A homepage is one of the most important or not the most important part of the website. It generally gets the bulk of the website traffic. The homepage must convert the traffic into leads and sales. In this article, we will be talking about 12 essential elements for every homepage needs to achieve an amazing conversion rate.

Essential Elements For Every Homepage:

1. Headline

Your headline is the first thing visitors see not because, Within 3 seconds, a website needs to answer, what does your website offer? Keep your headline clear and simple no unnecessary details. 

Best practice for writing headline:

  • Keep it short – you should create a headline between 6 to 12 words. It would be best if you keep it shorter than 6 words.
  • Write for your desired audience – learn more about your desired audience to write a headline that hooks them instantly.
  • Take your time – you don’t have to write the headline first or you don’t have to write just a single headline. You can write the headline at last and create few so you can choose the best one.
  • Be specific – your headline should be clear about how the readers can benefit from it. It should be simple and unique.
  • Test repeatedly –  keep testing what works and what doesn’t will help you write a better headline. Test which type of headline decrease the bounce rate and increase the click-through rate.

2. Sub-headline 

Your sub-headline should offer a brief description of what you offer/do. Avoid baloney language. Be different and show value. Don’t just keep talking about yourself.

Best practice for writing sub-headline:

  • Keep it long – Research says that the most effective headlines are short. Sub-headlines are different, in general, your sub-headline should be twice the length of your headline.
  • Complete your headline – write your sub-headline after choosing the right headline so they can complete each other. Your sub-headline is a chance to expand the message delivered through the headline.
  • Include USP (unique selling proposition) – to convert, visitors need to know more than how your products or services is beneficial. They also want to know why they should choose you instead of your competitors. You can answer such questions by adding your USP in your sub-headline.
  • Encourage to take action – you can grab a chance of getting a website visitor to convert if he has read your headline and sub-headline so try everything you can and make sure your visitor convert by encouraging action within your sub-headline.

3. Benefits

Write benefits of your products on the homepage. 

It is not only important to describe what you do, but why it matters. Visitors want to know about the benefits and advantages.

Make sure you describe the benefits and advantages of the product you want to sell. If that product has some side-effect make sure you inform that too. Being clear and transparent can help you convert more visitors into your potential customers.

4. Primary call-to-action

Adding multiple call-to-action above the fold is important for getting conversions. Offer 2-3 CTA maximum that map to different stages of the purchasing cycle.

The goal of your homepage is to enforce visitors to dive deeper into your website and move them further down to funnel. These CTA should be visually extraordinary, perfectly in a colour that contrasts from the colour scheme of your homepage, while fitting with the overall design.

CTA button can be different in size and style depends on your conversion goals and website style.

5. Features 

Write features of your products on the homepage. 

In addition to benefits, list some of your key features that give people more understandings of what is provided by your products or services. 

Displaying features can be helpful for visitors to compare it to another website that offers the same product or services. So providing additional features will help your visitors to learn more about what they want to buy. 

6. Customer Testimonial/Review

Write customer testimonial/review on the homepage. 

Customer’s review is a powerful trust indication. It can help you gain new website visitors trust. You can also add video testimonials of the customers who already purchased your products and liking it.

Asking them for review can help you encourage more new visitors and fill the gap of the trust before they make a purchase. Start creating a bond with your customers and ask them for video testimonials or reviews it will cost you nothing but will help you scale up your conversions.  

7. Success Indicators 

Success Indicators

Adding awards and recognitions are the key elements to impress your website visitors. If your website got recognized by high-quality website or organizations and you receive any certifications or awards for that. 

You can add those awards or certificates in your website so your visitors can easily recognize your working skills and decide to start working with you.

This can help you grow your website conversions and find potential customers.

8. Navigation

To decrease bounce rates, your website visitors need a clear path into your website from the homepage. Make sure to keep your navigation simple and visible at the top of the page.

Clear navigation helps visitors to reach their desired product or web page easily.  Provide easy and understandable navigation so visitors of any page can reach to their desired page and take necessary action such as purchase a product or service, download free eBook, etc. 

If you got a large size product catalogue you can add your products into categories and sub-categories so visitors can easily find their desired products.

9. Supporting Images

Supporting Images

Most visitors are visual. So make sure to use an image or a short video that indicates what you offer. Use images that capture emotions and create actions, and avoid using stock images that are used by many others. 

Optimize images for mobile users, use high-quality compressed images (image can be compressed by using TinyPNG), also add alt text to your image in case of the mobile device block any image by default.

10. Content Offer

To generate more leads from your homepage, consider featuring a great content offer, such as free eBook, guide, whitepaper, etc. lead is a key to convert your website visitor into your potential customer. 

You can capture leads and market your products through email marketing where you give value to visitors and pitch some products or services that they like and encourage them to purchase by offering limited-time special discounts.

11. Resources 


Nearly, 95% of the visitors to your website will not be ready to purchase. Make sure you provide them with a link to the resources centre where they can learn more. 

If you are selling some knowledge make sure you provide them with some resources that will help your visitors to learn more about their desired items so they get best at it and refer your website to their friends or families too.

12. Secondary Call-to-action

When visitors reach the bottom of the homepage, make sure you highlight the Call-to-action button there as well for lead generation opportunities. CTA are not just for the top of the page you can provide some details then encourage your visitors to take the desired action, if they don’t take action, provide more valuable details then again CTA. 

So if visitors think that the value you provided in free will take the action and purchase the product you were pitching using valuable content and desired Call-to-action.

That’s it, hope you will like this article, make sure if you learned something new from this article, you will implement it in your website too and turn your website visitor into your lifetime customers. It takes time to create a unique and valuable offer but once you will do it you will never stop I bet.

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