Online business stores are the trend if you are planning to build your business to the next level. It is indeed a fact that any business can incline to offer online services in order to have greater reach.

In fact, the situation has come to such a.n extent that, if you do not have an online presence in the form of an eCommerce website templates store, the possibility that you may vanish in a few years.

Online stores shall help reach out to customers and help develop a business the best way. Of course, transformation involves a few challenges.

One such challenge is to choose the right eCommerce solution to build your store. The truth is, once you decide on this, 95% of the challenge is solved.

While we talk about eCommerce platform, there are quite a few in the market that has equal attributes. Woocommerce and Prestashop themes are the most prominent platforms businesses choose these days.

While there are many reasons behind it, choosing one among the two shall prove vital for your business enhancement.

This article shall help you find the best of the two platforms that shall help build an incredible eCommerce store. 

PrestaShop Vs WooCommerce – Which one is the Best?

This might be the wrong question. As such, both platforms are excellent. They are feature-rich and user-friendly as well. So, the question of ‘best’ can be changed to ‘suitable’. So, which is the most suitable platform for your business?

Let us quickly know what they are in the first case, before going deeper into the comparison.

WooCommerce themes are an open-source plugin that is built into WordPress. It has excellent features and the platform has been the choice of most businesses since 2011.

The best part of WooCommerce is, it is an open-source solution. That means to say, you can make any type of customization as you prefer. And it can be done with maximum ease too.

On the other hand, Prestashop is again an open-source platform to develop eCommerce sites. It had started in the year 2007. Prestashop has excellent designs and has incredible administrative features that you may not find in WooCommerce.

Of course, this is on par with WooCommerce in the user-friendly nature of the interface.

Detailed Comparison Between Prestashop and WooCommerce


This might help you gauge the number of businesses that have confidently selected either of the two to run an online business.

It is estimated that around 3.3 million websites are made using WooCommerce and have a whopping 28% market share at the moment. In comparison with Prestashop having 3.2%.

Further, one can also understand that Prestashop is majorly catering to businesses in France and Spain while WooCommerce has a wide area connect; USA, UK, Iran, etc.

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Price Factor

This is on your budget. Setting up an online store does require investment. But, let us make some calculated expenditure. Too much of an expense, in the beginning, can prove detrimental too. In this accord, we see PrestaShop vs WooCommerce stands tall with the lowest pricing options when compared to Prestashop. 

Though both platforms are free to download and install, there are other costs involved in this. They are

  1. Cost for selecting the Domain Name – it might cost you $12 a year
  2. Cost for the Hosting provider – Anywhere between $5 to $25
  3. SSL Certificate – $5 a year

Further, you can use the free themes available for you to develop the online store. If you are planning to make the online store even more attractive, you might have to purchase themes for both platforms. This adds to the cost. is the best place for you to choose free themes for WooCommerce. In this way, you end up spending $54.99 a year for Prestashop while you spend just $19 for WooCommerce.

Top Free WooCommerce themes to set up an online store in quick time

Technical Support 

Prestashop is way too advanced in offering support to its clients. While a few merchants for Woocommerce like Webibazaar shall offer excellent support in terms of any technical challenges, the support factor is incredibly more in Pretashop’s case.

You have a few options to find solutions for your technical challenges or troubles while you use Prestashop. 

If you face any technical glitch or trouble using the tool, you can take a look at the guides, tutorials, and FAQs. Further, Prestashop also has training courses to learn from as well.

If you feel, it is time-consuming or does not find what you are looking for, then you can join the Prestashop forum and find the answers. You have 1.2 million and more customers in the forum to answer your query. 

You can also get in touch with a live agent to have your technical trouble solved. In fact, you can get it solved in less than 15 minutes.

Moreover, such service is not available on any of the platforms and this is unique to Prestashop. At the same time, it is not a free service. The support fee ranges from $249 to $1399.

On the other hand, WooCommerce does not have any of this kind. But, you have the tutorials, FAQs that guide you to get rid of the trouble.

At the same time, you can also raise a ticket through the WooCommerce website and wait for 24 hours for the resolution.

Why choose PrestaShop for creating an online eCommerce store?

Installation Ease

Both of them are pretty competitive in this factor. If you have WordPress, then installing WooCommerce happens pretty quickly. Also, Prestashop can be installed in less than 300 seconds through One-Click Install.

If you are too very confused and do not even know anything about the technical aspect, reading the tutorial and installing the same can take up to 20 minutes. Either way, the installation is free and easy in both cases. 

Finally, it bottles down to the features. As an organization, it is a must that we select the platform that has maximum features. At the same time, the price of the platform must be suitable too.

If there is one tool that balances these two, then that is WooCommerce. It has the best price factor and more features while the feature sets are more or less similar to WooCommerce for a higher bargain.