Everyone wants to Increase their ecommerce sales! isn’t it? The eCommerce industry is a quickly growing industry all over the world. Global consumers are gradually getting accustomed to online buying. In 2014, global retail ecommerce sales were worth US 1336 billion. In 2021, the total eCommerce sales will be US 4479 billion. Comparing the sales between 2014 and 2021 tells that the ecommerce industry has observed massive growth in the last 4-5 years. In such a scenario, many eCommerce platforms are emerging. Some of them get quick success, while some ecommerce platforms undergo struggle due to cut-throat competition.

To increase eCommerce sales, business owners have to adopt a meticulous and innovative business marketing strategy. Sometimes, an ecommerce platform does not earn the expected revenue due to minor errors. In the following section, find some easy and fundamental methods of increasing ecommerce sales.

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1. Build a Visually Attractive Ecommerce Store

Developing a visually attractive eCommerce store is the first step to increase sales of your business. Buyers prefer stores that look impressive from the outside. The same thing applies to the e-commerce industry. If your eCommerce store looks impressive, buyers will spend time navigating to your website and check various products.

For building a visually impressive website, you need to choose the themes carefully. Selecting a theme depends on two things. First of all, the theme must be compatible with the CMS platform of your eCommerce platform. Secondly, the theme should be related to your business niche. At webibazaar.com, you will get a plethora of themes for different e-commerce developing frameworks(Shopify themes, WordPress WooCommerce Themes). Choosing a theme on this website is easy, as the website comes with themes segregated under specific categories.

2. Optimize Loading Speed of Your Website

An eCommerce platform that loads slowly will result in a loss in revenue. Many potential and loyal buyers will not purchase anything on your website if they experience slow loading speed. There are a few ways of optimizing the loading speed of a website. The most important thing is choosing a reliable and professional website hosting service.

Apart from a top-notch web host, you need a theme that gives good loading speed. A responsive website theme with a minimalistic design is the best way of maintaining optimal loading speed. Using large images or high-resolution images also reduces loading speed.

3. Improve Social Media Presence

Through search engine optimization, an ecommerce online store can obtain a good amount of daily traffic. Investing more time and money in SEO will increase the sales of your website. However, it does not mean that you give up searching for other sources of obtaining sales leads. Social media is a big platform today, and strengthening social media presence will enhance traffic for your website. Creating a social media profile is not enough; ecommerce platforms should invest time in interacting with social media fans and followers to increase sales.

4. Referral Schemes for the Buyers

Ecommerce businesses can fetch more buyers by introducing referral schemes. Many ecommerce businesses have benefitted through such schemes. So, how do the referral schemes work? An ecommerce platform should ask the existing buyers to refer the products to their friends and relatives. When the referred individuals purchase something on your ecommerce store, you reward the referrer with additional discounts or freebies.

5. Incorporate Multiple Payment Gateways

Having multiple payment gateways is an essential thing for every ecommerce platform. When you give more payments options, buyers will find more convenience in purchasing products or services from your ecommerce store. Multiple payment options also help an ecommerce store retain buyers. If a specific payment feature does not work, buyers can try other payment features to place their orders.

6. Collect and Analyze Data

For an ecommerce store, data is the most crucial asset in today’s time. Your online store will get a high number of traffics every day. Users who visit your website will leave some data for you to analyze. Collecting data and processing them to understand trends among the buyers will make an ecommerce business successful.

Data is vital to understand the behavior of the consumers on your ecommerce store. Moreover, it also gives you information on the shortcomings of your website. Working on those limitations will provide a better buying experience to the buyers. An improved buying experience will enhance your sales.

7. Encourage Buyers to Write Reviews

Asking the buyers to write reviews on the products purchased on your online store will help you find more sales. When a potential buyer visits the website, he looks for unbiased information on the products. If the person finds a few positive reviews, he will purchase a particular product. Moreover, reviews from the buyers will increase the search engine visibility of your website. As a result, you will get more buyers.


Running an ecommerce store is not an easy thing, and success does not come overnight for business owners. However, following the tips and tricks mentioned above will help the ecommerce owners to run their business with decent monthly sales. As your ecommerce platform gets more exposure, sales will keep rising.