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Hexamall Shopify Responsive Theme

fashion shopify themes, shopify fashion templates, fashion boutique shopify theme, minimal fashion shopify theme 14/06/2021

Siteshop Shopify MultiPurpose Responsive Theme

Shopify Fashion template, Shopify Multi-Store Template, Electronics Shopify Template, Shopify Development Theme, Shopify Customize Theme, siteshop-shopify-multiPurpose-responsive-theme 18/02/2019

Megamall Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Shopify Fashion template, Shopify Multi-Store Template, Electronics Shopify Template, Shopify Development Theme, Shopify Customize Theme, megamall-multipurpose-shopify-theme 05/01/2021

Maxdino - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Shopify Fashion template, Shopify Multi-Store Template, Electronics Shopify Template, Shopify Development Theme, Shopify Customize Theme 11/05/2021
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Shopify Themes

Shopify Premium Themes from Webibazaar Templates come with Quality codes and a very unique design. Purchase the Best Shopify Templates and Themes from Webibazaar. 

Are you lazy? Of course, you don't..!! You think you can manage all tasks regarding server setup and others all stuff that eCommerce need.?

Ya... I know it's a little bit difficult.

In this case, start the journey of Shopify. It allows you to create an online eCommerce store.

Shopify manages all tasks like:

Unlimited products you can able to insert

Yes, you can enter the unlimited products into your Shopify store without any hesitation.

Unlimited Bandwidth for your store

There is no limited bandwidth that you can upload images in your store.

Unlimited storage capacity.

You can upload as many images as you want. There is no storage limit.

Shopify point of sales

POS Is something like Shopify POS for iOS and Android lets process orders and takes payment in a person. POS is like allows to owner to sell a product in a Physical store. Or any other like Pop - up settings.

Gift cards for customers

Great for increasing more customer value and getting more customers from sending gift cards in the eCommerce business

Online Sales Channels

You can sell your product in a number of ways like Online stores, Facebook shops, Pinterest and many more. Each sales channel connects to Shopify and makes more orders and any sales channel.

Big fraud Analysis

You can use Shopify Payment so don’t worry about big fraud and you can check each detail from the website.

Manual order creation

Yes, you can create manual order from admin and also you can able to enter the detail like name, email or any other information like address..!!

Discount codes

Who doesn’t want to offer code? Like you can able to create a custom offer code for the first-time customer and send him/her by mail. Exclusive offer code. Or many more.

User Staff Account

You can not manage all tasks. You need to divide some tasks with staff. Shopify allowed you to create a staff account and you can well monitor and see the updates and many more with a user staff account.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

The biggest problem of eCommerce is Abandoned carts. Yes, these things are well managed by Shopify. Some customers add to the cart and leave the store. Shopify automatically sends mail and tries to recover carts and get more sales or ROI.

Great Overview Dashboard

Shopify provides a great overview dashboard. Like you can see all orders and customers details and much more.

Finance Reports

Business is not loss if you manage well finance. Shopify provides all information regarding how much sales I get and much more information.

Customer Support

24/7 Support providing live chat or phone support and also providing email support. These three categories are based on which plan you purchase.

What should I look for in a Shopify theme?

Clear and Intuitive Design

Do you know why people reject or leave a website? [ As per Studies ]

  • 94% issues related to design
  • 6% content related
  • 38% of people will leave a website layout unattractive

Now, What is your goal is to engage more customers and people spend more time and they are more likely to purchase a product.

Only that you need to focus on Simple and Clean elegant design.

What you should check before purchasing any theme from shopify theme store

You must check you should be clear and not confuse the visitor or customer and remove all unwanted apps or any code in your website.

Everything is the matter like colours, fonts and text that play important roles in influencing website visitors and behaviour and great experience on your website.

Shopify Plan and Pricing:

  • 1. Basic Shopify
  • 2. Shopify
  • 3. Advanced Shopify

1. Basic Shopify

This plan is completely basic for starting a business. As I mentioned earlier features from that some are not available in this plan like Gift cards, Advance reports, Third-party integration.

Plan Pricing: USD 29$/Month

2. Shopify

Everything you need to grow a business and Shopify does provide you with the same things. All Basic Features + Gift card and Professional Reports include this plan.

Plan Pricing: USD 79$/Month

3. Advanced Shopify

Advanced Shopify and Features for scaling your business. Both Basic Shopify + Shopify and many more. Like a Great discount on Shopify shipping and Shopify Payments.

Plan Pricing: USD 299$/Month
Two others plan like:

1. Shopify Plus

Enterprise-grade Shopify solutions for high volume great merchants, and large businesses.

2. Shopify Lite

Sell on Facebook and chat with your customers on Messenger, add products to any website or blog, and accept credit card payments for only $9 USD per month.

Customization Options

It doesn't matter which theme you used and purchased. You will always need to customizing the design and match your branding per your niche.

Everything in your control related to website design like you can able to change or update colors, put some background and custom Shopify app and typography, sidebars, and everything else like category product, product catalogues.

This is a must you check before purchasing your theme or before installing any Shopify theme on your website.

Nowadays everyone can purchase with mobile and people also do.

Customers are more confident in shopping with mobile devices.

According to the survey:

Cyber Monday sales in 2019: Generated Sales of $3.0 Billion in Sales Via Mobile devices.

Something like from total sales [ $9.2 Billion Sales ]: 33% Sales from only Smartphones.

That's Quite Cool. Right..!!!

You have more focus on mobile devices and check responsive is not.

App Integrations

Shopify is one of the platforms with amazing customization ability and you can easily integrate with apps.

With the use of these features, sellers can easily add new apps and features and functionalities to store and extend more value.

Security and Reliability

Other advantages of Shopify eCommerce is the security and scalability, reliability it offers. Security is very important for an online eCommerce business because it deals with very trusted personnel and those who purchase themes and need to check the financial information of the customers.

Excellent eCommerce Loading Speed

This gives the eCommerce Shopify platform a super-fast process loading speed and the e-commerce built on it ready to load in a matter of seconds.

Shopify provides a great 99.99% server capability.

Great Marketings Tools

The primary version offers SEO features besides advanced Shopify eCommerce analytics. In collection to these, it offers more features marketing tools such as custom-ready gift cards, discount great coupons, store analytics statistics, targeted very email marketing, and so more.

Here are some key benefits of using Shopify

Advanced features

Shopify is a selected choice for the sellers who need quality and effectiveness along with simplicity and rich features.

Quick & Easy set up

For any new Shopify-commerce site owner, setting up the store and managing it on a daily basis is a breeze thanks to Shopify’s store management interface. It sets up accounts that store owners can later utilize for remarketing to target old site visitors as well.

A large community

Shopify is the most popular all-in-one e-commerce platform that anyone can use to start running a business from scratch, grow and reap the market share

It is now at the top of the e-commerce platforms and has a great community that can publish the themes and creates an app for Shopify.

Video tutorials

Shopify states that over 800,000 stores have been built using the eCommerce platform, which makes it a more relatively safe bet that the company (and thus your online store!) is not going to disappear any time soon. And All are complete with the use of Video tutorials and make a more powerful shopping experience.

How good is Shopify?

Shopify is the best option right now if you are looking to start a profitable online eCommerce webshop.

If you look at some Shopify stats and a huge number of eCommerce websites are using it as a sales platform.

Some of those are very discordant, two very big eCommerce online websites. If they see a profit with Shopify you should too.

The only thing that is not good is that you will have to pay a monthly fee but that is nothing compared to what you are getting from that.

Why is Shopify better to use compared to others?

Shopify has made very easy dropshipping a very easy thing that one can do.

Though every eCommerce platform or website business has its own challenges, Shopify has made building an online store much easier and simpler.

If you looked earlier a few years ago you could build a store in months after spending a lot of every cash. But now with eCommerce and dropshipping Shopify, you can take or launch your store in one each day.

Previously you must have been sure to spend not less than $2000 to have an eCommerce store and most might have taken one 3 months to launch the same.

Only web developers could build the store but things have completely changed. Shopify has made it very easy to find it simple to launch in a few days of about only 3 days.

For those with products already to sell on an eCommerce website and can launch it in just a few hours.

Connecting to other web apps is easier with eCommerce Shopify and with fewer apps.

A store can run without any product app on Shopify.

They also teach you how to market eCommerce stores and make more sales.

Amazing Platform Ever..!!!

Let me know How I can activate my Shopify store?

Here you follow the step:
  • 1. Signing up with Shopify Store
  • 2. Set up your online web store
  • 3. Choose a theme design for your store
  • 4. Edit Shopify settings
  • 5. Add your products in your store
  • 6. Launch your store with great
  • 7. Add a domain name (optional) as you want

Shopify Development Store

You create an unlimited number of development web Shopify stores. A development store is a completely free Shopify account that comes with a few limitations.

You can use a web development store to test any of the themes from Webibazaar that you create or to set up a Shopify account for you or for your clients.

One that can’t test the functionalities of other web Shopify apps (paid applications) present on the Shopify app store platform.

Pros and Cons of Shopify


  • Shopify stores provide built-in great speed and great security.
  • Completely web-hosted so if you are doesn’t know much about the technology you don't need to get involved in the technical details of servers, marketing, hosting, etc
  • Every Shopify site or theme performance is excellent.
  • As I mentioned Earlier that Shopify provides great customer support.
  • Pretty easy to any customize a theme if you know a little bit of web knowledge of programming.


  • If you want a higher advanced facility you need to pay more.
  • Shopify does not provide email hosting facilities.
  • No one-page checkout - Not get much conversion rates
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