PrestaShop

  • Name for the image type – Title of new image type.
  • Width – Set the width of image size in pixels.
  • Height – Set the height of image size in pixels.
  • Products – This type will be used for Product images.
  • Categories – Size used for Categories images.
  • Brands – The size is use for brands images.
  • Suppliers – It is used for suppliers images.
  • Stores – Used for stores images.

3. Click on Save button and refresh your site.

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