We all want to become handy for the complex Microsoft power Bi tools available on the internet.

So here is a guide, which will help you better understand this tool.

Let’s get Started 

A new BI technology has been created so that data visualisation and BI, i.e. business intelligence, can be facilitated very easily.

More precisely, in this emerging world of more techno-centric people, it has become a need of the hour to learn and know more about widely used tools.

I believe most of you are not aware. So here is the correct information and concepts explained adequately.

How To Use Microsoft Power Bi: A Complete Guide

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI

The BI or business intelligence tool is an analytical intelligence tool that helps an individual or business firm maintain proper records of their books.

Power BI is based on software that helps visualise and analyse various data reports. It is a user-friendly analytical intelligence tool that can further interpret data in multiple forms.

A wide variety of features are offered that we can use in a simple and self-capable manner, such as self-service capabilities and a drag-and-drop option that impressively retains a user.

It also could be deployed on-premise and on-cloud platforms.

It comes in 3 platforms: Desktop application, Service with software, and Power BI Mobile.

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Power BI provides a wide variety of features that makes it simple and easy to understand so that it will be easy for all to use it.

These features are as follows:

  • Datasets
  • Dashboards
  • Custom investigations
  • Information associations
  • Channels
  • AD-Hoc examination
  • Reports
  • Pattern Pointers
  • Route sheet
  • Online Analytical Processing(OLAP)
  • Normal Language question and answer session box
  • Office 365 application launcher
  • Dax capabilities and recipe
  • Content packs
  • Creating intuitive ports

What Microsoft Power BI Provides

  1. Discover pertinent reports

Pursue Power BI to find and access any pertinent substance — including reports you previously constructed and prior reports from either your association or the Power BI people group.

  1. Uncover report experiences

Investigate your reports to find and produce the speedy bits of knowledge you want for better business choices.

  1. Share bits of knowledge

Work together on pieces with associates, then, at that point, effectively share the words and bits of knowledge when and how you need them — in work areas, on the web, in applications, or utilising Microsoft Groups.

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A tool used for further processing most business organisations to facilitate their operations smoothly. 

Business intelligence and data visualisation tool used for data mining and computer clouding.

  1. This component is used to access, search, and change information from public or nearby/inward information sources.
  2. Service: The Power Administration empowers sharing of exercise manuals and information with different clients.
  3. Map: It accompanies devices and capacities to picture Geospatial information or data in the 3D model guide.
  4. Portable applications: Business clients view and cooperate with the reports and dashboards distributed on a cloud administration through versatile facilitated Power BI occasions.
  5. Desktop: You can import information from an information source, get ready and change it and use it in representations to make reports in the Power BI Work area.
  6. Pivot: This help gives apparatuses to show information taken from the in-memory information source to utilise it for examination.
  7. Site: Utilizing Power BI Site, you can make dashboards from reports, share the dashboards with other Power BI clients, and cut up information inside a statement.
  8. question and answer session: Utilizing the Power question and answer choice, you can look for your information or find experiences by entering questions in everyday language.
  9. Data Management Gateway: This part deals with the occasional information revives, information feed survey, and table uncovering.
  10. View: This helps many devices to address information involving visuals and use them for examination graphically.
  11. Catalogue: The Information Index choice offers the capacity to look at and reuse inquiries.

How Power BI Desktop works


  1. Search for Power BI in Microsoft Store.
  2. Click on the Get button to install it from the servers.
  3. Go to the download page and install the free version.
  4. Also, you can download it from the official site under the section of Power Bi Desktop.

It’s Working

  1. Connect to information, including numerous information sources.
  2. Shape the information with questions that form savvy, convincing information models.
  3. Use the information models to make perceptions and reports.
  4. You can share your report with others with the help of a sharing tool on the desktop.

Its Steps

  1. So, Once you have downloaded and installed the free software, you can use it to create reports and share them with others. Using Power BI, Desktop, users can create an account by connecting with the data sources on Desktop.
  2. After completing the report, publish it to the Power BI Desktop, allowing end-users to view and interact with the information.
  3. After this, by using the server, you can confiscate or contract the accessibility of your report to only those people working inside the company’s firewall.

However long you approach the information sources, your desktop, and its servers to view and edit and access your reports, you can utilise them to deal with the data, make the vital reports, and send them off to the right groups of people.