A business website should be a true reflection of an offline business or an organization with a great vision and mission.

You can easily build a website, but the main goal for creating a business website must be building an easy-to-use website and providing the best user experience to your site visitors.

Visitors come to your website in search of the product or information regarding the services you provide.

So if your website can provide the best viewing experience to your website visitors, they will surely come back to your website. 

Make sure the impression that your website leaves on the users that are visiting for the first time will decide if they will visit your website in the future or not.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid when creating a business website:

Conflicting Visual Design

Conflicting Visual Design

The interface that you will choose for your website will play an essential role in giving a simple and easy-to-use look.

If you are using a website template, use should focus on maintaining consistency for all the pages of your website.

Consistency should be kept by checking on the fonts, styles and colours. Keeping these elements consistent across your website will lead to a better user experience as compared to when a website makes use of multiple fonts, styles and colours.

Tough Navigations

You should check how easily your website visitors can navigate your website? Does your website design automatically leads them to the next step you want to make?

Are they having a hard time trying to figure out what to do next on your website? You should find all the answers by visiting your store as a potential visitor.

Adding categories and sub-categories to your website makes it easy to find the relevant information. Another responsibility that users have is the freedom to search for anything relatable to your website.

This is important for any website, it can be an eCommerce website or a business website. 

The better experience you provide to your visitors, the higher chances you have of them coming back to your website.

Interfering Pop-up

If you are viewing or reading something on someone’s website and in between you get interrupted by a pop-up asking for the email address.

We are sure that you will get annoyed by the website and get rid of it. So make sure you do not add any pop-up while designing your website. 

In some cases using pop-ups can have a positive impact on your website visitors as well as your business too.

In that case, you must add the pop-up at the end of the page once your site visitors have completed reading the content on your website.

Over-Stuffed Content

Over Stuffed Content

Does your website stuff with content that you may not need there in that place? Keep in mind that no matter, how well your content is written, most of the visitors will only scroll through the content of the website. 

So it’s a better idea to limit the number of words you want to use on your content and instead of it, you must focus on the way you present the content on your website.

It is essential to include the visuals on your website. Adding visuals on your website can be a great way to keep your visitors engaged. Holding your visitor’s attention can be difficult when you have long content.

In such cases, it becomes impossible to send your message effectively. 

Website’s Personality

Website’s Personality

The personality of your business or a brand must be represent and visible on your website. Your website should have a personality that is adjust with your business. It should tell the story in the way that it has been design. 

Don’t be uncertain to reflect the personality of your business or brand mission and vision through your website. The bottom line is to tell the story of your business through your website.

Terrible CTA (Call-to-action)

You CTA is an entry to your business. It commands your website visitors to take the desired action such as buy now, click here, get a free coupon, etc. apparently, your CTA must tell your visitors what they will need to do. 

There should be enough information that your visitors can know what they are going to get by taking action and what information they will need to provide.

On the other side, there is a fine line between helpful and being irritating. So make sure your CTA is short and tells your visitors what to do. 

Poorly Designed & Irrelevant Images 

Images and graphics are a demanding part of web design. If done well, images can transfer the message to the visitor. If done wrong, it can confuse the reader. Many different businesses are still not paying proper attention to their images and are using poor-quality or irrelevant images. 

Make sure you do not make such mistakes, as poor-quality images will screw up your website and turn back your visitors, which can hurt your conversions.

Similarly, irrelevant images will confuse your visitors convincing them not to take the desired action. Its also said that you should not mess your website with too many images as they can take away visitors eyes from the desired CTA, which leads to a loss in conversions.

Auto-playing videos with sound

Auto playing videos with sound

Adding a video to the website can be helpful, if you use it accordingly, it can help you grab your website visitor’s attention and help you get conversions. But it’s not ok to auto-play a video on your website without the permission and anticipation of the person visiting your website.

There are few website’s where it is acceptable and expect for the video to auto-play like websites covering news or sports. 

It is frustrating to experience for visitors when they click on a website link or browse a particular page, and just as the page opens, a video will start to play out automatically. Instead of finding the mute button, many visitors left the website instantly. 

If you want to add a video you can go for it but make sure you keep it must as Facebook and Twitter use silent auto-play, where users can see the video playing automatically but has to active the sound manually.
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