Are you willing to changing WordPress theme and are in a dilemma about how to change it smoothly?

No worries!

We have covered everything in this blog about changing WordPress themes

The fear of losing data might have made you reluctant from changing your themes till now. 

Let us give you a piece of good news, that’s not the case. 

While Switching from one theme to another, you must consider a few crucial aspects to make sure the transition is error-free and smooth and you don’t lose any of your important data during the process. 

It goes without saying that switching between WordPress themes is a critical decision for you to take as the front end makes the ultimate impression on the end-users and can do the trick for you. 

But non need to be hasty!

First, you should clarify why you should changing WordPress theme, which theme will be best, and how to select a theme. Then, you can check out our Blogs section to comprehensively get all your WordPress-related queries cleared.  

Once you have selected a suitable theme for your website, you should follow these things to change your theme smoothly. 

Copy Existing Codes

A standard error numerous people make and overlook is that they add analytic tracking codes into the other theme’s panel or integrate tracking code into their default theme file. 

It would be best to copy your existing website tracking codes you have been using for your regular functioning, like promotions and analysis, as it will be convenient for you to add them to your new theme. 

It will be convenient for you if you install Google analytics on your WordPress website as it will give you great insight throughout the procedure about your site’s performance. 

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Take a Backup

You might be misled by the facts like you might lose data while changing your themes, and it is very tedious to do so. But as we mentioned earlier, that’s is not the case. 

Changing WordPress themes does not affect your data. 

It is highly recommended that you take a backup of all your posts, data, plugins, and media to avoid mishappenings of a once-in-a-million possibility. 

The easiest backup method for your site is to holistically backup as it will set you free of any tensions and nervousness during the transition. 

Turn-on maintenance mode 

The maintenance mode is the best practice when doing any changes to your website. Therefore, while you change your Website template, you should turn on the maintenance mode as it will show a user-friendly message to your visitors that you will be back soon. 

A half-completed website or an under-construction website can create a pessimistic impression of your brand as you are displaying something unfinished to them. 

We highly recommend you apply the Seeprod plugin tool, and it is one of the most renowned drag and drop WordPress page builders available in the virtual market. 

Test all Functionalities

Once your theme is live, you should cross-check that all the previous functions and newly added functions are working correctly without any disruptions. Moreover, ensure that all the previously existing plugins are working with the new theme you applied. 

No need to conclude after checking the new features and functions just once. The best practice is to spend some time on the site and check for flaws and errors after thorough research.

How to change WordPress theme?

Test on Multiple Browsers and Devices 

An eye-catching theme is not enough for making your website generate leads for you. The theme needs to be highly responsive and compatible with all the devices effectively. 

A significant proportion of people will be viewing your website from mobile phones. In contrast, others will be visiting via laptops and tablets, which goes hand in hand with using different devices. 

Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to check the compatibility with all the devices. For example, whether the layout is proper, image size is adequate, navigation buttons are easy to reach, and many more.  

Remove unnecessary Plugins

To provide you maximum convenience, most of the changing WordPress themes will auto-install the already existing plugins of your website to the new one. 

Although many of them will be helpful for you, there are always a few sitting back relaxing without doing any labor for you. 

You should remove any extra plugins as they increase the load on your website as an unwanted liability.  

Eventually, it would help if you considered it an excellent opportunity to go through your entire plugin list and select the best ones. 

Let the world know you are back with new energy

Once you are all set with your new spectacular website, you should announce it to the world in the grandest way possible. 

You should promote the new image of your brand with full-fledged capacity and inform you all-new look. 

 It will give your audience ample time to prepare them mentally for the new transitions, which will prevent them from getting confused with the new changes you made for them. 

Social media is highly effective when it comes to promotions, and you can also use email marketing and push notification alternatives for the holistic promotion of your website. 

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Buckle up for the Launch!

Now that you have selected your favorite theme, it’s time to rock the world with your all-new brand image. You can check out our multipurpose WordPress themes for the best user experience and attract heavy traffics to your website. 

Please stay connected for more updates on WordPress.