If you are thinking of creating an eCommerce website, here is a complete guide for you to get inspired by the websites that are already running well from all around the world.

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To get the best result for your website, your goal should be :

  • Responsive friendly design
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy navigation menu
  • Testimonials
  • Blogs
  • Easy checkouts
  • Cross-sell/Upsell
  • Well organized contents
  • Customer reviews

1. Responsive Friendly Design

The user-friendly Shopify Mobile Stores Themes is a key ingredient for your perfect website if you got top-selling products on your website and If your design is not user-friendly then it gonna be tough for you to convince your customer to convert into sales.

According to google’s new update from September 2020 Mobile-first indexing is mandatory for your business so make sure your Web Design are responsive for any devices.


You should keep it simple and clean for example checkout google’s website!

What do you see? You’re gonna see a simple Google logo and a search bar right.

It’s not always good to try something new if you have top-selling products. Instead of trying something new you should be focused on keeping things simple and try what is already working for others. You will find some difficulties in the start but always stay positive and keep crafting your website until it gets perfect.

2. Easy Navigation Menu

The Navigation menu should be set up neat and clean when visitors enter your site then they should be able to find their liked products easily using the navigation menu. You can add sections into the Navigation menu and add products according to categories and subcategories so it will help visitors to reach their desired products easily.

3. Testimonials

When you already have best-selling products ask your customers who already purchased your product to send you video testimonials about how they feel when they used your products so that you can add those testimonials to your website to inspire other visitors and encourage them to purchase your products or services.


Your customer will never say no to testimonials when they are satisfied with your products or services. So it is a great way to turn your visitors into your lifetime customers.

4. Blog

A blog is essential nowadays if you are selling products or services because you can target keywords that are ranking in the top in your targeted market so writing a blog for your targeted market will help you to rank in search engines results which can drive more traffic to your website organically and help you boost your sales.

You can write about your products or services or about your business Etc and target your niche keywords naturally so that your website won’t rank down for keyword stuffing.

5. Easy Checkouts

Yes, that’s right, an easy checkout is necessary for your eCommerce Website Templates. Less complication at checkouts more convenient for customers to convert into sales. It should not be a long process, just a few steps and you gonna see great results

keep it simple so that customers don’t get confused.

The checkout Page Should have Stepped as Following:

  • Account & Billing Details
  • Payment Method
  • Confirm Order

Account & Billing Details In this form, you should ask the customer for their names, email address, shipping address, pin code, and country if you are selling worldwide

Payment Method – As a merchant, you can use UPI, Paypal, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, etc to confirm payments of customers. You should only ask for minimum information such as Debit card/Credit card number, expiration date, CVV, postal code and country.

Confirm Order – When customers confirm payment for specific orders, this page should be highlighted as a thank you page with Complete order details of the customer.

6. Cross-sell / Upsell

Cross-Sell –This is a cool step to encourage your customers to buy related products for the product they purchased. For example, if your customer buys a mobile phone you should offer them power banks, Bluetooth earphones, etc.

Upsell – This is the step where you engage with the customer. If a customer goes for a shopping furniture bed and the merchant sells a whole furniture bed set. That is called the upsell.

7. Well Organized Content

Great Professional Website Design Templates is a very sensitive step when you are creating a website. You should take care of colors, fonts, images, videos, descriptions, etc. Again you should keep it simple and user-friendly using catchy headlines, great color combinations, font styles, optimize images to load your website fast.

This is an example of how to organize your products into a website:

8. Customer Reviews

Your Customer purchased something from you and loves that product. You should ask them to post reviews or testimonies. This could help your new customer to get to know about your products from those who are already using those products and will be easy for you to promote your products. Customer who finds cool reviews buy products easily so it’s important that you engage with your customers and ask them about your products reviews.

As you start creating a website for your business make sure to check out the above-mentioned points so that you can create the perfect store for your business and run it smoothly.


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