OpenCart is a free shopping cart system and open source PHP-based online e-commerce platform solution.

Day to day, OpenCart platform users are increasing. Because of their customized features for the website. You don’t have to write a single code to customize a website.

OpenCart is the best platform for eCommerce websites themes. It makes a website in a Short Period of time with your choices of design. Believe me, it looks amazing and Professional.

So, today I am sharing with you the Best OpenCart Furniture Themes.

Let’s have a look one by one…

1. Foxwood – OpenCart 3 Furniture Responsive Theme

Opencart Furniture Theme

Foxwood is a simple and clean layout with elegant design, easy to install and also use.

You don’t need HTML knowledge and other coding knowledge.

It is built with a responsive design. So you don’t want to worry about it. it will look great on tablets,  desktops and as well as mobiles.

This theme is a robust and modern layout with minimal design and all features of an online categorize and fully customized and best suitable for the E-commerce website.

In simple words, the Foxwood OpenCart Furniture theme is made for your furniture eCommerce business. You have to upload your content and make changes according to your choices ….and finish.

It’s just as simple as I said. To start an e-commerce store and make a profit.

Live Demo More Detail

2. Alie Best Furniture OpenCart Template

Opencart Furniture Theme

Alie is the Best Furniture Opencart Themes. It is specially designed for Furniture, interior store, furniture shop, furniture store, Online shopping etc.

This theme has support for one-click installation. This theme is a responsive layout that is specially designed for mobiles and tablet devices, It also supports desktop devices.  Its design looks better with its clean and official eCommerce look.

This  OpenCart Themes supports multi-language, multi-currency, image view and more. It is very customizable because all things can be changed. Alie themes have powerful features with perfect resolution and design.

And, there are advanced features like One Click Product Quickview, Retina Ready, AJAX and also Fully Customizable.

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3. Storezia The Furniture Store OpenCart Template

Opencart Furniture Theme
Opencart Furniture Theme

Storezia is a Multipurpose E-Commerce OpenCart Theme. It is a simple and clean layout with elegant and modern design.

it’s very easy to install and use. No HTML knowledge and no coding required. Just drag and drop and your design ready.

It has a responsive design. So it looks great on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Storezia is an awesome, robust and flexible theme with a design and all features of an online category and fully customized, best suitable for an E-commerce website.

Live Demo More Detail

4. Revista – OpenCart 3 Furniture Responsive Theme

Opencart Furniture Theme

Revista is one of the best OpenCart themes, it’s perfectly designed for Furniture business, lighting decor etc.

Easy installation as I said install. And also you don’t need any type of coding experience. And no need for HTML and CSS knowledge.

Just drag-drop and make a website as you wish.

It’s also responsive design, so it looks good on every type of device.

Revista is the best, modern and robust theme with a fully customized theme.

So, start an eCommerce business with Revista.

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5. Floorsy – The Furniture Shop OpenCart Template


Floorsy OpenCart Theme is Specially dedicated to furniture portfolio. It is a Multipurpose ECommerce OpenCart Theme.

It’s also fully responsive in tablets, desktop and mobiles.

Floorsy is a simple and clean design with an elegant and modern design. Easy to use and the installation process is also simple.

Some of  OpenCart extensions are in the Floorsy theme to promote your sales funnel: Big Slideshow, Mega Menu categories and other links to every page,  Product Quick View, Featured Products Slider, Blog,  Ajax Navigation… and many more smart features.

Live Demo More Detail

6. Minva – The Furniture Shop OpenCart Template


Minva is The Furniture Shop OpenCart template. It is a simple and clean layout with elegant design.

It has a one tape installation process. No HTML and Coding knowledge required, and easy to customize.

It is a responsive design so it looks great on every device.

Minva is an awesome and flexible theme with a modern design and best suitable for the Furniture shop eCommerce business.

Live Demo More Detail

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7. Treaco – Multipurpose Ecommerce OpenCart 3 Theme


Treaco theme usually used for multipurpose OpenCart eCommerce business.  The Treaco theme is a simple and clean layout with modern design.

It’s very easy to install and also fully customizable. You can change your website layout with drag and drop.

There is no need for coding experience. It’s mobile responsive.

Treaco is a multipurpose eCommerce theme so you can also use it for Electronics, Fashion, Jewellery, Home Appliances,  Watch shop, Fashion shop, Ceramic Shop, Flower Shop, Shoe Store, Pet-Store.

Live Demo More Detail

8. Mexdia Multipurpose OpenCart Template


Mexdia is the new Shopping Opencart Theme, Mexdia is a multipurpose design but it’s specially designed for electronic, digital market, mobile shop, shopping etc.

These themes have many functions on the homepage. It is a fully responsive design that is extremely designed to focus on mobiles and tablet devices.

It is a very good look with its clean and modern eCommerce look. These themes support multi-language, multi-currency and image popup views and many more.

It is fully customizable so everything and every page design can be changed. This theme came with powerful features with high resolution and minimal design.

There some advanced features like QuickView, Retina Ready, add to cart, Cloudzoom, Fully Customizable and many more.

Live Demo More Detail

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9. Maxdino 3.0.X OpenCart Multipurpose Responsive Theme


Maxdino 3.0 OpenCart Responsive theme just looks simple and has a clean layout and is easy to use. This theme provides a simple design and no coding knowledge required. These specially designed for eCommerce businesses like furniture, electronics, fashion etc.

It supports the latest version of OpenCart 3.0. Maxdino OpenCart Themes provides a mega menu,  multi-language support, multi-currency support, product filtering, search query,  and many more.

Maxdino OpenCart Themes with the full functionality which will help admin to customized website design and anything they want to change.

Its design by us. So it comes with all functionality and You can check out these OpenCart themes by clicking this link.

Live Demo More Detail

10. Electrozo – Responsive Multipurpose OpenCart 3 Theme


Electrozo Opencart theme is a simple, clean and modern layout with elegant design. it’s very easy to install and easy to use. It’s Multipurpose OpenCart 3 Themes so you can use it in different types of eCommerce business.

No HTML and CSS knowledge required. It’s a responsive theme so just install and it will look great in all devices like desktop, tablets and specially designed for Mobile.

Electrozo is a robust and very flexible theme with a minimal design and all features categorized and fully customizable and best suitable for E-commerce websites.

You can use these OpenCart Themes to fashion stores, Jewellery shops, Home appliances, Watch stores, Shoe stores, Pet-Store and many others.

Live Demo More Detail

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