Building an eCommerce store has become a simple thing today. You will get many premium platforms where you can create your eCommerce store easily. Among such platforms, Shopify is a unique platform. Most successful eCommerce stores use Shopify today, as the platform offers many features. The most important thing for eCommerce builders is choosing the perfect Shopify theme. There are uncountable themes, and choosing the right one can be a complicated thing. In the following section, you can find a guide in this regard.

An Introduction to the Shopify Theme

Before moving forward, you should know a brief introduction to the Shopify theme. A Shopify theme is the template for your website. The platform comes with many themes. You can browse the themes and choose the suitable one as per your preferences.

If you are looking for a premium Shopify theme, you can check the premium collection of Shopify themes. At WebiBazaar, you will find many Shopify templates segregated under various categories. According to your business niche, you can find themes for your eCommerce platform. It saves time and makes your website more attractive.

So, what are the factors to remember while choosing Shopify themes? In the following section, you will find the answer to this question.

1. Developer’s Support

When you choose the Shopify theme, you need to consider the support provided by the developer. The themes may have some bugs and glitches. Thus, the developers have to update the theme to make it more flawless. On the other hand, themes should be updated with the changes in Google’s algorithm. The theme developer must offer good customer support service. If you choose the theme correctly, you will not find hassles in installing, updating, and customizing the theme. The developer will provide you all the guidance you need.

2. Catalog Size and Product Images

Before selecting a Shopify theme, you need to check the size of the product catalog. You can filter your theme search with the catalog size preference. If you have a business related to men’s and women’s apparel and fashion accessories, you need a theme with a large catalog size. An online fashion store features a wide range of products under different categories. Thus, it needs numerous product pages. On the other hand, there are a few ecommerce platforms that sell a limited number of products. You can choose the Shopify themes with the small catalog sizes.

3. A Responsive Theme

According to the surveys, an ecommerce platform gets around 80% of visitors from mobile devices. So, people prefer online shopping through their smartphones. Thus, business owners have to develop a website that welcomes smartphone users flawlessly. A responsive website is trending for this reason. A responsive website can provide a seamless interface to both mobile and desktop users.

Smartphone users will not find any problem browsing product categories and various product pages when an ecommerce platform is developed on a responsive theme. So, a responsive theme is an essential criterion for choosing the right Shopify theme for your ecommerce store.

4. Lightweight Theme

Today, ecommerce stores do not feature heavy images. Due to the heavy images, websites become slow loading. As a result, buyers find inconvenience in exploring different products and services on a website. An ideal ecommerce theme must be lightweight and simple. Instead of big images, the theme should use flat vector images. An ecommerce store with a decent loading speed can earn a better profit than other stores. So, you need a lightweight and fast-loading Shopify themes for your ecommerce store.

5. Built-in SEO Features

Developing a visually attractive ecommerce store is important, but it is not enough for the success of the ecommerce store. Additionally, you need to think about different other aspects. The most important aspect is the website marketing and brand promotion. For online promotion, SEO is the most trusted solution. For a successful SEO campaign, you need a website that is ready for SEO. You should choose a Private Shopify Store that comes with all the SEO features. Moreover, there should not be any flaw in the on-site SEO of the ecommerce theme.

6. An Easy Checkout Process

The eCommerce theme you choose should possess a seamless and robust checkout process. Many eCommerce platforms lose buyers as they do not provide a simple checkout process to the buyers. The checkout steps should be minimal. If you make checkout a lengthy process, your online store will start losing buyers. For a seamless checkout, a secured payment gateway is also essential. The Shopify items should come with a provision for integrating secured and multiple payment gateways.


Shopify Store is a trusted platform for selecting eCommerce themes. However, choosing the right theme is the key to establishing a successful eCommerce website. The theme should match your business profile. Nevertheless, it should come with the features mentioned above. A customizable and budget-friendly theme will help your business to grow quickly.