This article has 45+ web design tips and tricks for building websites that work. Its really helpful to make your website. Just follow the technique.

Having an awesome web design is cool but if you are a newbie and don’t know much about web design tips and tricks, don’t worry we will be breaking down all the tips and tricks that will help you customize your web design and provide the best experience to your website visitors and make them spend more time scrolling through your website.

We will sort different points into different parts so you can understand it better and try to implement it on your website or if you are willing to create a website for your business. Stay tuned and learn more about design tips.

Web Design Tips & Tricks:


1. You must limit the number of colours that you use on your website. As a rule of thumb, you should stick to 2 to 3 colours.

2. Make your logo an important point in your website design. Your logo is critical for your branding strategy and its also a major point of recognition.

3. Use a grid to keep the content on your webpage well-organized. Generally, 1 to 2 grid column grid works best.

4. Pay proper attention to text contrast. It is important that your website visitors can read your website content.

5. Keep it simple. Making the most of whitespace can help you to attract your audience and focus on the fundamentals of your website.

6. Stay up to date with the latest website design trends so you can implement it on your website and stay one step ahead from your competitor’s website.

7. Take proper security measures to make sure that your website is always protected.

For proper security measures make sure you use a secure host, encrypt your login pages, enforce a strong password policy, keep your software up-to-date, keep your website clean, backup your data, etc.

8. If you purchase a theme for your website try to deviate away from using the provided demo content, original and unique is always works best.

User Experience Tips & Tricks:


9. You just have 5 seconds to make the value of your website clear to your visitors. You must use a design that immediately attracts your visitor’s attention.

10. Use responsive design to provide an optional user experience, regardless of the type of devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers used to access the website.

11. Create a website design that offers easy navigation for users to quickly find what they are searching for.

12. Choose scrolling over clicking to guide your website visitors through your brand’s story.

13. Make the flow of your website understandable so your site visitors will know which actions to take next.

14. Get rid of the clutter. it also creates confusion for your visitors.

15. Make your CTA (Call-to-action) button unavoidable to click.

16. Choose fonts that can be easily read, indifferent of the type of device being used to access your website.

17. Confirm that all the internal and external links on your website are working. If you find any broken link make sure you update or remove it.

18. Use anchor text to give your website visitor’s some quick information about the page they are about to visit.

19. Make sure that all the external links open in a new window by using target=”_blank”.

20. Keep your capture forms as short as possible which can be helpful to encourage more visitors to share their contact information with you.

21. Take advantage of auto-complete forms to capture the lead information. This can make it easy for visitors to opt-in.

Content Tips & Tricks:


22. Keep in mind that your homepage is only the doorway to the subpages on your website where your visitors will take the desired action.

23. Quality content is vital and needs to connect your message. If you are not making quality content a priority, your website will undoubtedly fail.

24. Break up content into short, easily digestible 1-2 sentence paragraphs so you don’t turn off your readers.

25. Use high-quality and compressed images. Remember that an image can worth a thousand words.

26. Use video to explain more effectively about your product or service to your audience.

27. Update your website regularly with fresh content to show your website visitors that you have an active and successful business.

28. Maintain a business blog. This will help you keep your website active and can help you extremely with search rankings.

29. Have an active presence on social media sites to drive qualified traffic to your store.

30. Watch out for spellings and grammatical mistakes before publishing your content. Such mistakes can lead to losing credibility with your audience.

31. Design each page on your website as if it were a landing page. Creating different design pages will engage your site visitors.

32. Always keep SEO in mind while creating content for your website. It can help you rank higher in search engine results from where you can drive more traffic to your store organically.

33. In regards to search engine rankings, remember that webpages rank in Google, not websites.

Development Tips & Tricks


34. Take advantage of advance learning opportunities to prepare yourself with the latest techniques, technologies and tools.

35. Use A/B testing to determine which version of your webpages reproduce the most with your audience.

36. Don’t be afraid to outsource aspects of website design from a company with specialized website design services.

37. Pay attention to your website loading speed. Most people will leave a website if they will have to wait more than 6 seconds for a page to load completely.

38. Choose images for your website design that relates to your business and industry.

39. Avoid using special effects in website design as they will typically distract your website visitors.

40. Always keep the footer at the bottom of your website which is so common.

Future Tips & tricks

41. Continuously test and update your website design to reach your audience.

42. Check out your competitor’s website to find out what’s working well. also, don’t be scared to look at websites in other industries.

43. Become an industry leader by sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

44. Always keep working on your online presence to stay a step ahead of your competition.

45. Make your website design adaptable with new technology and gadgets that hit the market.

What You Should Not Do

46. Avoid using flash. Whatever you want to build can be built with plain old HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

47. Don’t use too many pop-ups. It will bother your website visitors.

48. Don’t use autoplay on your website for music or video. Let your visitors choose to turn music or video on.

49. Limit ads to 2 per page. Alternatively, the ads can become trouble and irritate to your visitors.

Hope this article will help you implement some essential steps that will change the functionalities of your website and can be liked by lots of your website visitors.

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