It is no doubt that many people need to keep track of the latest updates of web-design assets. A varied and high-quality toolkit is an essential part of every workflow. You might know that a bad workman always tends to blame his tools.

However, when you have such a massive choice of digital products, it will be weird. When it comes to web development and design, one needs to remember that he or she works in a competitive market. For this reason, your custom work should stand out from the crowd.

To achieve this purpose, it might be excellent to gather an excellent selection of resources and tools. Then, you will not need to start searching for the most appropriate ones when it comes to brand-new projects. You are going to have everything right to hand.

On the Internet, it is possible to find multiple services that can save you in the long run. ONE by TemplateMonster is a highly-evaluated subscription that has all the essential instruments, no matter what topic you need to describe and promote. Today, we want to speak about its peculiarities, benefits, and other details that you might have an interest in.

ONE by TemplateMonster: A Bunch of Web-Design Assets for Every Taste

ONE by TemplateMonster: A Bunch of Web-Design Assets for Every Taste


Perhaps, you have already experienced different advantages of subscriptions by yourself. We are pretty sure that many people use Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other services. ONE by TemplateMonster will be your Netflix but with a collection of web-design assets. Its assortment has thousands of ready-made solutions that are suitable for popular niches and purposes. In other words, you will not need to browse dozens of sites to download the best products. All of them are waiting for you inside ONE by TemplateMonster.

As you can understand, this subscription is a perfect match for web-designers and developers. It is no surprise because they are always looking for ready-to-use templates for various occasions. What about other categories of users? Can they turn their attention to ONE by TemplateMonster and will it satisfy their needs? In our opinion, the answer is positive. This subscription includes not only website templates or plugins, but also graphics, stock photos, and other assets. For this reason, we decided to create a list of those users who can benefit from purchasing this service.

  1. Advertising-related specialists and marketers. Thanks to ONE by TemplateMonster, it is possible to grow their collection of social media templates for different platforms. They will be ready to create eye-catching Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and others.
  2. Business owners and entrepreneurs. It is possible for these people to forget about their online-presence. To get a regular enhancement, they can take advantage of various corporate identity templates.
  3. Bloggers. Using this subscription service, they can download hundreds or thousands of stock images for every topic.
  4. Illustrators and graphic designers. For them, ONE by TemplateMonster prepared a huge category with different graphic items for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


What Are These Digital Assets Included in ONE by TemplateMonster?

We have already mentioned that ONE by TemplateMonster boasts an excellent collection of digital items. It is no doubt that the team tries to add only the most beautiful and fully-functional assets. In addition to this, the assortment grows and provides more choices for your needs.

  1. To begin with, you can download different WordPress themes. These will help you to create an online-project regarding every field. You can present such topics as design, electronics, beauty, fashion, photography, society, electronics, and others. It is also possible to grab a few multipurpose ready-made solutions. Their packages include a set of skins.


2. The inventory also has many eCommerce themes. These are suitable for Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. There are also VirtueMart, OpenCart, and PrestaShop templates. The thing about many eCommerce themes is pricing. Visit a few popular digital product depositories and look at their prices. Some of them are equal to the price of ONE by TemplateMonster. As you can understand, a big advantage is obvious.

3. Other product types for website-building include the following ones:

  • HTML templates;
  • Joomla themes;
  • Elementor-compatible themes;
  • Elementor template;
  • PrestaShop modules;
  • and others.

4. Another category of assets is graphics. To be honest, the number of these assets has impressed our imagination. For this reason, we gathered a list of the most popular items:

  • PSD templates;
  • logo templates;
  • illustrations;
  • resume and certificate templates;
  • social media templates;
  • product mockups;
  • icon sets;
  • infographics;
  • and many others.

5. You can also download presentation templates (Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint templates), stock audio and photos, and different video effects.


Webibazaar Templates had a bunch of ready-made solutions to share in ONE by TemplateMonster. For this reason, everyone can get familiar with this assortment inside the subscription. Among the best products, you are going to find various PowerPoint templates, corporate identity assets, Photoshop templates, infographics, and many others. These are fully-editable and carefully-designed items that you will not want to miss.

Other Privileges to Get After Purchasing ONE by TemplateMonster


  1. An excellent license. It allows downloading unlimitedly and using the necessary ready-made solutions on as many domains as you want. There is no need to re-purchase items to work with them once again.
  2. Draftium PRO Mockup Tool is a bonus for all the subscribers. During one year, you will be ready to prototype your websites and collaborate with your team.


3. Technical support is available for every digital item included in the subscription. If you have any issues, you can get in touch with the team using a chat or telephone. It is also possible to leave a ticket and wait for the answer.

4. Have you thought about promoting ONE by TemplateMonster on your resource and monetizing it? In this case, you need to join an affiliate program. It will give you a special referral link. Post in on your blog or social media to earn a 30% commission from every subscription sale.

ONE by TemplateMonster Pricing

Creative All-in-One All-in-One (Lifetime)
$82 per year $169 per year $599 (one-time fee)
Graphic and design assets WordPress and CMS themes WordPress and CMS themes
Presentation templates eCommerce themes eCommerce themes
Video and audio assets Plugins Plugins
Unlimited projects Graphic and design assets Graphic and design assets
One-year technical support Presentation templates Presentation templates
Video and audio assets Video and audio assets
Unlimited projects Unlimited projects
One-year technical support One-year technical support
Unlimited lifetime access

If you want to try ONE by TemplateMonster, take advantage of its extra plan to get Free Digital Items. These included the following ones:

  • PowerPoint templates;
  • Photoshop templates;
  • resume templates;
  • certificate templates;
  • logo templates;
  • patterns and backgrounds;
  • and many others.

A Few Words in Conclusion

ONE by TemplateMonster is ready to provide you with a perfect set of digital products that continues to broaden. Using them, every custom online-project will turn out to be engaging and distinctive. It is impossible not to impress others when you have a bunch of premium templates, graphics, plugins, and other items. Keep in mind that this subscription also suits marketers, advertisers, business owners, content managers, bloggers, and others. Each of them will find something special for their purpose inside this toolkit. TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace makes sure everyone will not be disappointed with this subscription service. Give it a try and get all the benefits we have mentioned. Thanks for reading!

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