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Thousands of new websites get launched every day through WordPress. Therefore, it is indubitable that it is not a piece of cake to build a WordPress website that inspires people and engages heavy traffic to your website is not a piece of cake.

But the good news is numerous WordPress website examples have gained popularity in a concise period.

Although, it is undeniable that a website with an eye-catching WordPress website design and innovative features can turn out to be super lucrative if you consider long-term growth.

Our experts have spent ample time and detailed research to finally shortlist the top 8 things you should consider before launching a WordPress website.

So let’s get started.

Device Compatibility

It would be best if you double-checked that your WordPress website is compatible with all kinds of devices such as desktops, mobiles, and tablets. You can also take the assistance of device-compatibility tools like BrowserStack to check the readability of text and navigation convenience.

The highly responsive themes of web bazaar auto-arrange themselves on display perfectly, although it would be best to cross-check for mental satisfaction.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

A website with great design and functionality may still negatively impact your brand if it is incompatible with different browsers like chrome, bing, and safari. Therefore, you should perfect even the minutest details for achieving ultimate perfection.

Therefore, you run through your WordPress website demo and ensure that logos, images, icons, and all other sections are placed at their specified position and look professional.

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Does my Website look Awesome?

I know that it may sound like a weird question, but you need to ask this question yourself eventually.

Now that you are finally about to launch your very own website, I am sure that you have invested your ample time, research, and human resources into it. But it’s harsh to say that all your efforts can go in vain if the front-end of your website is not attractive enough.

Hence, it would be best to hire a professional WordPress website designer as they can render even the most ignorant errors from your website to make it flawless.

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Must-have Pages

There are several pages that every WordPress website should have on their website, and the first thing most of the visitors scroll in is mostly a must-have page. For instance, A Contact US page includes all the necessary details and an additional form through which a person can contact you.

An About US page through which the visitors can get an insight about your website. Moreover, you must include sections like careers, hire us, blogs and portfolio in the menu section for offering maximum ease to the visitors.

Test all the links

One link on your website which ends up redirecting your potential client to an error 404 page can end the story for you. There is fierce competition in the industry, and you can’t afford to lose potential clients over silly dead links.

Make sure that your WordPress website offers an unforgettable experience to the users. If possible, check all the links by yourself that redirect the desired page or hire a professional WordPress website developer who will do the deed for you.


Unquestionably website security is one of the most crucial aspects you should consider as a priority. Also, if you have a payment gateway through which your user’s data is stored on your website, you are legally obliged to protect that data.

Here are a few tips which will help you secure your website:

  • Periodic Backups
  • Consistent updates
  • Plugins
  • Change username& passwords regularly
  • Limit login attempts for avoiding password guessing
  • Use HTTPS’s SSL certification
  • Hide your admin page
  • Disable file editing

Search Engine Optimization

Since you are just about to launch your WordPress website, it is highly recommended to focus on search engine optimization from the very beginning. Learn operating google analytics, google search console, and other SEO tools to publish content that is algorithm friendly.

In addition to being SEO friendly, it increases the probability of your content rising in the SERP’s ranking significantly.

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Content Quality

Make sure that all the content you are publishing on the website is grammar-free, plagiarism-free, and all the information is proofread before you publish it. Moreover, your content should be informative, engaging, and relevant to the product or service you are offering.

Try writing content on trending topics of your niche and applying search engine optimization techniques to your posting to increase your SERP’s ranking. It should be your ultimate goal if you are launching a website.

Grand Launch

Now that you are well-acquainted with all the factors you must consider before launching your WordPress website; you are all set to make a grand entrance into the virtual world.

But the story is not yet finished; the final thing you should consider is your website’s social media branding and promotion.

Also, if you are rebranding your enterprise in an all-new way, then a social media profile becomes an indispensable part of your success journey. Finally, if you are looking for a reliable company renowned in custom WordPress website development, you can consider Webibazaar for a high-satisfactory service.

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