As the world enters the new digital era, where everyone is heading toward digital solutions. Many websites have adopted new things and are taking an initial step that makes them closer to the new digital world.

In this sense, customers are buying things online and they want everything delivered to their doorsteps. ECommerce Themes businesses are helping out and reaching potential audiences.

These days, customers have become very smart, before they purchase a product from your store.

They probably get the full knowledge about that product from other sources.

If they want to purchase an iPhone from your store then they already have an idea about its specifications.

However, in today’s time, especially online booking websites offer a well-optimized pre-order function.

That makes it easy for customers to confirm their order from home before the official release date of that product.

Those days have gone now when people used to stand in a queue, and wait for their number to pre-order.

Their product and again on products’ official release date stand in the queue for hours waiting for their number to come and get the product.

A time-consuming process. But it ends now, you don’t have to stand in a queue unless it’s a special Friday offer at your nearest retail store.

Tips to Use Pre-Booking Functionality On Your Store

Consistency Of User Experience

Running an eCommerce Housewares PrestaShop Website Themes website is not that easy job.

You have to take care of everything. From visuals to content to the user’s interaction to most importantly user experience.

When customers come to your store they know exactly why they are here? And what they are going to do at your store?

It’s an opportunity for you to show them what you are capable of doing.

You must be thinking about what user experience has to do with the pre-booking function? We have an answer for you.

If you have a Shopify eCommerce Templates store then you know that you can share your brand on social media too.

Introducing pre-booking functionality can also be able to be shared on social media and bring social media users to your eCommerce WordPress store.

If you have a pre-booking tool integrated into your store then your upcoming product and user experience.

Can run parallel to each other and your customers can interact with your brand or website so easily.

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24/7 Availability For Short-Time

247 Availability For ShortTime

It’s not like any offline business where customers have the only numbers of hours to register for the upcoming product.

You can not find a single person sitting in a retail store 24/7 waiting for the customers to pre-register the product.

No, you will not find any. With online booking, your customers can come at any time and register for the upcoming product.

In PrestaShop Themes 1.7 stores you can simply highlight this function with the help of different marketing strategies.

You can remind your customers through email, push notifications, and SMS. You can increase your customer’s excitement and increase the purchase numbers of your upcoming product.

Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout

Your Website’s booking and its availability should look responsive on the website and mobile screen.

Customers are really into mobile phones as they want to operate everything from their mobile phone.

Therefore it has become very important for you to provide the best experience when customers come to your store by using any device and visit booking functionality.

If you have a multi-store WordPress Themes store then you can get the experience from WooCommerce.

As they are providing booking product availability to integrate on your website.

Cancellation Availability

Let’s understand this with the only example. If you have booked a new phone from the offline store.

In a matter of time, you discovered that a new phone from a different company is also launching the phone.

Which is better and a little bit cheaper compared to that phone which you’ve already registered some times ago.

Now when you go back to the cancellation process they won’t accept your submission.

Either you feel pity in your life thinking “why do I rush so much to buy this phone?” you’d do nothing.

On the other hand, the online booking system works simply and works for user experience.

For instance, if you have an OpenCart Themes store then it will give you the best reservation system.

Where your customers can simply cancel your pre-booking product anytime.

Moreover, by making this system available your customers will never leave your store anyway as you are giving them exactly what they’ve asked for.

Integration Of Google Calendar

Integration Of Google Calendar

Well, to hype customers’ excitement you can also add time and date so that your customers can stay up to date with your product.

This time your customers are more excited about the new product so it’s your customer time to check your website or application every day until you release the product.

For this concern, Google will help you with this. You can simply schedule your targeted date and send it to your customers to track it every day until the release date of your product arrives.

New Pre-Booking Trend

As we have already discussed, people want new things time-to-time when they become a customer of any online store.

If you want to keep up with new technology then you have to change your business style too. And pre-booking functionality will help you with it.

Since the retail shop lacks availability and eCommerce online business is the only thing where people can put their trust easily.

Pre-register functionality is the one that will provide a seamless user experience in the new world.

Final Words

Customers are the most enthusiastic about everything. When it comes to shopping they can’t wait to purchase the product which they like the most.

In this context, you are giving your customers a hype by showing them that one of the potential products is about to come then how can customers control their excitement?

Tell us below are you using this functionality in your store? If you are using it then share with us the moment so that other owners can also learn from you and so do we.