Branding is just not with companies, it is also with individuals too. With digital marketing helping all types of businesses to scale high in terms of awareness and revenue, as an individual, you must be competitive enough to be in the market. Of course, as an individual contributor, setting your standards in your field of expertise becomes imperative. That means to say that you must have a high-performing and responsive website best WordPress Themes for yourself.

Building a website is never going to be easy without the help of web development platforms. Especially, if you are not a tech geek and not able to spend on hiring a developer, WordPress shall be the right option.

Webibazaar offers great deals in setting your domain name and also helps with hosting services for WordPress websites. The best part about WordPress is, it has numerous delectable themes for building a creative website that shall help establish your brand effectively.

However, selecting one from the many can be a challenging task. We are here to help you with top-class personal branding website themes. You can select one among the best based on your requirements. 

Personal Branding Website WordPress Themes That Grabs Audience Attention Instantly

One must realize the fact that having a website for oneself shall help portray the strengths to the users. Potential clients may find it a necessity and may even offer you a greater contract.

A few people might have a definite passion and establishing the same can build a massive business around too. Nevertheless, the medium to do that is the website, and let us quickly see the Best Responsive WordPress Themes that shall help you in this regard. 



If you are planning to build a fabulous professional website that shall display your skills and strengths, Brooklyn must be your pick.

As with many themes, Brooklyn theme Shopify also has numerous pre-built sites for you to use. You can choose one from the 42+ pre-built sites and create your website in just one click.

The admin panel needs a mention here, it helps you to edit the pages with maximum ease. The good news is, you need not be a tech geek to do the changes too. 

Further, the pre-built websites are suitable for different business types. You can most probably find one for your niche as well.

One of the major aspects about Brooklyn is, a few pre-built sites are outstanding with the minimalist design too. That means to say, the loading speed shall be at its best. 

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Now, if there is one theme that surpasses Brooklyn in a few aspects is the Bridge. It is a standout theme for its functionality as well as designs. Bridge has 376+ demo websites for you to use.

Clearly, exponentially higher number when compared to Brooklyn. Another number shall be staggering too. Till now more than 1 lakh customers have built their website using this theme.

The designs are excellent and the main reason for the customers choosing Bridge is for the functionality in increasing the online presence. 

The bridge is loaded with tons of features with the help of plugins. You can create shortcodes and widgets pretty easily. As such, all the pre-built sites can be installed with just a click.

That means to say, your personal branding website is ready in minutes. The theme also comes with demo videos for you to learn and execute as well. 

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If you are thinking of a personal branding website that can create a delectable feel for the audience, RyanCV shall be your choice.

The numerous features that the theme has to help you mix and match and develop the website of your choice.

The theme also has pre-built sites but is not as exhaustive as the other two. RyanCV is named for its designs and it is indeed exquisite. 

RyanCV helps you create a website that is compatible with all the devices. You are planning to create a blog site, this must be the best one. Further, you can have the website translated to different languages too.

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If you have plans to create a lightweight website with the maximum loading speed, Kallyas shall be the right one. You must select the themes based on your requirements.

Kallyas is never short of any feature that the other three themes have, but one must understand that Kallyas shall be the best theme for you to create a website in a snap.

All the basic features to establish your brand is available in the theme and that shall be sufficient to launch your personal branding website. 

The amazing coding practices in the theme helps in making the website search engine friendly. You can be in any type of business and Kallyas shall support you in proclaiming your brand the best way. The best part of Kallyas is you can integrate it with the WooCommerce theme and set up the e-Commerce store too. 

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This is one of the powerful themes that have high-quality features. The 50+ high-class pre-built themes shall be sufficient for you to create an incredible website for your business.

Avada is trusted by many customers and has lived up to its expectations to date. The WordPress plugins help you create a highly responsive website.

The easy-to-use interface helps you to create the website with maximum ease. 

The numerous personal branding pre-built sites help you create the website of your choice. The variety that you have in the designs and eCommerce website templates shall leave you amazed.

Choosing one among the tons of premade sites shall be a difficulty. But, it is suggested to use any of those and enjoy the benefits. You can shift between the themes. The live preview feature helps you to make changes in real-time too.

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Build a Phenomenal website using Total. It is a multi-purpose theme that has excellent features to portray your brand the right way. The website can be made with a few clicks.

That means to say, you can create a website in just minutes. The 100+ builder blocks and 500+ design modules help in making your website WordPress themes look stunning.

The easy to install pre-built personal branding site is more than enough for you to create and launch your website. 

The theme is built to be compatible with numerous WordPress plugins. You can sell your expertise too. Yes, the theme is integrated with WooCommerce and you can readily create an online store too.

The live customizer option enables you to edit the templates as you wish. You can change the colors, background as well as fonts. You have an event calendar embedded in the theme too. 

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This is a WooCommerce theme specifically designed to enhance your business in terms of sales. The SEO-optimized theme helps you to create a website that shall attract web traffic.

This has many demos that are used to create online shops and other businesses too. The numbers read like this, there are 22 different variations for the online shops and 20 different variations for other types of businesses. 

Porto helps build a high-performing website. The page load speed is amazing and the website can be opened in multiple browsers without any hassle. The cross-platform attribute is also commendable. 

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You might have any type of business in hand and would like to promote your brand to enhance the business prospects.

Oshine is the best theme for multiple businesses and you can definitely find the need for your brand to be established. The 40 and above ready-to-use pre-built themes makes it an excellent platform for you to create your website.

The editing aspects in the theme are commendable. 

Oshine is suitable for portfolio-type websites. If you are a photographer or an artist and planning to post a lot of pictures on your website, blindly opt for Oshine.

The drag and drop plugins shall help you make blocks conveniently to create a photo galore. The brand shall also be boosted with the SEO-friendly attribute.

The attractive call to action and incredible smooth scroll aspects makes it the best pick too. 

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Xstore shall help you portray your skills in the right way. It is a highly minimal WooCommerce theme that shall help boost your business too. The product features and elements to display the product is incredible. You can create the website WordPress themes using the drag and drop option.

This leaves it pretty easy for you to build a website with minimum effort. 

It is also to be noted that, XStore shall suit the photographers the best. The delectable blocks to display your pics and the high-quality templates with excellent colors make it design rich. The hover effects and the animation in scrolling seek the audience’s attention. 

With the themes being the best, you should allow yourself some time before selecting the right one. You can also consult WordPress hosting services like Webibazaar for advice too.

Experts shall help you give a good idea of the website that might suit your business. Further, Webibazaar helps you with great deals in terms of hosting charges and fees for the domain names too.

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