Among all social media platforms, Instagram is the best platform to market your eCommerce Business.

Especially if you are selling clothes, organic food, footwear, or any other stylish things you are selling in the store then.

Instagram is the place where you can find your targeted audience and better engagement compared to Facebook.

Since TikTok’s future seems unsteady in major countries like the USA and got banned in India, Instagram has recently taken a gigantic jump and introduced its Reel feature.

After the success of Stories and IG-TV, Instagram is in a never stopping mood.

Instagram is allowing e-commerce or any other brands to connect with their customers and new users to grow their business.

As of January 2020, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram.

However, Instagram reels allow users to make interesting videos with some effects and other stuff right within an app.

When people go to Reels options they will see a great number of videos from multifarious people and content-worthy videos that can engage viewers with your profile.

If you have an eCommerce templates store then you’ll have a kind chance to get started with Reels and get your customers and prolong your social media engagement.

In this article, we are going to tell you why Instagram Reels are important, and how you are going to start by creating Reel videos of your brand and making a strong profile of your brand on Instagram.

New Digital Marketing Strategy Has Added: Reels

New Digital Marketing Strategy Has Added

Instagram is offering so many things to brands to market their company and products on its platform.

Whereas, TikTok wasn’t more considered for marketing terms.

Conversely, some e-commerce companies tried their luck and we don’t know if they succeeded or not.

But Instagram’s algorithm works differently as it runs on users’ behavior, either if it’s their normal feed or Reels feed.

Moreover, Instagram is trying hard to cope with today’s changing time and user’s changing behavior.

For instance, in digital marketing, terms and strategies have to change time-to-time because the user’s behavior really matters in this case.

Hence, Reels only offered to make a 15 seconds video but we think that it’s enough time to create hype in your viewers and customers about the product you are about to launch.

If you have a Shopify Computer Store then you can simply attach your store with social media.

Especially, you can directly interact with Instagram and create your videos there, put some effects on it and upload it.

The best features are the maximum time limit and a prime platform for the young generation.

We don’t think that any eCommerce owner would dare to put this platform aside from their digital marketing campaign.

Why Should I Use Instagram Reels To Promote My Brand?

Why Should I Use Instagram Reels To Promote My Brand

TikTok has an uncertain future, and the biggest countries are blaming TikTok for data breaching and stealing its customer’s private information.

Some strong platform has to come up, and that’s how Instagram stepped in. As it already stated that Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users then your potential customers and target audience is among them.

A bigger social media platform helps you to reach a bigger audience and gives you a wider space to promote your product and brand in image form and video form.

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Increasing Your Brand Awareness

Increasing Your Brand Awareness

To increase your brand awareness you need to go viral or become sensational on the platform.

There’s an unrealistic thin string between going viral or not. That’s not a problem and many e-commerce owners don’t give much credence to it.

In the sense of going viral, at least, e-commerce owners should try to appear on the user’s Reel feed.

If you are using the PrestaShop template then all you have to do is to make your advertisement, add a sneak peek of your store, and put some words throughout the video but it should be more catchy, therefore viewers wouldn’t find any difficulties in making your 15 seconds brand video viral.

There ain’t anything bad for going viral because it gives you and your brand recognition and spread awareness among users and maybe some of them would notice you and visit your web store.

Keeping New Generation In Mind

What does the new generation want when they step into the digital world? New & trendy fashionable clothes, make-up kits, stylish footwear and all.

If you own a store from any of those categories then congratulations, you have now more chances to get a new generation’s attention only if your marketing strategy is creative enough.

In a Top WordPress Theme Store, owners can select one of their top-selling products and include it for a Reel video, or if your store is about to launch then you are in for a real treat because you wouldn’t find any other way to create hype among your audience as effectively as reel video does.

You are targeting a wide amount of audience here on Instagram. So make sure that everything works according to your plan.

Advantages Of Creating Instagram Reel Profile For Your Brand

No matter how much cringe content TikTok used to show on its feed, Instagram doesn’t work like that.

This platform is run according to the user’s behavior so if the user clicks on the content-base video, his/her feed will be flood with good videos.

From taking browsing and history data you can upload your reel advertising video on Instagram reels and you will end up getting better engagement, turning those viewers into your brand followers.

For example, if a viewer likes the post of your brand then their feed will be fill with your reel videos and other same product-related brands.

It simply means users will only see what they love to see on their Instagram feed.

If you are an entrepreneur and have a Best WooCommerce Store and also you are working on a budget with Social Marketing then Instagram is the best platform for you if you have fashion-based products.

You don’t need any extra editing software, all visuals are available on the app.

All you have to do is to record your video on a good camera but the frame should be steady.

In contrast, you have to show your audience that you have recorded this video more professionally.

Instagram is suggesting reel videos on the main feed where users can easily see videos and get notice.

Wrapping Up In Reels

In this article, we only gave you the surface knowledge about Instagram reels. And how you are going to achieve the milestone while creating videos. Of your brand and get recognition from your viewers.

Reels can easily promote your brand and product while containing suspense, which gives viewers enough hype.

Instagram charges per hour rate. So be careful when you decide on your budget.

A low budget means your post will reach only a minimum number of audiences.

But don’t worry, get start from there and you will achieve your goal one by one easily.

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