AI marketing tools are changing the game and are used by companies, big or small.

The usage of artificial intelligence is no longer a luxury but a necessity to gain a competitive advantage over other companies. 

With AI-powered marketing tools, you can run and plan your marketing strategy efficiently in no time.

Data is the key to marketing, and AI-powered marketing tools can process an enormous amount of information gathered from different sources.

It helps you to save a lot of money, time, and effort.

AI also helps you to create personalized marketing strategies by identifying your company’s needs and understanding customer behaviour. 

From a lot of impressive options to choose from, one is likely to get confused and tired.

So we at WebiBazaar have created a list of the Top 5 AI marketing tools along with their key features and how it contributes to an effective marketing strategy. 

How To Use AI Tools In Marketing? 

AI marketing tools can assist you in various functions, including content marketing, PPC, email marketing, creative design, B2B, and more.

It helps to make the content creation process more accessible, can help you increase social media engagement, and create automated responses that save a lot of time. 

AI tools give predictable insights about your campaign and tell you detailed information on which product works the best in the market and which is not. 

You can also use a pricing strategy with AI tools to gain better margins. It helps to control dynamic pricing based on demand and supply in the market. 

Automated email marketing tools and chatbox are also potent functions of AI that help companies speed up. 

Top 5 AI Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

1. Surfer

( for content writing ) 

Surfer is a tool designed to help you write articles for first-page rankings. It has an in-built keyword research tool and can evaluate keywords using Google’s BERT method.

Integrations with other content marketing tools like Jasper, WordPress, Google Docs, and more are available. 

Key features 

  •  500+ ranking metrics to analyze content
  • It gives you actionable insights 
  • Gives scores to your content 
  • Keyword analyzer 

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2. Grammarly

Grammarly helps to make your content free of grammatical errors and increases engagement. 

It is one of the best marketing tools companies use to double-check if their content is professional and polished. 

Grammarly works by giving you suggestions by highlighting the potential improvement area.

It’s on you whether you have to ignore or accept the recommendations. 

Key features 

  • Increases engagement 
  • Can spot redundant words
  • Works in different apps 

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3. Market Muse 

MarketMuse uses AI technology in all of its services It is an excellent option for marketers looking for an all-rounder AI marketing tool. 

It helps content marketers reduce their time and effort in competitive analysis, SEO, and content research.

MarketMuse accelerates the speed of content research, creation, and optimization using artificial intelligence. 

Key features 

  • AI in all of its services
  • It includes KPIs
  •  content brief to serve as a guide
  • Conducts deep AI research
  • The first rough draft is created, which can be altered later 
  • Build-in editor and content brief

4. Seventh Sense 

The seventh sense is an AI-powered email marketing tool that ensures your email gets delivered to the right customer at the right time.

It analyses the perfect time for sending emails, and it does so by analyzing previous records based on customers’ activity.

This tool is essential for companies that send hundreds or thousands of weekly emails.

Key features 

  • Increases deliverability 
  • Knowledge transfer 
  • Increases conversions 
  • Personalized service
  • Determines the best time to send emails to each contact
  • Constructs individual predictive models
  • Behaviour profiling

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5. Instatext 

Instatext helps make your content more readable and understandable.

It helps you rewrite your text to understand and perceive yourself as a professional. 

Instatext lets you specify multiple keywords it ensures that the tone and style of the writer are preserved despite rewriting the article.

Essential functions like grammar and spell check are also provided by it. 

Key features 

  • Communicate effectively 
  • Boost productivity 
  • Advanced AI features 
  • Authenticity is maintained throughout 

To Sum It Up – AI Powered Marketing Is Here To Stay 

As we all have seen the benefits discussed above that AI-powered tools provide us with, we can surely say that AI marketing is the future. 

As a business so, it is important to take maximum usage of these tools and invest in the tools you require. 

Many of these tools have free versions for you to try on So, be open-mind and try out these tools; you will automatically see the results. 

Not only will your work become more accessible, but it will reduce costs and save your time and efforts.

And now, you can finally invest your time where it needs and leave all these tasks to AI-powered marketing tools.

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