PrestaShop theme One Page Checkout all about remove some unnecessary steps while the user follows the checkout. In eCommerce biggest issue is that low conversion rates it just because very few visitors from your visitor complete all steps and buying your products. We see the number of times in especially at

If I am talking about abandon cart then every 10 people out of 100 abandon cart just because of the Checkout process is very long. Everything matters like fill registration form,  address fill, shipping detail is taken much time and people were close the page and not agree to make an order.

Prestashop theme One Page Checkout very quicker than the Multi-Page Checkout process there is no doubt. This checkout process is included with AJAX make this process is more efficient and faster.  If we think about faster and its 2X faster than Multi-Page checkout. Users will not be Distracted or Change a mind. Interactivity with User is fast because of AJAX is a response with real-time and more interactive checkout experience.

Single Page Checkout has an easy navigation process to complete the checkout process.  If we talk regarding design it’s pretty like and fresh look for the checkout process. Admin Can easily maintain enable/disable the one-page checkout options.

One Page Checkout PrestaShop theme Installation :

  1. Go to Backoffice and click on Module Section and Upload a Module.
  2. Upload this zip of ” One Page Checkout “
  3. Wait Till Installation is Successfully is done.


One Page Checkout PrestaShop theme Video of Installation and Configuration:  

General Features:

  • If you want to migrate multi-page checkout any-time because admin has options to enable/ disable at any time.
  • Admin can Handle Test Mode Yes-No for the testing purpose.
  • Admin has the option to Guest Checkout for the guest checkout option while use purchases the product.
  • Redirect direct to page checkout option for admin.
  • If admin wants to do like replace the registration form with the checkout form then admin can do this.
  • While if you want to change the position then admin has options to show registration form at my addresses.
  • If admin wants to confirm the delivery option before the checkout then admin can handle from general settings.
  • Choose the default payment method like Webibazaar [ PS_CheckoutPayment ] or Wire Payments.
  • Choose the default carrier [ Like Webibazaar MultiStore ] or Other Store Settings.
  • Admin can add new customer groups Like Customer, Visitor, Guest.
  • For Validation and Identification for the Spain and Chile Country.
  • Like Container Page [ HTML ] [ It is recommended to leave this field with the default settings unless your template has a different identifier and must be changed ].
  • Admin can add Customer Id [ e.g. 3, 5, 24 ]

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Register Features:

  • Require login to a registered customer [ Yes – No ]
  • Sometimes we need to save information so admin can handle this feature.
  • Always Capital Chractor looks good so admin can capitalize field [ Yes – No ]
  • Every website has a policy that Requires acceptance of Privacy Policy before buying.
  • If admin wants the request to Invoice address before buying this can also handle with Yes – No.
  • The next one is that Directly if you press Yes for the use Same First name and last name for the customer invoice address.
  • Yes – No with automatically ISO code for the beginning of DNI settings.
  • Yes – No with automatically ISO code for the beginning of DNI settings in the delivery address.
  • if you want a request for the confirmation mail then admin can do with Yes – No.
  • Password Request with Yes – No
  • Option for the auto-generated password [ Yes – No ].
  • Show Customer group list with Yes – No if admin wants to show group list of every customer.
  • provides the city list then admin can get all list of cities with [ Yes – No ].
  • Same use Postal codes autocomplete from [ Yes – No ].
  • Same use address autocomplete from Google [ Yes – No ].

Shipping Features:

  • Admin can enable compatibility for shopping modules with Yes – No.
  • Show Description of carries.
  • Admin can show an image of carries with the click on Yes – No.
  • Reload Shipping when changing state with the features with the use of the AJAX facility.
  • Require Postal code to enter admin can handle this one with YEs – No Click.
  • Carrier Module requires postal code.
  • Require city should be entered.
  • Carrier modules that require the postal code.

Payment Features:

  • Payment features can handle in 3 Ways:
  1. General
  2. Pay Methods
  3. Ship to Pay
  • General :
  • Show images of payments method with Yes – No
  • Show details description of payment Method with Yes No.
  • Pay Method [ Here you can configure the images, titles, and descriptions of the methods of payment. The recommended images size is 86×49 pixels ]: 
  • PS_CHECKPAYMENT: With use this you can Title and Description and with an image that you need to upload.
  • PS_WIREPAYMENT:   With use this you can Title and Description and with an image that you need to upload.
  • Ship to Pay [ Choose the payment methods that are available according to the delivery method. ]: 
  • Select the MultiStore with Just Click on PS_Checkpayment and My Carrier.
  • Admin can Select and DeSelect with Checklist box of PS_CHECKPAYMENT AND PS_WIREPAYMENT

Review :

  • Require acceptance of terms and conditions before buying with click on Yes – No.
  • Show ” Continue Shopping ” link wth Yes – No.
  • Custom URL for the Continue Shopping Button.
  • Show Discount Box admin can handle
  • Show order Message for the Yes  – No.
  • Remove the link from the products admin can do with Yes or No.
  • Show zoom on the product image.
  • Show subtotal of products.
  • The total discount.
  • Show gift wrapping total
  • Any Many Other Features is Available in Review.

Theme Customized : 

Admin can customize every color option from the Theme customized option :

  • Background color
  • Border color
  • Color of images
  • Text color
  • The background color of the selected blocks
  • Text color of the selected blocks
  • Checkout button color
  • Text color of the checkout button
  • Already register button color
  • Already register text button color
  • Login button color
  • Login text button color
  • Voucher button color

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Field Register: 

  • Manage the Field and add a new field from admin.

Field Position: 

It’s an awesome feature to change the field position with just Drag and Drop:

  • Drag and Drop field position of Three :

  1.  Customer.
  2.  Delivery.
  3.  Invoice.

Social Login : 

Customer can log in with popular social site like:
  1. Facebook
  2. Google
  3. PayPal
  4. Others.


Any language admin can translate and Save and Share Translated.

Code Editor:

Admin can add Custom CSS and Custom JS with the help of Code Editor.

Two boxes are available:

  1. Override.CSS
  2. Override.JS

How Looks of Front View :

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Just take one sip of Orange juice if you like and grab this functionality and all features.

This is all about the One Page Checkout Prestashop theme.

We Love to provide support and Just Awesome to view here and read a blog.

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