Let’s Learn  to Horizontal & Vertical Ap Mega Menu in WordPress

AP Mega Menu is a FREE WordPress plugin, for Mega Menu. With AP Mega Menu, you can easily add several widgets, configure them and create a great horizontal and vertical mega menu.

Adding a Mega Menu onto your website was never easy before. It is now easy and fast. You can create Good Mega Menus without any coding knowledge in just no time.

This plugin is compatible and works.

  • It supports Flyout or Mega Menu, allows you to create the menu easily by “drag and drop”. You can select a matching template/layout for your theme from various pre-designed skins/templates.
  • Simply select widgets and drag, drop widgets with the visual builder technique and you can also sort selected widgets in different positions, increase/ decrease column width, also you can choose a maximum of 8 columns for each mega menu setting.
  • Horizontal Mega Menu position features such as Full-width, Center, Left, Right.
  • Vertical Mega Menu/Flyout position features such as Aligned to Parent and Full-height.
  • Horizontal Flyout position features as Left or Right.
  • Menu Replacement Settings With search form simply by adding provided shortcode inline.

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AP Mega Menu works best with every Our WordPress tattoo Theme. and if this plugin has Work Good For you, then you would enjoy out other themes

First, go to your WordPress Theme Admin panel

Then add a new Plugin Ap Mega Menu

1. Select AP Mega Menu Settings

2. Enable Mega Menu

3. Select Orientation Horizontal or Vertical

Horizontal & Vertical Ap Mega menu in WordPress


Then go to Ap Mega Menu setting as below screenshot

Horizontal & Vertical Ap Mega menu in WordPress


4. Now select Mega Menu or Flyout Menu and add Columns

Here Already added Sub Menu

Horizontal & Vertical Ap Mega menu in WordPress


Horizontal & Vertical Ap Mega menu in WordPress


You can add Many Widgets

Now we add a recent post here

Horizontal & Vertical Ap Mega menu in WordPress


You can also add WooCommerce product

Horizontal & Vertical Ap Mega menu in WordPress

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