The tussle for making the website look distinctive among the fierce competition in the website building industry has led to hundreds of thousands of selecting WordPress website themes.

The number of WordPress themes available on the internet is so gigantic that it will take weeks to explore them to find the ideal one eventually. 

So how to find an ideal WordPress theme for your website? 

Selecting a WordPress theme is significant. An ideal one will embrace your existing content, be responsive and compatible with all the devices, and be blazing fast speed.

Despite the numerous options available on the internet, selecting the suitable theme can bring you to the state of tenterhooks. 

Therefore, to bring you out of the dilemma and help you avoid the tedious task of going through many WordPress themes, we have addressed a few do’s and don’ts you must consider before selecting a theme for WordPress

Pre-Plan the Features you want on your Website

To select the best theme for your brand, you should prioritize the selection of features that you want in your WordPress theme, as they are the backbone of your website. 

Fortunately, WordPress has crafted a Themes repository filter that enables you to manipulate your searches for your desired theme based on particular functions and features you want in your WordPress website.

Moreover, it is significant to pre-plan several user interfaces and design components to display your features. For instance, you should decide how many sections you want for particular details. 

The general notion is that more is always good, but that’s undoubtedly not the case when it comes to themes. All the features you select for your WordPress website should be relevant to your services and eventually fulfill your requirements. 

It would be best to avoid irrelevant features on your website as they increase the load on the website, making it slow and making the website more complex to understand for the end-user.

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Avoid selecting Heavy themes

The idea of having a website equipped with multiple features might sound excellent to you, but it might act as a slow poison for your website.

You must resist adding multiple features to your website which are irrelevant to your brand or are unnecessary as they can create a heavy load on your website, which may lead to dire consequences for your website.

Features like online gaming, music, and video streaming might be super-attractive to hear, but they can decrease your website performance drastically.

Moreover, the creators of websites often find additional features for their website on the internet whose codes are highly insecure and can bring a possible threat to your data and the security of your website. 

Select a Highly Responsive Theme

Even though you might spend an ample amount of time and money building a vibrant and solid website, you can still end up not entertaining the user if your website is not responsive. 

Being responsive simply eams that your website theme is compatible with all the devices and functions smoothly without any glitches and design faults, making a theme super-easy to navigate and use. 

Fluid site grids and compatible pictures can translate data according to the devices used.

Do Use Color Psychology

In the modern era, where people have become habitual of judging content and making perceptions based on visuals, a perfect color combination becomes an indispensable part of online marketing as they enhance the brand reputation and reach. 

If you have to select a theme color, you are on the right track; if you haven’t, then no need to worry; try matching your theme with the color of your logo or product.

If you are confused between the color themes, you should consider a light color theme according to the recent trends. It can be inferred that people prefer lighter colors over dark ones.

However, dark themes are also a considerable option, but they may cost you your readability score.

Do Buy a Premium Theme

It is undeniable that free themes are a considerable alternative for people on a tight budget or who don’t want to spend a hefty amount of money on themes.

However, free themes are not updated after specific intervals, and most of them are not even updated. Moreover, the theme owner might leave handling the theme, which goes hand in hand with poor security and coding.

Whereas premium themes can help you create a distinct identity among your competitors. As they offer multipurpose functionality and way more features than free themes.

Themes available on Webibazaar require you to pay only for a single time in contrast to the periodic payment policy.

Don’t select themes with challenging to understand fonts

If you want to make it convenient for visitors to navigate your website. And keep them engaged for a more extended period, then you must consider font selection. 

No one wants to read content written in hard-to-read font styles. And people might negatively impression your website because of poor fonts.

Therefore, selecting easy-to-read and eye-catching fonts is crucial for you. Especially if you post content of a more significant number of words.

Premium themes offer you a wide range of fonts, and free themes are limited to a few fonts.

In addition, cascading style sheets can help you change your theme. Fonts if you are unsatisfied with your font or unsatisfactory.

Do test your WordPress website themes regularly

All you need to do is add a theme check plugin to your website. And it will indicate to you whether your WordPress website theme stands out according. To the recent WordPress standards or you need to make some changes to it.

Once you detect any flaws or imperfections in your website. Do not delay the improvements and start rendering the errors immediately.

Proofread, reread and make your content SEO friendly before publishing it online. Ensure every picture is loading and every other content is compatible on all the devices.

These were the seven top do and don’t you must consider before selecting the best WordPress theme. Changing WordPress themes is super easy but selecting one is tricky.

We hope all your doubts have been cleared with this article, and if you want you select a great WordPress theme, you can visit Webibazaar to get a wide range of the best multi-purpose WordPress theme.