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Here are the basic steps that I recommend you follow for WordPress migration:

Estimate your current Website:

what special features you need carefully in your new WordPress website. This includes content types – pages, posts, galleries, links, etc and noting any areas that need special attention.

Setup Environment:

Set up a Wordpress Store and just WordPress installed on your domain.

Import Content:

Get Ready to Import Simple enough, right? whether via an importing tool or a custom importing process.

Migration Design:

Incorporate your existing design with Pages,Images,Menu Items,Metadata,301 Redirects, SEO Tags, Posts Migration into a New Generation look and feel custom WordPress Theme.

Review Website and Go Live:

Carefully review the import and involve either moving your domain to your new host.

What’s included in this service?

We will :

Convert your template pages to Wordpress - our dedicated team will transform 5 pages of your website to Wordpress.

Sample text and images - we will add sample text and images to the converted templates for you to make editing and content integration easier.

Create a blog page - our dedicated team integrates listing and single post pages of a blog on your website.

Install elementor - We will install drag & drop Elementor page builder for easy customizations.

Install template and sample data import - our dedicated team will install the converted template on your hosting, activate it and import sample data.

To convert your website we will need your :

FTP & My SQL access.

cPanel access(alternatively)

How we will work on this service :

Getting Details

(Less than 30 min)

After you purchase this service our team member will contact you via email to ask your necessary details. If you don't have a hosting plan, our team member will help you to select and register a hosting plan with desired domain name.

Converting Your Website To Wordpress

(5 days)

After getting all necessary details, our team will start converting your template to Wordpress. Our dedicated team will transform 5 basic pages of your template to Wordpress. Then we will install the Elementor page builder to provide you best drag & drop site functionality. You will be able to check your website progress anytime from our team members.

Website Review & Results

(1 Day)

After Finishing Conversion and installation of template in your hosting, you will be able to check and approve your website, in case if there are any things to be fixed or changed you will get 2 free revisions. When the project is approved and marked completed you will get your log-in details of your website’s admin panel so you can start managing your site and make further customizations.

Why should you buy this service?

If you have already purchased a particular template but you can’t apply it to Wordpress. This will be the best service for you to get your favourite template converted into your Wordpress website. We are always up to help you, our dedicated team will convert your website to Wordpress as you wish.

Our team members will transform 5 basic pages (homepage, gallery, about us, services, contacts) of your template to Wordpress, then we will add sample text and images to your site, after that we will integrate a blog ( listing and single post pages).

When we convert a template to Wordpress you will get the best functionality. All new pages can be customized user friendly in the Wordpress admin panel with a visual drag & drop elementor page builder. This page builder will help you make editing and managing your site a lot easier and save your time even though you have not worked on Wordpress before.

As we convert your website to Wordpress we will make sure that the converted template is fully compatible with the latest stable version of Wordpress. Therefore you will be able to use 3rd party extensions you may need and you can install additional plugins to optimize your site for search engines to rank higher. It will also be possible to add plugins and launch an online store to start selling products or services.

After our team members finish converting the website to Wordpress, we will install the template on your hosting and we will provide you Login details to access its admin panel. You don't need to know how to use cPanel, FTP and My SQL. just login to the Wordpress admin panel and start making changes to your website. We will also send you an archive with the theme file, sample data, and dump file of the database with instructions for manual installation.

Please Note :

  • This service is one time offer, extra customization and support can be performed for an additional fee.
  • The service does not include adding extra functionality that may be shown in the original template which requires backend coding (online store, booking, Etc.)
  • There might be minor design differences between original and converted templates due to default Wordpress functionality.


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Convert any template to Wordpress.

Integration of elementor page builder in Wordpress.

Converted template installation.

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