Setting up Google Analytics Service


What You Gonna Get After You Purchase This Service :

  • Google Analytics Setup and integration
  • Google tag manager setup and integration
  • Connecting google search console
  • Google ads integration (if you have)
  • Events and goal configuration
  • User interaction and configuration
  • Remarketing audience setup

How this service works :

As soon as you purchase this service our dedicated team member will contact you through email and ask you for necessary details, as soon as we get details we will start configuring your google analytics

Our team members will set up google tag manager which will help you to check different analytics on different platforms easily.

We will create a google analytics account and set up all your details like time zone, business niche, and we will also provide you tracking ID of it.

Then our team members will create a tag under tag manager account and provide you Google analytics event tracking.

We will configure your goals to google and google will show you particular numbers of users and how much time users are spending on your website or particular pages.

Our members will connect your google analytics account with google search console for managing websites.

To set up your google analytics service we need :

  • Your email address.
  • Access to the website’s admin panel to start google analytics setup conversion tracking.
  • List of employee’s email addresses you want to grant access to your google analytics account.
  • Information you need to track and measure to achieve important goals for your business.

Why Will You Need Google Analytics Setup Service :

You have your website but don’t know anything about website visitors? Purchase this service and start tracking your visitors behavior, you don't need to be a tech guy for that, use this service and get your work done by our dedicated team members.

Just provide necessary login details and get ready to use a solution where you can check numbers of visitors, most viewed website pages, how much time your visitors spend on your website and much more, by using this information you will be able to enhance the website and boost your sales. You can track daily activity happening on your website.


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Google analytics setup

Goal and event configuration

Remarketing tag setup

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Last Update 01/05/2022
Created Date 26/09/2020
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