Everything around us is a unique element, and its beauty enhances when presented creatively and artistically. 

Creative presentation and Product sales are no different from each other. If combined, then it delivers the best outcomes. 

Using Creative product photography is a commonly known practice. But a massive section of business people thinks that they cannot afford product photography.

To some extent, this is true too. Arranging professional photoshoots, editing, and lighting may be a tough job.

But with time, background ideas for product photography and presentation have become necessary for holding a successful e-commercial business

So what to do in this case? 

Don’t worry. We have some fantastic product photography ideas that hold a creative edge and are affordable for everyone. 

5 Creative Tips For Shooting Product Photography 

A visually appealing output is most likely to be seen by customers at first glance.

Even the products are designed with a creative look. So why not increase its creativity by adding Creative Product Photography ideas?

Product photography helps your business to get more viewers. And more viewers are directly linked to more sales. 

Tips to be considered while photography and using different photography elements both of them have an impact on product photography. So, let’s start with the recommendations-

1. Show Product Variations 

While selling a product, you should mention the product variations and colours your business would offer.

Use clear photos to depict this. Don’t just think that the customer will assume the variations themselves. Show them. 

This May sound simple, but it has a lot of impact on sales. A happy and satisfied customer is more likely to buy the product.

Availing all the options gives customers a choice to look at. And if your competitors aren’t showcasing all Variations online. Then it’s an even better advantage for you. 

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2. Show The Use Of The Product 

Clicking a perfectly still frame isn’t enough.

Before Shooting, think about what use a customer expects from the product. 

Suppose you are selling an edible product. Rather than just clicking the picture of food or packet, you can opt for a person eating that food with expressions that denote a good taste. 

You can also think about the wants of a customer.  

For example, you are selling a pillow. Then try to click a picture showing that the pad will provide comfort to the user. 

 3. Use Different Camera Angles 

Using different camera angles to shoot a product gives a better idea of how the product looks from all sides. But mainly, this gives a unique creative touch to your product. 

Experimenting with camera angles can lead to more eye-catching visuals. Commonly used camera angles are

  • High Angle
  • Low Angle 
  • 360°
  • Eye Level
  • Above angle

But you can always opt for a mixture of experimental angles.

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4. Use Macro Shots 

Our primary focus is to showcase the product so the customer buys it. You can select macro shots for this purpose. 

Macro shots will provide details about the product’s appearance or a close look at its features. 

By this, we don’t just mean zoom in. But select a frame that is 70- 80% covered by your product.

Keep the camera focused on the object, and choose a suitable light. And don’t disturb the pixels. 

5. Symmetry VS Absurd

Objects are kept in symmetry, they look much more pleasing and easy to grasp. Balance also gives a soft professional touch to your product. 

On the other hand, the Absurd placing of objects matches modern art.

We don’t mean to create disturbing pictures but place your products in an absurd aesthetic way that gives an appealing look. 

You can use Both of these techniques for your product, and you can choose anyone per your wish to present the product.

Ideal Photography Ideas

While keeping in concern the above-mentioned creative photography tips, you can use these elements and ideas to shoot your product-

1. Background

The background of your product plays a vital role in defining your product. You can always use plain colour backgrounds for product photography. 

But if you are looking for a creative presentation, choose a suitable background scene too. 

For example- you are selling outdoor tables. Then you can choose a beautiful garden as a background and pleasant weather.

2. Reflected Surfaces

Reflection is one of the most successful ways to develop customers’ interest in your product.

You can either opt for reflection edit or make your reflective surfaces such as water, glass, or mirror. Creative use of lighting adds to make reflections even more enjoyable.

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3. Use Smoke

You can add smoke to the background of your product to create a mysterious or dramatic look for your product. Colourful and Grey smokes can both be used.

4. Hang Your Products 

This has nothing to do with any specific reason. After all, creativity cannot always have a practical sense. Sometimes creative hanging techniques create a visually aesthetic look. 

5. Human Touch

You can hire models or do a self-photo shoot while using the product. Also, you can place the objects near you.

A human presence makes the product relatable to the customers, and they can imagine themselves with the product.


Creativity has no end. There are hundreds of ideas and tips one can follow, and we have mentioned some of the most successful and easy-to-use tips that are affordable and relatable too. 

Just make sure to define your brand image through product photography. Experiment and find your perfect creative product photography look! you can edit on Adobe PhotoShop

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