There is a number of things that you need to take care of before choosing website templates for your eCommerce business or company website.

Yes, for your eCommerce website there is a number of things that you need to take care of like Working perfectly cart functionality, checkout, and purchasing working smoothly.

Nowadays a number of factors can affect selling your product like SEO, digital marketing, social media, website optimization, and much more.

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So, before choosing website templates let me tell you about what are the frameworks that use to make your website.

Shopify is one of the major market ratios that cover the eCommerce business.

Webibazaar provides lots of Shopify Themes that you can download easily and use on your website.

Shopify covers most of the 60% market in the eCommerce industry and a number of businesses can start up and grow rapidly via Shopify.

If you don’t know what is Shopify. Then let me tell some intro about Shopify and Hows Shopify Works.

Shopify is the cloud-based SAAS [ Software as a Services ] software that operates a complete monthly subscription plan or model. It gives you the small business owner can able to start business and runs smoothly.

Owners have complete control in the admin panel where you can enter the product data as well as be able to see complete analysis or reports of order.

And one more major advantage is the Shopify community. Yes, very big Shopify community for use learning from youtube as well as from Shopify website.

Now if you think to choose the best website templates for your eCommerce website then I think I suggest to go with Shopify and purchase any plan.

If you ask questions like Webibazaar Provide Shopify themes or not.?

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Read These 8 Questions before Choosing the Ecommerce themes

Here are some of the questions that arise in my mind: what type of things must be on a website?

  • What kind of website industry?
  • Type of design completely fits for your business?
  • Part of slider do you think it must be on your website.?
  • Want a Static header?
  • Should Video on Slider or not?
  • Want a mega menu or what menu bar position do you want?
  • Logo position where you want?
  • Content width in Full screen or Box Layout?

These are major factors you think about first before choosing any website templates.

You can write on paper one by one and make sense. Yes, this thing I want and this thing I don’t.

Let me tell you one by one everything in detail.

1. What kind of website industry?

Yes, this is a major and first thing you must think about. Like your industry is a marketplace then you need to purchase any templates that are related to multistore and it looks like a multi-products website.

If your business is related to restaurants then you must select a theme or templates related to the restaurant industry and must have some functionality like table booking, date and time booking.

The business is related to fashion then you must think about website templates related to fashion and minimal stores that look like the fashion industry and must have good product tab design.

So, basically, you think about what you website industry and you start thinking about that kind of templates.

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2. Type of design completely fits your business?

After selecting your industry you must think about what type of design relates to fits your business.

Design = Structure.

The structure that are complete fits your business like major thing is like

2.1  Width of content

2.2 Design of header

2.3 User usability and User Experience

2.4 Product Page Design

2.5 Footer Design

2.6 Category Design

3. Part of slider do you think it must be on your website.?

There are a number of slider options you have when you start to think about sliders.

3.1 Full width Slider

3.2 Box Layout Slider

3.3 Slider with Text Effect

3.4 Slider with multiple effects

And much more if you want to see it? Directly you can visit our Electronics Shopify Themes with various options of a slider.

4. Want a Static header?

Yes, the header also you can do with static on the top part and you can also hide when a customer or visitor can directly see a website or scroll the website.

You can check our Furniture Shopify themes that can have a static slider design.

5. Should Video on Slider or not?

I will not tell you like you go with Shopify only. But you can have a number of options like WooCommerce, Prestashop and OpenCart.

In WooCommerce you can choose Slider Revolution that can have number of options with Video with Slider and Video with Text and other things.

Yes, Prestahop and OpenCart have a major market in the eCommerce industry with lots of theme options and functionality options.

Both is completely free and you just pay those addons part or plugin part that you want from extra on website.

6. Want a mega menu or what menu bar position you want?

Mega menu is one of the best options for eCommerce multi-category.

If you want to build a business related to multi-store or multi-vendor then you must choose that template that is related to the mega menu.

You can see our templates in any framework that must have a mega menu in every template.

7. Logo position where you want?

Logo position you can check like center logo, left side logo?

The first impression is the last impression. Yes, the logo plays a major role in our brand impression.

8. Content width in Full Screen or Box Layout?

Decide what kind of content width fit your e-commerce store full screen of box layout.

Full width layout removes width from the content wrapper which makes wide content. Box Layout website content has a fixed width

Choosing between a Box layout and a full-screen website will depend a lot on the type of website itself.


Here I mentioned some of the basic things like best website templates and how you can choose the perfect store template for your business.

I also mentioned first which framework is best for the eCommerce industry.

First step in business always plays a major role. That’s why I am eager to provide perfect guidelines before you can start a business.

I also mentioned that if your business is related to a corporate company then which is best for your business.

Now, take a rest and order a cup of tea and take paper and pen and start thinking about which is best for you or not. Have a nice day.